Monday, August 15, 2016

98th Natsu Koushien - Day 9, Game 3 - Toyama Dai-ichi (Toyama) v Hiroshima Shinjyou (Hiroshima)

Lucky Toyama Dai-ichi who managed just 2 hits, but the win, will face off against a Hiroshima Shinjyou squad who came back in the 9th and won in extras. I'm not sure Toyama Dai-ichi can survive another game like that.

Toyama Dai-ichi (Toyama)
CF Houdatsu Hiroki (宝達 洋樹)
SS Sasaki Hiromi (佐々木 拓海)
2B Iwaki Shunki (岩城 竣貴)
C Hazama Yuuki (狭間 悠希)
3B Kawahara Taisei (河原 大成)
RF Yamashita Ryuuya (山下 瑠也)
1B Matsui Taiga (松井 大駆)
LF Taniguchi Taisei (谷口 大成)
P Nakatsuhara Genki (中津原 元輝)

Hiroshima Shinjyou (Hiroshima)
2B Sugimura Hiroyoshi (杉村 泰嘉)
SS Tanaka Ryouta (田中 亮太)
RF Kitatani Shougo (北谷 奨吾)
LF Toyooka Takato (豊岡 稜人)
3B (14)Tanaka Masanori (田中 政範)
1B (5)Furukawa Tomoki (古川 智也)
CF Kawauchi Kyouei (河内 恭英)
P Hori Mizuki (堀 瑞輝)
C Furumoto Kouki (古本 幸希)


15:07 - First Pitch!

As expected Hiroshima Shinjyou is generating the opportunities early. Nakatsuhara gives up a leadoff single to Sugimura, then walks Ryouta. But after a sac bunt, they get an unfortunate break when Tomooka hits it right at Nakatsuhara who looks the runners back.

In the 2nd, it's Furukawa who gets the leadoff single. After a bunt and walk, Furumoto hits into the 5-4-3 double play to retire the side.

As for Toyama Dai-ichi, well, it's more of the same. 3 no-hit innings and counting...

Hiroshima Shinjyou finally gets on the board, but in a weird way. Sugimura gets a leadoff hit, and after a bunt and base hit by Kitatani, Tomooka hits a ball to 1st. Matsui gets the out at 1st and throws to 2nd. Kitatani runs back to stall and Toyama Dai-ichi actually ignores Sugimura and gets the 3rd out despite giving up the run. 1-0.

Toyama Dai-ichi beats their drought of a base hit when Houdatsu drives a ball to center just out of the reach of Kawauchi. After a sac bunt, Iwaki hits a grounder to short, but when Ryouta double clutches, he goes to 1st conceding the run. 1-1.

Hiroshima Shinjyou gets one more crack at a run when Sugimura singles to lead off the 5th, but after a bunt, Kitatani can't get the bat off his shoulder and Toyooka grounds out. Toyama Dai-ichi goes back to their feckless selves.

Toyama Dai-ichi does get a leadoff hit for Mori to start the post-break action, but after a failed bunt attempt, they do it again - and with 2 outs, Iwaki's prospects are poor and he actually fouls out to Furumoto on the back netting.

Hiroshima Shinjyou also seemingly on the offensive post-break. Masanori singles to start the inning. After a sac bunt and a walk, Hori hits a grounder to 2nd, but Iwaki fumbles on the ball trying to tag the runner and everyone's safe.  That error would prove costly as Furumoto would hit a ball off the padding in center. It would score two to make it 3-1, but the 3rd stopped at 3rd and then tried coming home, and it was just a mess for the 2nd out.

Next pitch, the TOOTBLAN is complete as Furumoto is picked off 2nd right on the leg.

Eventually Toyama Dai-ichi would collapse in the 8th for 4 more runs to solidify the result. Hiroshima Shinjyou advances 7-1.

There really isn't much to see here. Toyama Dai-ichi got fortunate once, but not twice as they fall in the 2nd round.

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