Tuesday, August 9, 2016

98th Natsu Koushien - Day 3, Game 4 - Jyousou Gakuin (Ibaraki) v Oumi (Shiga)

Well, the winner of this game knows they're facing Chuukyou. So, let's see how things play out because you have to win first.

Jyousou Gakuin (Ibaraki)
CF Suyama Yuuki (陶山 勇軌)
2B Arimura Kouta (有村 恒汰)
1B Miyazawa Toyota (宮里 豊汰)
3B Hanawa Naoki (花輪 直輝)
C Shimizu Kazema (清水 風馬)
P Suzuki Shouta (鈴木 昭汰)
LF Ichikawa Dai (石川 大)
SS Nakamura Jin (中村 迅)
RF Suzuki Kaito (鈴木 海斗)

Oumi (Shiga)
3B Kuramoto Riki (倉本 梨希)
CF Itou Yuusaku (伊東 優作)
LF Takizawa Motohide (瀧沢 元英)
1B (9)Kitamura Keigo (北村 恵吾)
2B Mukai Jidai (向井地 大)
C Isohiki Takuo (磯引 拓生)
RF (18) Kimura Ryuunousuke (木村 龍之介)
SS Karazawa Hayate (唐沢 颯)
P (10)Fukada Tatsuki (深田 樹暉)


16:20 - First pitch!

Top 1st
Not a great start for the bench starter Fukada. Leadoff hit to Suyama. After a bunt, he walks Miyazawa and then gives up a clean hit to left to Hanawa. 1-0 already.

Throw in a squeeze by Shimizu and it's 2-0.

Bottom 1st
Not a great start for the Jyousou defense as Miyazawa can't field what seems like a routine throw (if not a little wide). It winds up not hurting him because after a failed bunt, Itou and Takisawa are both thrown out trying to steal 2nd..

Top 2nd
After Fukada gives up a double to Ishikawa and an RBI single to Nakamura it's the end of his day. ace Kyouyama comes in, but with his team down 3-0...

But there's no relief in Kyouyama either as he walks both Suyama and Arimura to load the bases.

And his defense isn't helping him out either. Miyazato grounds one to short, but SS Karazawa can't make the transfer cleanly and they only get 1, allowing Nakamura to score. 4-0.

Another run scores with runners at the corners. It isn't a fake steal/steal of home, at least not until the SS can't cut off the throw from Isohiki... 5-0.

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