Tuesday, August 16, 2016

98th Natsu Koushien - Day 10, Game 1 - Meitoku Gijyuku (Kochi) v Kadena (Okinawa)

Onto the best 16 now and first up are first timers Kadena and mainstays Meitoku Gijyuku. Once again Meitoku Gijyuku has been the benefactor of an easier schedule, so how will the first timers fare?

Meitoku Gijyuku (Kochi)
CF Tachibana Kotarou (立花 虎太郎)
LF Nishimura Shun (西村 舜)
1B Nishiura Souta (西浦 颯大)
RF Wakiya Noriyuki (脇屋 紀之)
C Koga Yuudai (古賀 優大)
3B Ookita Kaito (大北 海斗)
SS Takamura Kazushi (高村 和志)
2B Imai Ryousuke (今井 涼介)
P Nakano Yasutoshi (中野 恭聖)

Kadena (Okinawa)
CF Kouchi Ryousuke (幸地 諒承)
RF Nakaima Kousuke (仲井間 光亮)
1B Ooishi Tetta (大石 哲汰)
C Chibana Takuya (知花 拓哉)
3B Higa Hanamichi (比嘉 花道)
SS Kojya Takuma (古謝 巧真)
P Nakachi Kuore (仲地 玖礼)
LF Ooshiro Kento (大城 堅斗)
2B Aragaki Kazuya (新垣 和哉)


08:02 - First Pitch!

Neither ace is looking particularly sharp to open affairs.

Nakachi gives up a hit and 2 walks to load the bases before getting out of the 1st inning. Nakano gives up 2 singles to put runners at the corners before Chibana grounds into a double play.

Both pitchers have no problems in the 2nd against the bottom of the lineups, but the second time through the top of the lineup is no better for Nakachi. Nishimura gets his 2nd hit in as many AB's, but after a wild pitch and tagup on a deep fly, Aragaki boots a routine grounder allowing Nishimura to score giving Meitoku Gijyuku the 1-0 lead.

Kadena trying to respond as Aragaki takes a leadoff walk. But after a sac bunt and strikeout things look bleak. But with two down and Chibana at bat, a ball gets away from Koga and Aragaki takes 3rd. The throw is high and goes into center, and Aragaki hesitates and then breaks for home. That little wait though costs him as Nishimura fires a ball home and nails him at the plate denying Kadena the run.

After that, Meitoku Gijyuku begins to put it on Kadena.

4th inning, Koga leads off with a single. After a sac bunt, its back-to-back hits which score 1, 2-0. Then 2 batters later Tachibana comes through with a base hit through the right side scoring 2 more, extending the lead to 4-0. Toss in one more in the 5th, when after losing their leadoff double by trying to extend it to a triple, back to back 2-out doubles by Koga and Ookita make it 5-0. That also knocks out ace Nakachi and probably Kadena at this point.

Yeah, the top of the 6th is a disaster as Kadena tries to find a pitcher that can get outs. Either way, there's a manrui HR by Nishiura that's completely unnecessary as they reach double digits in 10-0.

There really isn't much point in reporting the rest of the game as it's garbage time. Nakano should be relieved to save his arm. And he is in fact pinch hit for in the 7th.

There is garbage time runs that are scored, but the game still ends up in a comfortable 13-5 win, though I imagine that the bullpen for Meitoku Gijyuku might be shelved at this point.

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