Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 6 - Game 1 - Osaka Toin (Kita Osaka) vs. Hita-rin Kogyo (Oita)

And we return the next morning with clear skies and the sun shining down on the players.

Can Hita-rin Kogyo take advantage of the called game and regroup after the performance yesterday?

Osaka Toin (Kita Osaka)
SS Asamura (6)
CF Shimizu (8)
2B Morikawa (4)
1B Hagihara (3)
RF Okumura (9)
LF Fukushima Kouhei (7)
3B Sano (5)
C Ariyama (2)
P Fukushima Yuuto(1)

Hita-rin Kogyo (Oita)
CF Kamachi (8)
SS Nagino (6)
3B Matsuo (5)
P Suetsugi (1)
1B Nogami (3)
LF Yokoo (7)
RF Tachikawa (9)
C Miura (2)
2B Kouda (4)
8:30 AM
First pitch!

Top 1st
... and it looks like the break hasn't affected Osaka Toin's hitting! Asamura starts, hitting the first pitch to center! After a sac bunt, Morikawa comes through with the single down the left field line! Asamura scores and it's quickly 1-0 Osaka Toin!

Bottom 1st
Kamachi starts the rally for Hita-rin with a grounder through the left side! Nagino puts the bunt down, and Yuuto goes to 2nd! But Asamura can't handle it! All safe!

Matsuo sacrifices the runners along and it's a big chance for Hita-rin!

Sueutsi with the liner to center! Kamachi scores and Hita-rin strikes back! 1-1!!

And then Nogami walks! Manrui for Yokoo! But Yuuto gets him to ground to short to end the inning.

Top 2nd
Osaka Toin isn't going to take this lying down!

Kouhei reaches after being hit. He's bunted along, but Ariyama grounds to short. 2 down.

But then last batter Yuuto drives one to deep right center! One hops the wall! Kouhei scores! 2-1!

And then Asamura on the next pitch singles to center! Yuuto scores! 3-1 Osaka Toin!

That's enough for the Hita-rin manager. Suetsugi is moved to left as #10 Ootao comes in to pitch.

But he walks Shimizu on 4 straight. Not a good way to start.

He settles down though and gets Morigawa to ground to short.

Bottom 2nd
Yuuto with a quick 6 pitch inning. Osaka Toin goes back on offense again.

Top 3rd
Osaka Toin gets it 3rd leadoff runner in as many innings as Hagihara hits one down the left field line for a double!

Okumura tries to put the bunt down several times until he finally strikes out.

Then Kouhei walks. But Miura can't handle the last pitch and Hagihara advances to 3rd!

And a short grounder by Sano brings Hagihara home! 4-1!

Bottom 3rd
So after an interesting 1st inning, Osaka Toin has almost built it's lead from yesterday...

Matsuo with the one-out single, but that's it for Hita-rin...

Top 4th
Yuuto with the single through the right side for the 4th leadoff runner!

And then Asamura drives one to deep left! Suetugi goes back a couple of steps then stops and looks up! It looks like it's going to be a homerun!

But then he runs back to the wall! It's still in play! Yuuto comes all the way around 1st to score on the double by Asamura!

Now you have to wonder if he ran back to the wall if he could have had that catch! 5-1!

And it keeps on coming! Shimizu walks!

Morikawa looks to put the bunt down, but fails! 1 out.

Ah! Hagihara squeaks one through the right side! Asamura scores! 6-1!

SQUEEZE! Okumura almost falls backward as he squats to bunt a ball inside! But he does get it down! Shimizu scores! 7-1!

It's easily becoming apparent that all the rain delay did was to delay the inevitable.

Bottom 4th
And Yuuto only needs 9 pitches to get through that inning.

Top 5th
Hita-rin finally gets Osaka Toin to put up a donut as Ootao retires the side in order.

Bottom 5th
Nagino with the 2-out base hit. But again, that's it for Hita-rin...

Top 6th
#12 Hiradzuka who pinch-hit for Kouda in the 5th, stays in at 2nd.

