Sunday, July 12, 2009

Out of time...

Unfortunately, I realize now that getting the brackets out was a lot harder than I thought. And with the limited time I could dedicate to it, I will have to get to the rest of the brackets when I can. I'll have to shift focus to the actual games being played before I fall behind on all aspects. It's out of necessity as there are 423 games slated for July 12th. 423!

So each day I will go around the prefectures to summarize games that have happened or are in progress.

I have an idea of how to speed up translations for next year, although putting the schedule will still be difficult. Also, I'll probably have to employ some help as well (Ken, where were you on the message boards??!).

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radioclash22 said...

I'm here! Sorry, haven't been over to Westbay's site all week. Holy smokes, just saw the 423 number at Asahi's site before coming here.

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