Monday, July 6, 2009

...mmm, fresh mikan.

It's been a while since I've had a fresh mikan, and Ehime is known for their mikans. You'll have to excuse me as I'll partake in some while reviewing the brackets.

Interestingly enough, Ehime has had good success at Koshien. In the last decade alone, their representative has reached the Best 8 4 times, the Best 4 3 times, and reached the championship once!

Staples Saibi and Imabari Nishi make up half of the top 4 seeds. Matsuyama Shougyou, who started the streak of deep runs back in 2001 is the third. And the final one belongs to Saijyou, and ace Akiyama Takumi. He is rather large for a pitcher, and while far be it for me to say anything about a pitcher's mechanics, he seems to have a consistent delivery. The only knock against them may be their offense.

These 4 schools have dominated the scene recently, so once again, teams will have a difficult time passing through.

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