Asamura leads off with a bloop double down the right field line! He's 4-4!

Shimizu on the next pitch with a deep shot to left! Suetsugi is way in! By the time he gets the ball in, Shimizu is in with a triple! 8-1.

Morikawa with the chopper down the middle! Shimizu scores! 9-1.

Hagihara then draws the walk. Still no down.

Osaka Toin gets their first out as Okumura sacrifices the runners along.

And it doesn't matter as Kouhei drives one to deep center! Morikawa scores! Hagihara scores! 11-1.

Ootao finally retires the next 2 batters to end the inning, but really the game is over for Hita-rin.

Bottom 6th
A leadoff single by Suetsugi is wiped out by a double play...

Top 7th
Yuuto with the drive to center for a leadoff double. Up steps Asamura, already 4-4 on the day, and he takes the first pitch through the left side. 5-5 today!

Shimizu then follows that with a liner down the right field line. He stretches that out to his 2nd consecutive triple! Yuuto and Asamura scores! 13-1.

Morikawa then draws a 4-pitch walk. Then Hagihara hits a fly to center, but it's not deep enough to score Shimizu.

But this one is! Okumura with the blast to dead center! Kamachi to the wall, and all he can do is look up as the ball flies away for a 3-run homerun! 16-1.

Ootao is pulled, and #11 Uratsuka comes in. But he walks Kouhei on 4 straight, and he's pulled.

Matsuo comes in from 3rd to pitch as #14 Yamabe comes in to play 3rd. And Matsuo gets Sano and Yuuto to fly out to end the inning...

Bottom 7th
Osaka Toin gives their ace a rest and Yuuto and Okumura switch places on the field.

#16 Yamada comes in to PH for Tachikawa. He singles to left.

Then Okumura starts losing control as he then walks Miura and Hiradzuka to load the bases!

Kamachi with the liner to left! Yamada scores! 16-2 with no out.

But then Okumura retires the next 2 batters to end the inning.

Top 8th
Osaka Toin gets another scoring chance with 2 down as Shimizu and Morikawa get consecutive singles then advance on wild pitch. But Matsuo gets Hagihara to ground to short.

Bottom 8th
#11 Nagashima comes in to pitch as Okumura returns to right. And while he gives up 2 walks with 2 down, he gets Hiradzuka to ground out.

9th Inning
The 9th inning comes and goes with a lot of substitutions, but not much else. Osaka Toin advances with the 16-2 victory.

Osaka Toin (Kita Osaka)
SS Asamura (6) - 5-6, 2 2B, 4 R, 2 RBI
CF Shimizu (8) - 3-3, 2 3B, 3 R, 4 RBI
2B Morikawa (4) - 3-5, 2 R, 2 RBI, BB
1B Hagihara (3) - 2-5, 2B, 2 R, RBI, K, BB
RF-P-RF-P Okumura (9) - 1-4, HR, R, 4 RBI, 2 K
LF Fukushima Kouhei (7) - 2-3, 3B, 2 RBI, 3 BB
3B Sano (5) - 0-4, RBI
PH-LF Nagatani (12) - 0-1
C Ariyama (2) - 0-5
C Hataya (14) - No PA
P Fukushima Yuuto(1) - 3-5, 2 2B, 3 R, RBI

Hita-rin Kogyo (Oita)
CF Kamachi (8) - 2-4, R, BB, RBI
SS Nagino (6) - 1-5, K
3B-1 Matsuo (5) - 1-4
P Suetsugi (1) - 2-5, RBI
1B Nogami (3) - 0-3, K, BB
LF Yokoo (7) - 0-1 K
P-RF Ootao (10) - 0-2, K
P Uchitsuka (11) - No PA
3B Yamabe (14) - No PA
PH Kugimiya (15) - 0-1
CF Iwasaki (17) - No PA
RF Tachikawa (9) - 0-2
PH-RF Yamada (16) - 1-1, R, BB
C Miura (2) - 0-2, L, 2 BB
2B Kouda (4) - 0-1
PH-2B-3B Hiradzuka (12) - 0-2, BB

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