Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 5 - Game 1 - Seiho (Nagasaki) vs. Hokuoudai Ashikaga (Tochigi)

Koshien takes a small break today with 3 games on the docket.

The first highlights one of the teams that I am personally pulling for, Seiho. They've had their successes before, but I think I pull for them because I saw them get annihilated against Yokohama 2 years ago in the Spring Koshien 21-1.

Their opponent today hails from Tochigi-ken. Hokuoudai Ashikaga makes its 3rd appearance in the Summer Koshien, but haven't stepped foot on the field in 29 years.

As much as I like rooting for teams that haven't been here in a while, or is their first appearance - this time I'm rooting for Seiho.

Seiho (Nagasaki)
3B Yahisa (5)
LF Oda (18)
1B Yamazaki (3)
2B Tominaga (4)
SS Hayashi (6)
CF Aoki (12)
C Kawamoto (2)
P Kaga (1)
RF Chiga (9)

Hokuoudai Ashikaga (Tochigi)
SS Tanaka (6)
CF Matsuzaki (8)
RYamada (9)
1B Ikezawa (3)
P Shindou (1)
LF Kurai (15)
C Chiyoda (2)
3B Sakai (5)
2B Hayashi (4)
9:31 AM
First pitch!

Top 1st
Oda with a one out single to left! Yamazaki bunts him along, leaving Tominaga the job of driving in the run.

He runs the count full, and draws a walk.

Hayashi drives a ball to left center! Matsuzaki to the wall!


Hayashi with the 3-run home run! What a way to start! 3-0!!!

Bottom 1st
Koga's off to a good start as he retires the side in order.

Top 2nd
Hokuou's ace Shindou settles down after the shaky first inning and retires the side in order.

Bottom 2nd
Hokuou looks to get one run back.

With one down, Shindou bloops one just into center. Right afterwards, Kurai singles to right center!

Things are looking good for Hokuou! That is until Koga induces Chiyoda into an inning ending DP.

Top 3rd
Yahisa leads off the 3rd with a double down the left field line! He's moved over by Oda, and big chance for Yamazaki to add another run to the lead!

Shindou's being careful though. Too careful as he falls behind 3-0. Comes back with 2 good pitches to fill up the count. Driven to right! And just far enough to get Yahisa home! 4-0!!

Tominaga flies one to deep right. But it's off Yamada's glove! Tominaga runs all the way to 3rd! And that brings up Hayashi who hit that 3-run HR in the 1st.

They elect to pitch to him, and behind 1-2 Shindou throws and inside pitch. But he gets the bat around and just puts it over the glove of a leaping 2B Hayashi! Tominaga scores! 5-0!!

Now everyone's getting into it! Aoki with a drive to the base of the right center field wall! Hayashi scores! Aoki in with a triple of his own! 6-0!

At this point, #10 Takai warms up for Hakuou.

But Shindou gets a reprieve. Kawamoto grounds to 2nd to end the inning. But Seiho has doubled their lead and the game could be slipping early for Hokuou.

Bottom 3rd
Sakai stars the inning with a double to left center! Hayashi looks to bunt, but doesn't need to. He gets walked by Koga.

Now leadoff batter Tanaka has a chance to get a run back with a base hit.

And he gets it! Single to left! Sakai rounds 3rd, but Oda comes up throwing! It's there in time! Kawamoto can't secure it! Sakai scores! 6-1!

And Yamada walks to load the bases! Still a big chance!

Single to right by Ikegawa! Hayashi scores! Tanaka scores! 6-3 now!

Shindou's scores one more as he hits a sac fly to center! Yamada scores! 6-4!!

But Seihou appeals saying that Ikegawa left 2nd early! He's called out! He can't believe it! The manager can't believe it! Ikegawa stays at 3rd until the 3rd base umpire urges him to go.

From the replay though, it looks like Ikegawa left much after Matsuzaki caught the ball. But there's no changing the ruling, he's out and the run doesn't count. Seiho leads 6-3.

Top 4th
Shindou continues to struggle. He gives up a leadoff single to Koga. But he turns a nice defensive play throwing to 2nd on the bunt attempt by Chiga.

Seihou elects to bunt Chiga over anyways with one down. They walk Oda, but then gets Yamazaki to ground to 3rd

Bottom 4th
A leadoff single by Kurai is all that Hokuou can muster.

Top 5th
Hayashi continues his hot hitting with a double to right center! And while he steals 3rd, no one can get the timely hit to bring him home.

Bottom 5th
While the bad news is that Hokuou is still down 3, the good news is that it's managable.

And Tanaka starts the inning off with a grounder through the right side!

Seiho's manager thinks it's time and pulls Koga for #11 Imamura. Turns out Seiho has their own 2 pitcher rotation similar to Saga Kita's last year that brought them all the way to the title.

And after a sac bunt, Imamura shuts the door on Hokuou - striking out Yamada and getting Ikezawa to line to 1st.

Top 6th
And Imamura turns around and leads off the 6th with a base hit to left! After a sac bunt, the lineup turns over.

Yahisa flies out to right, but far enough for Imamura to tag up to 3rd.

Then with 2 down, Oda drives the ball to left center! Imamura easily scores on Oda's double! 7-3!

Yamazaki on the very next pitch gets a base hit to left! Oda scores! 8-3!! Tominaga ends the inning on a sharp liner to 2nd. But, Seiho extends their lead!

Bottom 6th
Hokuou goes down in order. Their time at Koshien may be running out.

Top 7th
Hayashi leads off the 8th with a triple short of the cycle.

But it looks like Shindou isn't giving him a chance issuing the semi-intentional walk.

That's not going to stop Hayashi from reaching 3rd. Seihou's manager Yoshida, calls for the bunt-and-run! And while Aoki is thrown out at 1st, Hayashi makes it all the way to 3rd!

And a sac fly by Kawamoto brings him home! 9-3!

They're not done yet! Imamura flashes his hot bat with a drive to deep right center. And he motors around for a triple!

But Chiga grounds to 2nd and that ends the inning.

Bottom 7th
Defensive change for Seiho. #8 Yamaguchi comes in to play center.

Hayashi starts the inning off with a leadoff single, but again is left stranded.

And a nice play turned in by 1B Yamazaki, making the great catch in foul territory before falling into the camera well!

Top 8th
And how often do you see a player make a fine play in the outfield then turn around and do well at the plate!

When we say so, that's when!

With one down and Yahisa at 2nd, Yamazaki puts a charge into it! Matsuzaki to the wall, looks up, and it's gone! 2-run HR for Yamazaki!! 11-3!!

And with that HR, Shindou's day is over. He slides to 2nd as #11 Takai takes over on the mound.

He falls behind Tominaga before getting him to fly to center.

That brings up Hayashi again, still a 3B short of the cycle. But he too flies to center.

Bottom 8th
Another defense change. #15 Miyazaki comes in to play left for Oda.

And Hokuou once again falls in order.

9th Inning
Both teams go quietly in the 9th as Seiho marches on to the 2nd round with the 11-3 victory.

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Limo said...

Wow...that was a convincing win!
Nice job Seiho! Awesome pitching.