Sunday, August 14, 2016

98th Natsu Koushien - Day 8, Game 4 - Riseisha (Osaka) v Yokohama (Kanagawa)

I'm still mad, not that Kousei lost, but that they had to lose because of incompetence instead of the play on te field.. Here are the lineups.

Yokohama (Kanagawa)
2B Tobori Atsuya (戸堀 敦矢)
3B (6)Endou Kakeru (遠藤 駆)
CF Masuda Tamaki (増田 珠)
LF Murata Yuuta (村田 雄大)
P (10)Ishikawa Tatsuya (石川 達也)
1B (5)Kuge Kyou (公家 響)
RF (1)Fujihira Shouma (藤平 尚真)
C Tokuda Yuudai (徳田 優大)
SS (16)Watanabe Shou (渡辺 翔)

Riseisha (Osaka)
CF Fukuda Kandai (福田 観大)
2B Kitano Shuu (北野 秀)
1B Yoshikawa Yuuto (四川 雄翔)
3B Yasuda Hisanori (安田 尚憲)
C Imachi Taisei (井町 大生)
P Terashima Naruki (寺島 成輝)
LF (13)Wakabayashi Shouhei (若林 将平)
RF Yamamoto Yuutaku (山本 侑度)
SS Wakabayashi Kenji (若林 健治)


16:45 - First pitch

The revitalized Yokohama squad jumps on Terashima to start. Tobori single, a sac bunt that becomes a fielder's choice when Imachi decides to go to 2nd and loses, an actual sac bunt, and a sac fly from Murata makes it 1-0.

17:12 - Weather delay (lightning/rain)
On a 3-2 count to Terashima in the 2nd, the players are called in. The skies are a dark gray, but it's the chance of lightning that causes this delay.

17:53 - Resumption of play
Well first pitch to Terashima went strike 3 swinging, but it was down and in.

But now Ishikawa looks a bit out of sorts, this when Wakabayashi hits a liner to right for a single.

And there we go.

Still struggling with the strike zone, Ishikawa grooves one in there and Yamamoto blasts it to tomorrow. Actually, halfway up the stands. down the left field line. 3-1 Riseisha.

Yet even more struggles as Ishikawa walks Wakabayashi.

18:01 - Weather delay (lightning/rain)
Umpires are calling everyone in again... No rain this time, just the lightning threat.

Nope, there's the rain. and of the deluge variety.

18:40 - Resumption of play
Well, Ishikawa hits Fukuda and now finally the switch is made. Should've been done after the first delay (even if temporary) like the pros, but it's being done now. Which might be even worse because now it's admitting the mistake.

Kitano the takes the first pitch doubles down the right field line and 2 more come in to make it 5-1 Riseisha.

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