Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 2 - Game 1 - Nichidai Tsurugaoka (Nishi Tokyo) vs. Kagoshima Jitsugyo

First game of the day has Nichidai Tsurugaoka (you have to have a Nichidai team in Koushien, I think that's a written rule or something :P) making only its second appearance, and Kagoshima Jitsugyou making its 16th, but first in 4 years.

Should be an interesting game. Nichidai showed a lot of strength in the prefectural qualifying coming from behind several times, so perhaps they're no pushover to Kagoshima.

Nichidai Tsurugaoka (Nishi Tokyo)
SS Sakata (6)
LF Sakamura (7)
RF Uchinokura (9)
3B Ono (5)
CF Furukawa (8)
C Suzuki (2)
1B Tachihara (11)
P Yamachi (1)
2B Ashisumi (4)

Kagoshima Jitsugyo
RF Nakao (9)
SS Uebou (6)
LF Fukuda (7)
P Iwashita (10)
CF Morita (8)
2B Fukunaga (4)
C Minatozaki (2)
1B Arikawa (13)
3B Tanoshiri (5)
8:31 AM
First Pitch!

Top 1st
Sakai gets ahead in the count 3-1 and lines one to left center for a leadoff double! Sakamura looks to put the bunt down. But Iwashita pitches two low balls and falls behind 2-0. A third, and the count is 3-0. Sakamura should be looking to take here, and does for a strike. But the next pitch isn't close and now there are runners on 1st and 2nd with no out for Uchinokura. Two low balls, and Iwashita can't seem to get the ball in the zone! Finally there's one, and then a fastball right over the plate that Uchinokura takes to center. Manrui!

This looks bad early for Kagoshima, and there's a conference on the mound as ace Matsukubo warms up in the bullpen.

Cleanup batter Ono comes to the plate. He really should look for a walk, but hacks away at the first pitch. Almost does on the 2nd way outside too, but holds off. Iwashita gets the call on the outside corner on the curve and is ahead. Again outside, but it misses, 2-2. And then the count goes full. Iwashita gets one over, but Ono fouls it off.

And it's a chopper to 3rd! Tanoshiri goes home, gets the force and Minatozaki throws to first for the DP! What a break!

But Iwashita plunks Furukawa to load the bases once again. And he falls behind 2-1.

Chopper to 3rd by Suzuki! Tanoshiri bobbles it!! Gets it back, dives for a sliding Uchinokura at 3rd... out!! Out!! The inning is over and Kagoshima Jitsugyou avoids the big inning!

Bottom 1st
Yamachi looks good on the mound. Gives up a one out single to Uebou, and after a sac bunt, ges Iwashita to weakly ground to 1st.

Top 2nd
Uebou makes a fine play in the gap at short with a strong throw to get Tachihara out. But the defense is having to bail out Iwashita again as he plunks Yamachi on the first pitch. But instead of trying to make Iwashita pitch, Ashisumi puts down the sac bunt advancing Yamachi to 2nd with 2 down now.

The lineup does turns over to Sakai. Maybe he can get the timely hit. But no, he flies to right and the inning is over. Kagoshima is very fortunate that Nichidai isn't making him pitch more.

Bottom 2nd
Morita flies out to left, with Fukunaga doing so in foul territory. Minatozaki does the same, but Sakamura leaps and it's off his glove and to the wall for a 2-base error! Almost the hat trick, but not quite. Still, a small opportunity for Kagoshima if Arikawa can get a timely hit.

And it's a grounder to Sakai! He scoops it up, makes the throw...

and it's high!! It's past Tachihara and into foul territory! Minatozaki scores and Kagoshima gets a run on no hits! 1-0

Tanoshiri keeps the inning going with a single to right. Could the error cost them?

There's a conference on the mound, and Nakao comes up.

First pitch driven to left! Sakamura runs back, but it's way past him and to the wall! Bases clearing double for Nakao!!! 3-0

And perhaps Yamachi is pitching scared as he pitches the count full. But he gets Uebou to ground to 2nd to end the inning. The damage is done though, and Nichidai now has to wonder about that great opportunity in the 1st.

