Saturday, July 4, 2009

Say again?

Aw crap. It's hard enough for me to understand Japanese proper as it were, but now we reach Saga when they have Saga-ben. Looks like it's time for hand gestures.

40 schools begin their trek to Koshien, buoyed by the duo of Baba and Kubo who led Saga Kita to victory 2 years ago.

Last year's participant, and only other Natsu Koshien winner Saga Shougyou leads the field of seeded teams which include Saga Gakuen, Imari Nourin and 2007 spring participant Ogi.

Saga Shougyou would love to make it to Koshien once again, in the hopes of getting past the first game. Everyone else looks to catch that fire that was the success of Saga Kita.

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