Tuesday, August 9, 2016

98th Natsu Koushien - Day 3, Game 2 - Nagasaki Shougyou (Nagasaki) v Yamanashi Gakuin (Yamanashi)

Nice way to start the day, onto our brunchtime game. Nagasaki Shougyou seems like a decent enough squad, but the offense is more than lacking and that's where the difference lies I think

Nagasaki Shougyou (Nagasaki)
RF Sawayama Norihiro (沢山 礼宏)
3B Yoshida Toshiki (吉田 敏貴)
2B Hirano Tsubasa (平野 太陽)
C Koide Ryoutarou (小出 凌太郎)
CF Tanaka Kojirou (田中 虎次郎)
1B Tsuji Yoshihiro (辻 義大)
SS Morikai Nozomi (森海 稀)
P Honda Issei (本田 一政)
LF Inoue Kouta (井上 弘太)

Yamanashi Gakuin (Yamanashi)
LF Tsuchida Yoshitake (土田 佳武)
3B Miyashita Rui (宮下 塁)
2B Chikenji Daiji (知見寺 代司)
CF Takisawa Kotarou (滝沢 虎太朗)
C Igarashi Hiroto (五十嵐 寛人)
RF Matsuo Kouta (松尾 孝太)
1B Aono Takeshi (青野 岳史)
P (11)Yoshimatsu Rui (吉松 塁)
SS Hirose Takuma (広瀬 巧真)


10:50 - First pitch!

Top 1st
Sawayama takes that first pitch and singles to right. But Choushou tries the bust-and-run and Yoshida unfortunately lines out to short, with Sawayama doubled off at 1st.

Bottom 1st
A blistering start from Yamanashi Gakuin. Tsuchida-Miyashita-Chikenji go single-triple-single, and before you can get your yakisoba from the vendor it's 2-0 Yamanashi Gakuin.

Honda gets some help when Takisawa hits a comebacker for a 1-6-3 double play. The inning ends without further damage, but it's certainly not the beginning he wanted to have.

Top 2nd
Nagasaki Shougyou not without their base hits - Mori getting a double down the left field line with 2 down. But they'll need to string a couple together to claw back the deficit.

Bottom 2nd
Honda gets himself into a jam in the 2nd, hitting not 1, but 2 batters.

But just as quickly as he got in it, Tsuchida lines a ball right back to him, and Hirose is meat at 1st base.

3rd-4th Innings
So far everything's been one-way in the direction of Yamanashi Gakuin. Miyashita led off the 3rd with a single, After a sac bunt and wild pitch, Takizawa hits a sac fly to make it 3-0.

An inning later, Matsuo hits a leadoff single after a bunt Yoshimatsu draws a walk and it's another stressful inning for Honda.

They try another bunt, but Hirose's bunt isn't good at all allowing them to cut down the lead runner.

Back to the top of the order and Tsuchida gets his 2nd hit, a chopper up the middle that just goes off of Honda. Mori runs it down behind 2nd, but has no play. Manrui, but 2 outs.

And Honda prevents any damage, getting Miyashita to chase a fastball up and in for the 3rd out.

5th Inning
Yamanashi Gakuin getting another leadoff runner on when Chikenji singles through the right side. The defense though saves Honda again as Takisawa grounds into a double play erasing the runner. Igarashi strikes out looking to get us at the break, but as you can tell from the commentary, right now all the opportunities are coming to Yamanashi Gakuin. Nagasaki Shougyou hasn't had a runner since that double in the 2nd.

Top 6th
Nagasaki Shougyou finally gets something going, albeit with some help from Yamanashi Gakuin.

Yoshida hits a swinging bunt, but all the defenders go to the ball and no one to first.

Yoshimatsu then walks Hirano on 4 straight and they have a runner in scoring position.

With the count 2-2 to Koide, Yoshida-kantoku puts in Kunio.

A strange decision, but on his first pitch, Koide flies out to end the inning.

Bottom 7th
The game finally is seemingly out of reach here in the 7th. Honda gives up a leadoff single then double to Hirose and Tsuchida. He tries his best, but cannot prevent both runners from scoring and making it a 5-0 ball game.

Top 8th
Nagasaki Shougyou gets another chance again thanks to Kunio.

He hits his counterpart Honda to start, and then on a comebacker throws it wide of 2nd allowing both runners to reach safely instead of a double play.

They then decide to sac bunt (you're down 5!).

Yoshida hits a sac fly to center and the shutout is avoided, though almost not because they just miss getting Inoue on his tag to 3rd. 5-1.

Hirano draws a walk and subsequently steals 2nd, meaning a base hit could make it a 2-run game again.

But Koide pops out to short and 1 run is all they get.

Top 9th
Kurio is seeming getting more and more shaky on the mound, especially after last inning.

He walks Tanaka then gives up back-to-back hits making it a 5-2 ballgame. No outs, but a ways to go.

But then they call for a sac bunt down 3 and the tying run at the plate. Which yes, makes no sense.

A groundball gets another run home to make it 5-3, but with 2 outs it's almost meaningless.

Sawayama gives the ball a ride, but flies out to deep left to finish the game.

Yamanashi Gakuin does advance, but their ace is more than shaky, which is why they started their RF instead on the mound. But it doesn't bode well for them going forward if Kurio is going to struggle that much.

For Nagasaki Shougyou it was too little too late. There was no life from the team at the plate for the longest time and there just wasn't enough time to make a comeback.

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