Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 4 - Game 3 - Matsusho Gakuen (Nagano) vs. Keio (Kita Kanagawa)

Ah, yes the old steadfast Matsusho Gakuen. Seeing them is like seeing a familiar face when you come to a bar - saving a seat for you.

I wouldn't know that though... But this is Matsusho's 35th appearance in the Summer Koshien. This year, they hope to get past the first round.

Standing in their way is Keio, yes that Keio. But it's been 46 years since they've been here. Really? 46 years?

Well, I'm sure it'll be a good game. I like Nagano, so I'm going to root for Matsusho.

Matsusho Gakuen (Nagano)
2B Ohara (4)
SS Okuno (6)
RF Sasaki (9)
1B Yoshizawa (3)
3B Ookubo (5)
LF Nakamura (15)
CF Iryou (13)
C Maruyama (2)
P Hayashi (1)

Keio (Kita Kanagawa)
RF Naitou (9)
3B Fukutomi (5)
2B Yamazaki (4)
1B Suzuki Yuuji (7)
LF Akada (17)
P Tamura (1)
C Suzuki Yousuke (2)
SS Saitou (6)
CF Mizoguchi (8)
1:41 PM
First pitch!

Top 1st
Two outs, and Sasaki gets a single through the left side!

Camera looks at the flags in center, and they seem to be blowing out to left again.

Yoshizawa pops to center, and that's the opening frame for Matsusho.

Bottom 1st
Keio goes in order.

Top 2nd
Leadoff batter Ookubo gets hit to leadoff the inning. He's bunted over. Then with 2 down he steals 3rd!

And his tour of the bases is completed when Maruyama singles up the middle! Ookubo scores, but Maruyama feels like taking an extended run. He's easily put out and 2nd, 8-4, but the run does count and Matsusho takes the early 1-0 lead!

Bottom 2nd
This looks rather familiar. Oh yeah, I saw it in the top of the 2nd! Suzuki Yuuji is hit. He's moved over.

And after a long AB, Tamura throws a curve at me and lines one to center! Yuuji rounds 3rd, but stops! Huh? He slipped a little, was that it?

Runners at the corners then for Saitou. He hits one to right center! Yuuji scores! 1-1!

Mizoguchi with a drive to right center! Here comes the runner express! Tamura scores! Saitou comes all the way from 1st to score! Just like that 3-1 Keio on Mizoguchi's triple!!

Naitou with a hit up the middle! Ohara with the stop, but he falls down! Mizoguchi scores! 4-1 Keio! Fukutomi grounds out, but Keio has certainly done it's damage here in the 2nd!

Top 3rd
Wow, I think I have to switch teams here. Keio's oen-dan reminded me of the Big6 CD I have and Keio's songs. And then back to how impressive Waseda Jitsugyo's oen-dan was back in '06. Seriously, turning around and seeing the ENTIRE oen-dan moving back and forth was a sight to see.

Back to the game, Okuno gets a 2-out single but that's all they can muster that inning.

Bottom 3rd
2-out rally again for Keio! Akada singles to right center, then Tamura singles to right! Some aggressive running by Akada and now there's runners at the corners!

And I want the announcers to stop talking so I can hear the Keio band... :(

Suzuki Yousuke with the comebacker! Off Hayashi! He can't field it! Akada scores from 3rd! 5-1 Keio!

Top 4th
A solitary single by Ookubo for Matsuho in the 4th. Looks like Tamura is doing well holding the Matsusho offense down.

Bottom 4th
Mizoguchi with a sharp hit to left! Ookubo gets a glove on it, but deflects it behind a covering Okuno! Then with one down, Fukutomi singles through the left side!

Matsusho's manager has seen enough and sends in #10 Itou to relieve Hayashi.

But it's not stopping the bleeding. Yamazaki hits a hard shot up the middle, Ohara gets there, but the ball goes off him and into center! Mizoguchi scores! 6-1 Keio!

And Yuuji gets hit by Itou and it's a manrui situation. Agata grounds to Itou. He goes home, that's one. Throw to 1st, not in time! 2 outs, still manrui for Tamura!

But he hits a combacker to Itou, who makes the stop and throws to 1st to end the threat. But Keio has extended their lead by another run.

Top 5th
Maruyama gets his 2nd hit of the game with a single through the right side. And he takes 2nd on a wild pitch. Then Ohara singles to right! Runners at the corners with 1 down!

And Okuno with the sac fly gets a run back for Matsusho! 6-2.

While that's all they can get this inning, at least they're chipping into the deficit.

Bottom 5th
Yousuke gets hit by Itou to lead off the inning. But then Saitou immediately bunts into the 1-6-3 DP. Mizoguchi gets his 3rd base hit for the day, but Naitou ends the inning with a flyout to center.

Top 6th
Nothing to report for Matsusho. One hit batter, but not much else.

Bottom 6th
Same thing for Keio. This time it's Yuuji. And that's his third HBP. Ouch.

Top 7th
2 out, Matsusho starts something. Ohara with a single through the right side. Okuno mirrors one through the left. And Suzuki hits one up the middle!

But Saitou grabs that grounder and does a nice toss to 2nd for the 3rd out! So Matsusho is denied once again.

Bottom 7th
There's a PH for Tamura, #15 Fukuhara. This means that his day is done and #3 Tadano will be coming in to finish the game.

Yousuke gets his 2nd hit, but nothing else that eventful.

8th Inning
As expected, Tadano comes in. The 8th inning comes and goes without much fanfare.

Top 9th
Last AB's for Matsusho barring a major comeback.

And they're going to try if nothing else! New CF Kawaguchi walks. Then Maruyama with a short fly to right. Naitou comes in with the running dive, but he missed and it goes past him! Runners advance to 2nd and 3rd!

But PH Saitou #7, grounds to 1st. Scores one, but that's also one out! 6-3.

Ohara hits a sac fly to left. Maruyama scores, but that's the 2nd out! 6-4.

Now from here on out, it's got to be base hits and walks. Or errors.

Okuno refuses to give up. Behind 1-2, he fouls off 3 straight. The 4th is a liner just foul! Takes one outside, but then swings and misses for the final out.

Matsusho definitely gave it their best effort. But Keio will be advancing to the next round.

Matsusho Gakuen (Nagano)
2B Ohara (4) - 2-5
SS Okuno (6) - 2-4, RBI, K
RF Sasaki (9) - 1-4
1B Yoshizawa (3) - 1-4
3B Ookubo (5) - 1-3, R, BB
LF Nakamura (15) - 0-2, 2 K, 2 BB
CF Iryou (13) - 0-3, K
CF Kawaguchi (8) - 0-0, R, BB
C Maruyama (2) - 3-4, 2B, 2 R, RBI
P Hayashi (1) - 0-1, K
P Itou (10) - 0-2, RBI, K
PH Saitou (9) - 0-1, RBI

Keio (Kita Kanagawa)
RF Naitou (9) - 1-5, K
3B Fukutomi (5) - 1-5, K
2B Yamazaki (4) - 1-5, RBI
1B Suzuki Yuuji (7) - 0-1, 3 BB (HBP)
LF Akada (17) - 1-3, R
P Tamura (1) - 2-3, R
PH Fukuhara (15) - 0-1
P Tadano (3) - No PA
C Suzuki Yousuke (2) - 2-3, K, BB
SS Saitou (6) - 1-4, R, RBI
CF Mizoguchi (8) - 3-4, 3B, 2R, 2 RBI

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