Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 5 - Game 3 - Hita-rin Kogyo (Oita) vs. Osaka Toin (Kita Osaka)

The final match of the day comes as gray clouds fill the skies of Koshien.

Hita-rin Kogyo making it's 4th appearance, and first in 9 years from Oita-ken has the dubious honor of drawing Osaka Toin in the first round.

Hita-rin Kogyo (Oita)
CF Kamachi (8)
SS Nagino (6)
3B Matsuo (5)
P Suetsugi (1)
1B Nogami (3)
LF Yokoo (7)
RF Tachikawa (9)
C Miura (2)
2B Kouda (4)

Osaka Toin (Kita Osaka)
SS Asamura (6)
CF Shimizu (8)
2B Morikawa (4)
1B Hagihara (3)
RF Okumura (9)
LF Fukushima Kouhei (7)
3B Sano (5)
C Ariyama (2)
P Fukushima Yuuto(1)
3:31 PM
First pitch!

Top 1st
Hita-rin goes down in order quickly.

Bottom 1st
Asamura starts off the game with a liner to left! He's moved along by Shimizu.

Then Suetsugi gives up a walk to Morikawa. But comes back with a lineout to center against Hagihara.

Two down now for Okumura. And he takes the 1-0 pitch to center! Asamura scores! 1-0 Toin right off the bat!

The (Fukushima) Kouhei with a drive to deep right center! One hops the wall! Morikawa scores! Okumura behind him comes around. He scores! 3-0 in the 1st inning!

Top 2nd
The cameras point to the skies which have gotten a little darker...

AH! Ariyama opens the 2nd inning with a homerun to left center! 4-0!!

The rain starts to come down, and with a 3-0 count to Yuuto, the umpires call the teams in.

And just after they put the tarp down, it starts pouring.

-----------------------------------3:58PM RAIN DELAY-----------------------------------

-------------------------4:28PM GAME CALLED ----- NO GAME -------------------------

his means that this game doesn't count. The game will be played from the 1st inning tomorrow as game 1. Probably all games will by pushed back by one slot with the final game of Day 7 - Fukuchiyama Seibi (Kyoto) vs. Tokoha Kikugawa (Shizuoka) being pushed to the first game of Day 8.

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