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7.27 Updates

We're finally starting to wind down the tournaments, so there's less and less to update. But there is still games going on, so let's go!

Ibaraki/Saitama/Nishi Tokyo/Kanagawa/Toyama/Aichi/Wakayama
All these prefectures had a day off yesterday.

These prefectures were rained out yesterday.

The last set of quarterfinals saw Sendai Ikuei quickly put the game out of reach against Touyou with 7 runs in the 2nd. The final margin would be exactly that at 13-6.

Miyagi Nougyou had a 2-0 lead in the matinee game against Kesennuma Kougyou. But with 3 outs to go, ace Suzuki couldn't close the deal. Kesennuma scored two to level the score. One inning later, they would push the go-ahead run through.

And so here they sit in the Best 4 looking for their first appearance. Directly ahead of them sits the 3-time consecutive champion Sendai Ikuei. On the other side of the hill sits the 3-time consecutive champion before Sendai Ikuei's run and last years's spring participant in Tohoku, and the 21st century team this year that shocked all by making the quarterfinals - Rifu. If that's not scary, I don't know what is.

Higashi Tokyo
Teikyou's 5-hitter over Nishogakushadai Fuzoku continues their domination of the opposition.

Their opponent for the championship? Toritsu Yukigaya. They give Seiritsu Gakuen no chance in their semifinal, winning 7-1. They'll have their work cut out for them if they want to secure their 1st ever bid.

The quarterfinal matinee games were rained out, but not before one semifinal was determined. And it was all surprises...

Top seed Shizuoka Gakuen spotted Hamana 4 runs in the first 3 innings, but clawed their way back with a run in the 4th, 5th and 6th innings to pull within one. But Hirao would not break and Hamana pulls off the upset!

At Shimada Stadium, there was some home cooking going on. Down 1-0 to Tokoha Kikugawa, Shimada Shougyou scores 4 in the 3rd. Fast forward to the 6th with Shimashou up 4-2 and they score 3 more runs! Panic sets in for Kikukawa and the runs start flying in. They plate 2 in the top of the 7th, but Shimashou matches that. Kikugawa continues on with 1 in the 8th, and then score 1, then 2 then 3 runs in the top of the 9th and Kikugawa is within one at 9-8!

Shimashou's kantoku had seen enough. With only one down, he lifts ace Nishimoto for Matsuura hoping to stop the onslaught. And he does just that, recording the final 2 outs without giving up a hit, and shocking the defending champions!

Osaka almost had the round of 32 games completed yesterday, but rain at Bankoku pospotned the Koukoku-Ikuno Kougyou game. In the first game, Han-ai would use Sasaki and Nagano back in forth throughout the game against Kansaidai Hokuyou. However, Kansaidai would tack a run in the 4th and 5th for a 2-0 lead. Han-ai would come back with a run in the 6th and 7th to equalize. They couldn't push the go-ahead run across and instead watched Kansaidai score 3 in the 8th to win 5-2.

At Nankou Chuo, the Habikino/Futokorofuukan team had many baserunners against PL Gakuen, getting 11 hits and 6 walks. But even with all that, they were shut out 3-0. And in the battle of the university schools, Osaka Sangyoudai Fuzoku shuts out Osaka Shougyoudai 4-0.

Moving along to Maidzuru, the Hatsushiba Ritsumeikan-Izumi matchup was a pitcher's duel. That or a power outage of epic proportions. Both teams combined managed just 4 hits. But Ritsumeikan puts it all together in the 9th for a walkoff victory. There was no such power outage in the 2nd game as Kansaidai Dai-ichi scores 3 in the 1st and 3 in the 2nd en route to a 9-2 victory.

No games today, but the semifinal draw has been determined.

Ikuei, who has many Koshien appearance, but no summer ones since 2000, draws Yashiro who has one total appearance, that being the 2004 spring where they reached the semifinals (before losing to Aikoudai Meiden).

That leaves Takigawa Dai-ni, looking for their 3rd appearance versus Kansai Gakuin, who appeared in the 1998 spring Koshien, but before that was the 1939 summer Koshien!

Quarterfinals were finally head today at Kurashiki Muscat.

Sakuyou's Hanaoka limited Okayama Kyousei to 1 run on 4 hits, but did give up 8 walks. It was enough though as Sakuyou plated the go-ahead run in the 5th for the 2-1 win.

