Saturday, July 4, 2009

It takes a village...

But unfortunately in Oita, there are very few left. Check that, there's 1 village left - Himeshima. And with 14 cities and 3 towns, it is the 4th fewest combined total in all of Japan (thanks Wikipedia). As a result, a recent governor started the One Village, One Product movement which helped these remaining municipalities survive.

The 49 team field is set, and the score will be settled at Shin-Oita stadium.

Meihou with happy-go-lucky 3B/P Imamiya, and Hita-rin Kougyou are the top 2 seeds. Oita and 21st century team Oita Uenogaoka make up the 3/4 seeds.

The 5-8 seeds belong to Saiki Kakujyou, Touin, Beppu Aoyama and Mie Sougou.

And unlike Miyazaki prefecture, comeptition has been a bit more wide open as there have been 7 different representatives over the past decade. Meihou certainly is the favorite to advance, but it's not like they're invulnerable either. Imamiya is only half of Meihou's staff. When and how he's used could be the key to their success.

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