Monday, August 8, 2016

98th Natsu Koushien - Day 2, Game 2 - Chuukyou (Gifu) v Oita (Oita)

Today has gone off to a pretty good start, I'm getting excited for every game as it seems like they're for the most part competitive.

Chuukyou (Gifu)
SS Watanabe Takashi (渡辺 豪)
CF Katou Souta (加藤 壮太)
RF Kitagawa Ryuunosuke (北川 竜之介)
1B Imai Jyunnosuke (今井 順之助)
2B Yoshii Shougo (吉位 翔伍)
3B Taira Hidemasa (平 秀匡)
C Nagatani Daiki (水谷 大貴)
LF Nishikawa Souma (西川 颯真)
P (16)Furuta Shouto (古田 星投)

Oita (Oita)
3B Tsukano Kasumi (束野 克実)
SS Miura Takuto (三浦 拓人)
2B Satou Riku (佐藤 陸)
LF Yamashita Kaisei (山下 海星)
1B Numamoto Taiga (沼本 大河)
RF Wada Fuugo (和田 風吾)
C Kida Rikuto (木田 陸人)
P Ishimoto Katsuya (石本 勝也)
CF Tomita Ryuutarou (冨田 柳汰朗)


10:40 - First pitch

Top 1st
Watanabe with a single to center, but Tomita's throw in is flubbed by Miura and allows Watanabe to reach 2nd. A sac bunt and a base hit later and it's 1-0 Chuukyou.

Ishimoto gets out of the jam with a strike 'em out throw 'em out double play, but it's not the best of starts for Oita.

Bottom 1st
Miura trying to rally a quick reply as he gets a one-out single to center.

Also, I hear the announcers say that to lefties Furuta has a 1-seamer? I've heard about it, but can't remember where.

Satou following that up with a rip to right. They might have that run back sooner than you can say douten.

I write that and Yamashita pops out to 2nd. Nunamoto is way out in front on the next pitch and grounds out to 3rd. Threat over.

Top 2nd
Chuukyou plays a different game in the 2nd with the bottom of their lineup. A 1-out walk is bunted over for a one-timer by the 8-9 batters, but Nishikaw gets plunked, and Furuta strikes out looking to end the inning.

Top 3rd
After a really quick turnaround, the top of the order remixes the 1st inning. This time Watanabe gets a bona fide double, and after another bunt Kitagawa singles to center and it's 2-0.

Ishimoto pitches around Imai, and it seems like it might work. Yoshii flies out to shallow center for the 2nd out, and after Tsukano decides to take a tumble into the camera well, Satou makes a great rundown of a ball to the right side, and from RF makes the throw to 1st for the 3rd out.

Bottom 3rd
Tomita with a shallow fly down the right field line, Kitagawa charging, reaches out, makes the catch, but no! He loses it on the tumble and it's a base hit! He doesn't realize it's still in play and Tomita makes it all the way to 3rd! Can the top of the order bring him in?

Yes, they do - just. Tsukano hits it just deep enough to get the runner home.

2 down now, and Furuta gives up a single back up the middle to Satou. Then he compounds that by hitting Yamashita and putting the douten runner in scoring position

Numamoto makes Furuta pay with a single to right center! Satou can walk home and we're all tied at 2-2!

Oh no... Nagatani called for catcher's interference and it's manrui.

But Kida is perhaps a bit eager to get that timely hit and pops out to Imai to end the inning.

Top 4th
Bottom of the lineup is coming alive as Nagatani and Furuta both gets clean singles to put runners at the corners for the top of the lineup.

Matsuo-kantoku calls time and the best option they came up with is to hit Watanabe to load the bases (kidding). But it results in no run and a force at all bases.

But Katou is jammed and hits a short blooper. The defense races back, but it's out of Numamoto's reach for a base hit. 3-2.

That brings up Kitagawa, oh dear.

Off the bat you know it's gone. 7-2 and we can wrap it up here folks.

Toss in a double and single to make it 8-2, and Ishimoto is finally cooked. #13 Iwasaki comes in to get the final 2 outs.

Bottom 4th
They PH for their relief P, so it looks like we'll see another person on the mound.

Meanwhile Tomita gets a one out hit, and down 6 is thrown out trying to take 2nd. No I don't get it either.

Top 5th
#11 Nonaka is the next Oita P to try their hand. He can't get the 3 outs before the lineup turns over as he walks Nishikawa. And then he walks Watanabe to boot. Now Kitagawa is on deck as Katou steps in.

But Nonaka does his job, leaving him there as Katou flies out to center.

Bottom 5th
Oita has something when they get the first 2 batters on via walk, but the next 3 batters do nothing. We hit the break with Chuukyou in full control.

Bottom 6th
Furuta is finally knocked out of the game after giving up a single and double to the bottom two of the Oita lineup. Ace Iwakawa comes in, gives up a base hit to Tsukano making it 8-3 - but he closes the door thereafter on a 6-4-3 double play.

Bottom 7th
While Oita is closing the gap, it's going way too slow.

Satou leads off with a triple that goes off CF Katou. Yamashita immediately follows that up with a base hit to make it 8-4.

They're looking for more, but Numamoto grounds into another DP. That's unfortuate because Wada doubles to right, but is left stranded. Chuukyou is fine giving up a run as there isn't enough innings to make that comeback.

Top 8th
Well all that work goes for naught. 2 out runners on 1st/2nd, Imai hits a ball to left. Yamashita wind up all turned around and the ball is just out of his grasp. 2 runs score to make it 10-4. Worse yet the inning continues and Yoshii hits a screaming 2-run HR right to make it 12-4.

The rest of the game goes pretty quietly except that Oita's 4th P #12 Tachibana finally retires Watanabe in his final AB, other than that, it's all Chuukyou.

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