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98th Natsu Koushien - Day 5, Game 3 - Kadena (Okinawa) v Maebashi Ikuei (Gunma)

Well, I'm not sure how you can beat last game, but we've got one more on the docket, and it's the 1st game of Round 2 between first-timers Kadena and first-time Natsu Champs Maebashi Ikuei.

Kadena (Okinawa)
CF Kouchi Ryousuke (幸地 諒承)
RF Nakaima Kousuke (仲井間 光亮)
1B Ooishi Tetta (大石 哲汰)
C Chibana Takuya (知花 拓哉)
3B Higa Hanamichi (比嘉 花道)
SS Kojya Takuma (古謝 巧真)
P Nakachi Kuore (仲地 玖礼)
LF Ooshiro Kento (大城 堅斗)
2B Aragaki Kazuya (新垣 和哉)

Maebashi Ikuei (Gunma)
LF Ishikawa Ruito (石川 塁翔)
RF Asami Yuudai (浅見 悠大)
3B Iijima Hiromu (飯島 大夢)
SS Ogawa Ryuusei (小川 龍成)
CF Maruyama Kazuya (丸山 和郁)
P Satou Yuuto (佐藤 優人)
C Morita Kento (森田 健斗)
1B Itou Yuuta (伊藤 雄大)
2B Hasegawa Ryouta (長谷川 涼太)


14:22 - First Pitch!

1st Inning
Satou off to a pretty good start, does give up a bloop hit to Ooishi, but otherwise retires the side, including 2 K's on offpseed pitches away to Nakaima and Chibana.

As for Nakachi, his first batter goes off well as Ishikawa chases a ball in the dirt for his first K.

Now, he does wind up walking Iijima after trying to get him to chase, but Ogawa flies out to center to end the inning.

3rd Inning
The 2nd inning went like a blur as both sides just swung away needing just 16 pitches to finish the entire inning.

The 3rd inning was probably a blur for Satou.

Ooshiro hits a ball down the left field line for a leadoff double. After a bunt, Kouchi lines a single to left. Ooshiro dashes home and scores to make it 1-0.

Things get worse when Morita is called for catcher's interference, and Chibana singles to right.

But Higa can't add to the lead as he grounds back to Satou.

Maebashi Ikuei striking back as Itou singles to left., and somehow the ball gets by Ooshiro! He has to chase it down, all the while Itou heads all the way to 3rd! A huge E7 that will certainly cost them the lead!

And it does when Hasegawa singles to left! 1-1!

Nakachi catches a break then Chibana guns down Hasegawa on a strike 'em out, throw 'em out double play that Hasegawa pays for when his head runs into the glove for the tag.

1 run seems to be all, but again out of nowhere Asami lays down a safety bunt and beats out the tag, steals 2nd and then takes 3rd when Chibana's throw is high, and Iijima puts a grounder in just the right place such that Kojya can run it down, but can't make the play at 1st. 2-1.

Bottom 4th
Maruyama starts up the Maebashi engine with a double to right. After a grounder moves him over, any old sac fly would do.

Morita though skies a ball in foul territory. Higa right at the wall to the camera well makes the catch.

Itou gets hit and things get a little worse.

But when Itou steals 2nd, Nakachi snatches the throw to 2nd and catches Maruyama in no-man's land! He's run down for the 3rd out!

Top 5th
Kadena gets a chance to run level at the break. Aragaki hits a soft liner to left. After another sac bunt, Nakaima singles through the right side! But Aragaki gets a late stop sign and has to scramble back!

And that winds up hurting them as they call the contact play with Ooishi up and try as he might, Aragaki can't avoid the tag at home. Chibana grounds out to retire the side and they're left begging once again.

Bottom 5th
Maebashi Ikuei taking advantage of course. Hasegawa single to center to start the inning. 2 down Hasegawa at 2nd, Iijima singles through the left side making it a 3-1 ballgame.

Ogawa follows that up with a ball to left center! That's to the wall and Iijima will come home to score!

Wait! The relay goes to 3rd, and Ogawa is thrown out! Not only that, but he's thrown out before the run scores! So it's still 3-1 as we hit the break!

Now, Maebashi Ikuei seems in control. But if Kadena can ever convert on their RISP, they may regret that out.

Top 7th
The 7th was one whole charlie foxtrot for Maebashi Ikuei.

First Aragaki hits a ball to the left side that Ogawa makes a great stop on, but has to eat the ball.

Then when Kouchi lays down the bunt, Itou instead of tossing to Hasegawa who was covering, tossed to Satou who had pulled up. All safe!

Nakaima then pops up his bunt, but he hit it so hard, it went all the way into the area between the mound, 3rd base and 2nd base! Ogawa chases after it, but winds up booting it instead into foul territory! All safe again!

And when Satou walks Ooishi in 4 straight, that brings in a run without the ball leaving the infield! 3-2!

The final nail in the coffin comes from Chibana. He singles to left scoring 2 and giving Kadena the 4-3 lead!

#10 Yoshizawa came in to try and stop the bleeding. The first batter lined to Ogawa who doubled off Ooishi.

But after that it got worse. A LOT worse.

  • Higa single to center,
  • Nakachi single through left side
  • Ooshiro single through right side, 5-3,
  • Aragaki (again), single to right, 6-3,
  • Kouchi triple off wall near LF pole, 9-3.
#11 Minagawa comes in and mercifully gets Nakaima to ground back to him.

Total damage - A snowman.

Bottom 7th
Maebashi Ikuei gets a small chance to close the gap after getting a walk and a HBP with 2 out. But since it's 2 outs, Iijima's liner to left ends proceedings.

That's pretty much all you need to know. Kadena adds a run in the 8th to reach double digits, but other than that (and Maruyama coming in to pitch for Maebashi Ikuei), the game reaches the conclusion.

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