Top 3rd
Sakamura singles up the middle to start, and seems to steal 2nd on the K with Uchinokura, but he's called back to first on batter interference. He tries again on the 1-2 pitch to Ono, but is thrown out easily.

Ono grounds to 3rd to end the inning with Nichidai still behind by 3.

Bottom 3rd
After looking solid in the beginning, Yamachi is starting to fall behind batters. And on this hot day, the sweat is already coming down on his face. Cleanup hitter Iwashita looks to bunt, and does 1-4. Runner on 2nd, 2 down for Fukinaga.

First pitch to left center and all the way to the wall! Fukunaga motors for 3rd and is in safely! 4-0 Kagoshima!!

And Oowada (10) goes to the bullpen to warm up for Nichidai.

Meanwhile Minatozaki takes the first pitch to left, but is corraled by Sakamura. Nichidai looks to be in trouble here.

Top 4th
What's worse, Iwasaki is settling down on the mound getting ahead of batters and forcing them to swing away.

Furukawa grounds to 2nd. Suzuki K's, but swings on a pitch in the dirt and reaches 1st on the wild pitch. Tachihara though, takes the first pitch strike and bloops it to center for runners at 1st and 2nd.

Yamachi now has a chance to get that run back. Possibly looking to take advantage of the 1st pitch strike, instead he sees a curve for a strike. Iwasaki is throwing a lot of curves here and gets Yamachi to swing at one out of the zone for another K.

2 down now for Ashisumi. Can he get the timely hit?

Nope. He grounds to 2nd, and another opportunity is left by the wayside.

Bottom 4th
There's a delay for the beginning of this half inning as Suzuki appears to have a bloody nose or something of the sort. He emerges though with tissue in his nose. Perhaps the heat is the cause of it...

Back to the game, Arikawa is up for Kagoshima and chops one to 2nd. And Tanoshiri is plunked to turn the lineup over to Nakao. With a 1-2 count, they put the hit and run on, but Nakao just barely fouls it away. Never mind though, as Nakao lines one past Ono into left for a single.

Uebou is now called upon to put the bunt down, but his first attempt is fouled off. Again, never mind as he sharply hits one through the left side! Tanoshiri heads home as Uchinokura makes a strong throw! But Suzuki is up the line! He gets it, dives for home as Tanoshiri is sliding and just does get his hand on home plate before he's tagged!! 5-0

And with runners at the corners, Fukuda hits a textbook sac fly to right to score Nakao! 6-0.

The pressure continues to be put as Uebou steals 2nd! But Iwashita grounds to 1st to end the inning. Still, Nichidai Tsurugaoka is in a lot of trouble, especially after what seemed to be a promising start.

Top 5th
Nichidai isn't giving up, well at least Sakai isn't. He hits a drive to deep right. Nakao makes a diving attempt, but it's out of his reach! Sakai digs in for 3 and gets in easily! Sakamura then hits a grounder to 2nd and brings him home! 6-1

There's still a ways to go though. Uchinokura works the count full and drives one to deep right center! But this time Nakao has a beat on it and makes the running catch!

Nichidai if nothing else is definitely getting good bat on the ball. Ono fouls the 0-1 pitch foul, but deep in the stands. Probably didn't help that the wind is once again blowing from right to left. But Ono grounds to 3rd to end the inning. Perhaps they can chip away at the lead inning-by-inning.

Bottom 5th
The teams are working a fast pace here given the score. With one down, Fukunaga singles through the right side. Arikawa get a glancing blow off his helmet, and then Arikawa singles through the right side too! Manrui for Tanoshiri!

And then he takes a pitch deep to left. Sakamura is running to the wall. You're kidding, right?

No!! Manrui home run!!! The #9 batter Tanoshiri hits a inside, shoulder-high pitch just around the left field foul pole for a manrui home run!!! It's the 2nd of the tournament, and was it a big one! 10-1

Yamachi gets the next 2 batters out, but
the game seems to be all but lost for Nichidai Tsurugaoka.

