Monday, July 27, 2009

7.26 Update

So, having covered those with finals today, let's go around the rest of the nation...

Well, the 2nd two semifinals were rained out. The Touyou-Sendai Ikuei game was tied 3-3 going into the bottom of the 5th. They'll try to get them in today. Tohoku and Rifu will have to wait for one more day.

Semifinals are today!
  • Jyutoku vs. Shiritsu Maebashi
  • Tokyo Noudai Dai-ichi vs. Kiryuu Minami

Well, Shimotsuma Dai-ni did indeed fall to Mito Kiryou 5-2. That really opens it up for Jyousou Gakuin who scored 2 in the bottom of the 8th to advance over Oota Dai-ichi 3-1. Jyousou's semifinal opponent will be Tsuchiura Nichidai, who had no trouble with Tsukuba Shuuei 7-2.

It will be a battle of Mito's as the aforementioned Mito Kiryou is Mito Sakuranomaki who mercy ruled Meishuu Hitachi 10-3 in 7 innings. Both teams are looking for their 1st appearance.

But today is a day of rest.

Kawaguchi Seiryou's Nogawa throws a 4-hitter against Urawa Jitsugyou as they advance to the semifinals and a date with Saitama Sakae.

Seibou Gakuen and Kasukabe Higashi will be in the first semifinal tomorrow. The teams will get a chance to rest today before the final push.

Nishi/Higashi Tokyo
At Meiji Jingu Stadium #2, Toritsu Hino finished the job against Toritsu Komae, winning 15-5 in 6 innings.

At Meiji Jingu, Nihon Dai-ni joins its bretheren in the Best 4 upsetting Hachiouji 7-3 while in the late game Toritsu Kodaira makes an early 7-1 lead stick, beating Koku Gakuin Kugayama 9-7.

Nishi Tokyo gives Meiji Jingu over to Higashi Tokyo for their semifinals today.
  • Teikyou vs. Nishogakushadai Fuzoku
  • Seiritsu Gakuen vs. Toritsu Yukigaya

So we know of Yokohama Hayato's upset of Yokohama, but what about the other games?

Well, the 2nd game at Baystars Stadium saw Toukou Gakuen have no trouble with Tourei Fujisawa 12-2.

Over at Hodogaya Stadium, Yokohama Sougakukan made a 3-run 1st inning stick as they beat Koujyou 6-4. In the matinee game, Touin Gakuen scores 2 runs in every inning, blanking Yokohama Shoudai 10-0 in 5 innings.

There's a day off today before the winners at each stadium yesterday face off in the semifinals.

Well, Nanto Sougyou Fukuno did go on to defeat Sakurai 5-4, but the matinee games were rained out and will be played today.

Day off for Ishikawa yesterday with semifinals being played today:
  • Nihon Koukuu Ishikawa vs. Nanao
  • Komatsu Kougyou vs. Seiryou

Semifinal games rained out yesterday hope to be played today:
  • Hokuriku vs. Fukui Shougyou
  • Fukui Koudai Fukui vs. Tsuruga Kehi

Fujieda Meisei kept that slim one run margin stand, beating Shizuoka Shiritsu 2-1. Quarterfinal games will be held today.

In that Block H final, Toyota Nishi pulled away from Atsumi Nougyou to win 8-1 in 8 innings.

With that, the draw for the block winners was done and boy are there some Best 8 games to be had! And the brackets are about as lopsided as you can get.

On one side has Chuukyoudai Chuukyou facing Aikoudai Meiden. And the winner of that game has Touhou facing Aichi Keisei. So that means that all 3 experienced teams are on the same side of the bracket!

The other side sees Toyota Nishi vs Kouzouji and Kariya vs Seishin. Of those 4 schools, Toyota Nishi and Kariya have reached Koshien, and each only once.

It can be said that the winner of the left side of the bracket will be the eventual winner of Aichi's bid.

However, it'll have to wait another day as games today have been postponed due to rain.

Same here. Games are postponed yet again due to rain.

Round of 32's rained out games yesterday hope to be played today.

Rained out semifinal games yesterday are scheduled to play today:
  • Tottori Shougyou vs Yonago Shouin
  • Tottori Nishi vs. Tottori Jyouhoku

With the rain washing out games the past 2 days, all 4 quarterfinals games are being played today.
  • Sakuyou vs. Okayama Kyousei
  • Tamano Kounan vs. Kurashiki Sougyou
  • Kurashiki Kougyou vs. Kanzei
  • Tamashima Shougyou vs. Konkou Gakuen

Semifinal games are being held today:
  • Izumo Shougyou vs. Taisha
  • Masuda Higashi vs. Risshoudai Shounan

Round of 16 games are being held today.

Round of 8 games are to be held today.

Turns out that 2 quarterfinals were held yesterday before the rain won out.

Samukawa and Jinsei Gakuin cruised through their games and will meet up in one semifinal. The other semi will be between the Sanbonmatsu-Takamatsu Kougyou, Takamatsu Shougyou-Takamatsu winners.

Ehime is finally playing their 2nd half of Sweet 16 games today.

The first half of the quarterfinals were finally held yesterday. Meitoku Gijuku soundly defeated Susaki 7-0 while Kochi Nishi used a 3-run first inning to hold off Shimizu 7-5.

Fukuoka, Saga, Kumamoto, Oita Miyazaki
All games rained out yesterday are on schedule for today.


e.luevano said...

Based on your experience, do the Koshien Tournament games get broadcast in the U.S.? Your game recaps and background information is very much appreciated!

Goro Shigeno said...

Prefectural qualifying games are not broadcast online, instead I've translated the brackets from Asahi's website, and updated my brackets from the games as they happen.

Now as for the actual Koshien games, those will be broadcast on the internet at Asahi Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC's) site.

Also, don't forget to visit the Japanese Baseball site as there will be live chats going on throughout the tournament as well as a BB that covers all aspects of Japanese baseball and baseball in general!

Welcome to the blog!