Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The road to senbatsu - Aki Taikai - Hokkaido

So we're well underway in the Aki Taikai's - the fall tournaments that will give the best indicators who will be invited to Senbatsu.

Here's where things stand in the Hokkaido Super-Regionals:

Hokkaido only gets 1 allocated bid, so all of Hokkaido competes in their own super-region. Before that, teams have to qualify out of their regionals.
  • Hakodate Regionals - Hakodate Kougyou, Hakodatedai Yuuto
 Hakodate Kougyou did face difficulty in the A block, while Hakodatedai Yuuto faced almost none.
  • Muroran Regionals - Komadai Tomakomai, Hokkaido Sakae
Both schools won their games very easily.
  • Sapporo Regionals - Sapporo Nichidai, Hokkai, Sapporo Dai-ichi, Toukai Dai-yon
Sapporo only gets 4 spots given the combined taikai. None of the schools here are surprising, though Toukai Dai-yon is certainly weaker than where they were in the summer.
  • Otaru Regionals - Hokushou
Otaru Chouryou almost did it again. Facing Hokushou in the semifinals, they took a 5-4 lead in the 5th, but ace Chiba couldn't hold it, giving up 2 as Hokushou revenged the summer loss with a 6-5 win. That was their only opposition
  • Asahikawa Regionals - Asahikawa Kougyou, Asahikawa Ryuukoku
This region was much more competitive, though admittedly Asahikawa Kougyou did have to face Asahikawa Jitsugyou and Asahikawa Meisei.
  • Nayoro Regionals - Wakkanai Ootani
Wakkanai Ootani got a great performance from ace Endou, shutting out Shibetsu Shouun 2-0 to win the regionals.
  • Kitami Regionals - Kitami Kougyou, Kitami Hokuto
Kitami Kougyou came from behind to defeat Engaru in the opening round 3-2. After that, the rest was a breeze in Block A. Kitami Hokuto after obliterating Kuneppu 32-0 stumbled a bit thereafter in the immediate game thereafter, but otherwise was unchallenged.
  • Tokachi Regionals - Obihiro Sanjyou, Shirakaba Gakuen
No Obihiro Ootani this year either, they were mercy ruled by Obihiro Sanjyou in the Block A final. Shirakaba Gakuen had no issues getting through in Block B.
  • Kushine Regionals - Kushiro Hokuyou, Nakashibetsu
Kushiro Hokuyou took out one of the regulars in the Block A final, defeating Bushuukan 9-5 in the final. Nakashibetsu comes through with close games versus Kushiro Koryou, Betsukai and a 10-inning final against Kushiro Konan.