Top 6th
Nichidai goes down in order promptly. This could be the white flag from Nichidai.

Bottom 6th
Kagoshima goes down in order. Probably just trying to cruise in with the win now.

Top 7th
Kagoshima begins the substitutions here in the 7th, with Takehara coming in for Fukuda in left.

3 nice plays by the left infield here, and Nichidai quickly turns the offense back over to Kagoshima.

Bottom 7th
Fukunaga grounds one to Ono, but it gets by him in into left for an error. Minatozaki quickly flies to left. And Kagoshima's manager, rightly so, is moving his starters from the game. Matsuo (3) pinch-hits for Arikawa, but pops to 2nd.

That brings up the player of the game, Tanoshiri. Wouldn't you know it, he lines one down the right field line scoring yet another run. 11-1

Nakao then has an extended AB, with Tanoshiri stealing 2nd. On the 8th pitch, he lines up right back at Yamachi's head and into center scoring yet another run. 12-1

Arata (18) comes in to pinch run for Nakao, his day now done. Meanwhile, Uebou then chops one up the 3rd base line, and Ono can't get a grab of it, all safe! Takehara grounds to short to end the inning.

Top 8th
Some defensive changes for Kagoshima. Matsuo stays in and plays 1st. Matsuko replaces the pinch runner Arata and takes over on the mound, while Iwashita moves to right.

Sakamura welcomes him with a bloop single to right. But that's all they get from him this half-inning.

Bottom 8th
Iwashita grounds to 3rd to start the inning. Morita pops one high to 3rd, Ono moves under it, and he makes a last minute move and it's off his glove! E5 again. Then Fukunaga lines the first pitch one down the 1st base line for a double! Minaozaki nits a sharp ball to Ono, and its off him and to Sakai at short. Morita scores, 13-1.

And Matsuo is hit by a pitch. Manrui for Tanoshiri. Again.

And Yamachi it pitching away to Tanoshiri. 3-0.

Oh boy. He hits Tanoshiri and another run scores. 14-1. Maybe it was better that way.

Bottom 9th
Team captain Tamura Yuuho (3) comes in to pinch hit for his first, and probably last, plate appearance. He hits the ball hard, but to Iwashita in left.

Takada (13) then pinch hits for Tachihara and grounds to short.

Yamachi then ends the game with a grounder to 2nd. In the end, Nichidai Tsurugaoka was no match for Kagoshima Jitsugyo. Perhaps they'll make the run Kagoshima Kogyo make 2 years ago...

Nichidai Tsurugaoka (Nishi Tokyo)
SS Sakata (6) - 2-4, 2B, 3B, R
LF Sakamura (7) - 2-3, RBI, BB
RF Uchinokura (9) - 1-4, K
3B Ono (5) - 0-4, K
CF Furukawa (8) - 0-3, BB
C Suzuki (2) - 0-3, K
PH Tamura (3) - 0-1
1B Tachihara (11) - 1-3, K
PH Takada (13) - 0-1
P Yamachi (1) - 0-3, K
2B Ashisumi (4) - 0-2

Kagoshima Jitsugyo
RF Nakao (9) - 3-5, 2B, R, 3 RBI, K
PR Arata (18) - No PA
P Matsukubo (1) - No PA
SS Uebou (6) - 2-5, RBI
LF Fukuda (7) - 0-2, RBI
LF Takehara (16) - 0-1
P-RF Iwashita (10) - 0-4, BB
CF Morita (8) - 0-4, R
PR Fumoto - No PA
2B Fukunaga (4) - 3-5, 2B, 3B, 3R, RBI
C Minatozaki (2) - 1-4, 2R, RBI, BB
1B Arikawa (13) - 1-3, 2R
PH-1B Matsuo (3) - 0-1, BB
3B Tanoshiri (5) - 3-3, GS HR, 4 R, 6 RBI, 2 BB

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