Tuesday, August 16, 2016

98th Natsu Koushien - Day 10, Game 2 - Shuugakukan (Kumamoto) v Inabe Sougou Gakuen (Mie)

Unfortunately, I was in a meeting when Shuugakukan was in play, so I can't really handicap this.

Shuugakukan (Kumamoto)
CF Harada Takumi (原田 拓実)
SS Matsuo Taiga (松尾 大河)
1B Kimoto Ryouga (木本 凌雅)
C Kuki Ryuuhei (九鬼 隆平)
LF Amamoto Kousuke (天本 昂佑)
3B Hirobe Shuuhei (廣部 就平)
2B Horie Kouhei (堀江 航平)
RF Kimura Yuuji (木村 勇次)
P (11) Taura Fumimaru (田浦 文丸)

Inabe Sougou Gakuen (Mie)
CF Okumura Touki (奥村 拓希)
RF Miyazaki Yuuto (宮崎 大和)
2B Kanda Shouji (神田 将嗣)
LF Fujii Ryouma (藤井 亮磨)
C Watanabe Yuuta (渡辺 雄太)
SS Morita Ryouma (守田 良真)
P Yamauchi Tomoki (山内 智貴)
1B Fukase Ryoutarou (深瀬 凌太郎)
3B (15) Itou Ryuunousuke (伊藤 竜之介)


10:55 - First pitch!

From the get-go Shuugakukan seemed to have the advantage. Yamauchi would walk the leadoff batter, but that would be wiped out when Harada is thrown out stealing 2nd.

In the 2nd inning, Kuki's leadoff single this time is paid off. He steals 2nd, and 2 batters later Hirobe singles off a charging Itou and deflects towards center. 1-0.

That becomes 2-0 in the 3rd as Shuugakukan gets their 3rd leadoff batter on base in as many innings when Taura of all people doubles to left center. While he's thrown out on a failed bunt attempt, Kimoto hits a scorcher past a diving Itou down the 3rd base line for a double. In fact, it's not until the 4th that Yamauchi can retire the leadoff batter.

As for Inabe Sougou Gakuen, Taura was holding them off the basepaths. Wasn't pretty at times, but it was good enough to eventually induce weak outs.

That would change in the 4th though. First Matsuo somehow wiffs on a slow grounder up the middle. After being moved over on a hit-and-run attempt, Taura leaves a cement mixer in the middle of te plate and Kanda drives it to right center for an RBI double. The no-hitter and shutout are gone in one swing and it's game on at 2-1.

Taura would end up being relieved after he hits Fujii and #10 Nakai, not the ace, comes in.  He gets the 6-4-3 double play to end the inning and limit the damage.

Post-break the momentum seems to have shifted significantly to Inabe Sougou Gakuen. Bottom 6th, Itou lines a single to left. Kuki's throw to 1st on a sac bunt brings Kimoto off the bag, but Itou tries to press for 3rd, but is easily caught. That proves costly because despite a failed bunt, Kanda almost takes Nakai's head off as it sails into center. It might not have scored it the run, but it would have been manrui. Instead Fujii flies out to retire the side.

Meanwhile Inabe Sougou Gakuen goes to their bullpen. #11 Mizutani comes in for Itou to take the hill, but Yamauchi stays in to play 3B. He gives up a leadoff walk, but nothing else, allowing his team to get back on the sticks.

And in the lucky 7th Watanabe immediately puts Nakai under pressure with a double down the left field line. After a popup and an 1-0 count to Shuugakukan goes with #12 Kawabata. A strange decision mid-AB, but it works as he gets Yamauchi to chase a changeup down and away and then Fukase on a fastball inside!

Come to the 8th and Shuugakukan was pretty much scuffling. However, Matsuo starts off with a single to center. Kimoto hits a ball to short, but Morita fumbles it trying to turn the double play! However, Kuki's bunt is jumped on and Matsuo is thrown out at 3rd.

So Amamoto is swinging away and he lines a single to right! Kimoto comes in to score and Shuugakukan gets a key insurance run! 3-1!

They're threatening for more, and yet Mizutani, seemingly trying to keep his head above water strikes out both Hirobe and Miyahira to retire the side!

And yet, and yet! Inabe Sougou Gakuen continues to fight back! One down, and the top of the order. Okumura takes a curve back up the middle. Miyazaki hits a ball to the 6-hole and while Matsuo runs it down, his throw to 1st is nowhere near in time! And now Kanda lines a single to left! It's too hard to allow Okumura to score, but it's manrui!

Fujii up and he lines a ball to left center! New LF Hanjyou charging in, and he makes the catch! No tag up and there's 2 out!

Kawabata completes the Houdini act as Watanabe pops out to new 3B Matsunari right off the mound!

With that scoring chance gone begging, Inabe Sougou Gakuen collapses in 9th. A leadoff walk to Kimura, a sac bunt, and then a triple from Harada and doubles from Matsuo and Kuki all score a run to put the game out of reach 6-1.

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