Game 2 saw Kurashiki Shougyou's Oka and Tamano Kounan's Kataoka in a pitcher's duel (probably). Each pitcher gave up only 2 hits, but Kurashiki Shougyou made the most of their opportunites. In the 7th, Oka leads off with a single to left. After two hit batters, the bases were loaded with one down. LF Yoshioka sits a sac fly to right to break the scoreless game. And their 2nd base hit? Well, that too was by Oka... who hit a homerun in the 9th inning!

The first afternoon game was between Kurashiki Kougyou and Kanzei. After they traded a run in the 1st, Kurashiki scored 2 in the 2nd and never looked back winning 7-1.

And in the last quarterfinal, Tamashima Shougyou outdueled Konkou Osaka 3-2.

They've finally started the round of 16, and it will be a grueling march as the winners will have to play 4 games in 5 days.

Shimanami was home to 4 games. Jyousuikan had no trouble with Kure Showa in the opening game winning 8-1. Even the gods of Kamichu! couldn't help Onomichi in the 2nd game as they managed only 4 hits and Nakashita fatigued late, losing 6-0 to Hiroshima Shougyou. Takeda had no reply to Sanyou's early attack falling 9-3. Finally, in the late game, Seishikan's batter struck out 10 times, but put together enough hits in the 4th to overtake Sougou Gijyutsu's 1-0 lead that they held since the 1st. They would go on to win 2-1.

Moving on to Coca Cola West, Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin scored 5 in the 1st on their way to a 7-0 win over Hiroshima Kanon. Kouryou did one better, scoring 9 in the first versus Mihara for an evenutal 10-0 victory in 5 innnings.

And finally at Old Hiroshima Municipal, Eishin dispatches Hatsukaichi Nishi 12-5 in 5 innings in the opener, while Gokou uses a 3-run first to cruise to a 6-3 win over Hiroshima Kokutaji.

The first 2 games of the quarterfinals were not close. Karyou puts up 12 against Shimonoseki Kokusai while Ube scores 10 on Kumage Minami. That will be your first semifinal.

The afternoon session began with a low scoring affair between Houfu Shougyou and Keishin. Houfu scores one in the 4th, and despite drawing 8 walks, Keishin can't take advantage and thus falls 1-0.

And lastly, Ube Kougyou hung in there early against Iwakuni Shougyou, tying the game up at 2-2 immediately after Iwakuni scored 2 in the bottom of the 1st. But 4 in the 3rd for Iwakuni would be enough as they advance 7-4.

The last 2 quarterfinals were finally held yesterday.

Takamatsu Kougei only managed 6 hits against Sanbonmatsu, but it was enough to plate 2 runs. Minamigawa did the rest, limiting Sanbonmatsu to just 3 hits and a 2-1 victory.

Meanwhile, Takamatsu Shougyou 4 hits Takamatsu for an 8-0 win.

The rain finally let up for Ehime to hold their 2nd set of Sweet 16 games.

The first games at each stadium were pretty close. At Saijyou, Saibi and Uwajima Higashi traded a pair of runs in the 3rd. 2 runs in the 7th for Saibi though would make the difference.

At Bocchan, Imabari Kougyou scored a run in the 2nd to get a jump on Matsuyama Jyounan. They then added an insurance run in the 6th, but it wasn't necessary.

Here, they wrapped up the quarterfinals. The first game was a scoreless draw between Kochi Higashi and Kochi Ootemae. That is, until the bottom of the 8th where Ootemae plated 2 runs. Higashi couldn't mount a quick rally and lost. In the 2nd game Kochi dispatched Kochi Minami 12-1.

Best 8 games were held yesterday. Kumamoto Kougyou's staff throws a 2-hitter against Minimata to advance 6-0.

Shuugakukan held a 3-1 lead over Hitsuyuukan, but couldn't hold it late. Hitsuyuukan scores one in the 7th and then in the 9th to put it into extras. And then the staff just couldn't go on. Yanagida can't get out of the bottom of the 10th. He's pulled with one down for Nakamura, but it's too late. A base hit scores the winning run.

Luther Gakuin's run finally ends at the hands of Kyushu Gakuin 6-2, while Kumamoto Kokufu barely made their 4-run early lead stand against Yashiro, advancing 4-3.

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