Friday, July 24, 2009

Am I good or what?

How's that for being prescient?

Kikuchi Tatsuo for Morioka Dai-ichi versus Kikuchi Yuusei from Hanamaki Higashi.

And in the 4th, it is Morioka that breaks through with a run!

Tatsuo continues to hold off the Hanamaki offense... and time was running out.

Then in the 7th, Hanamaki breaks through! I wish I had details on it, but somehow they score 2 to take the lead, 2-1!

And Yuusei would not let this 2nd chance slip away. He shuts down Morioka Dai-ichi and Hanamaki Higashi wins by the same score! Kikuchi Yuusei will indeed return to Koshien!

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