Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 3 - Game 3 - Urasoe Shogyo (Okinawa) vs. Iidzuka (Fukuoka)

Moving right along to the afternoon session, we have two teams from the western reaches of Japan. Urasoe Shogyo from Okinawa - making it's first appearance in 11 years, and Iidzuka from Fukuoka making it's debut.

Urasoe made it to Koshien by defeating the spring champs Okinawa Shogaku. Can Iidzuka make a great showing like Niigata Kenou (minus the last minute loss)?

Urasoe Shogyo (Okinawa)
C Yamashiro (2)
RF Kanna (9)
P Iha (1)
3B Nakama (5)
LF Miyahira (7)
CF Mae (8)
C Touyama Yuuya (2)
2B Kayou (4)
SS Ueji Toshiki (6)

Iidzuka (Fukuoka)
SS Kin (6)
2B Imamura (4)
CF Itou (8)
1B Imashioya (3)
C Matsumoto (2)
P Karashima (1)
RF Taguchi (9)
LF Makimoto (7)
3B Yamashita (5)
Ah yes, the cheers and whistles for Okinawa are loud and clear over the internet feed.

2:15 PM
First pitch!

1st Inning
The first inning goes rather uneventfully for both sides as they go in order. But Itou does open the game by making a great diving catch on Yamashiro's short liner!

Top 2nd
Urasoe goes in order with 2 strikeouts by Karashima. He's looking good early.

Bottom 2nd
Imashioya leads it off with a single to left! But he's caught off 1st by Touyama! The throw isn't good and Imashioya is able to slide safely into 2nd!

Matsumoto promptly bunts him along.

Chance for Karashima! But the 1-1 pitch is lost by Touyama! Imashioya heads home! Throw from Toyama to Iha and...

he's out! Nice recovery by the battery for Urasoe! 2 down, bases empty!

Karashima then grounds to 3rd. Nakama with the running throw, and it's high! E5 puts a runner back on base! Taguchi though grounds to short and that ends the inning!

Top 3rd
Touyama Yuuya strikes out for Karashima's 3rd consecutive K. Kayou grounds to 2nd, but it's through Imamura into center! E4.

Then Ueji Toshiki puts down the safety bunt! Yamashita has to hurry, and he makes the fine play!

Ah! Yamashiro singles through the left side! Kayou heading home, and he scores! 1-0 Urasoe!

Kanna with the popup to shallow left center. Kin, Makimoto and Itou all converge, but it drops in! Runners at the corners for Iha!

And he singles through the left side! Yamashiro scores! 2-0!

Nakama strikes out to end the inning, but the error proves costly as 2 come in to score!

Bottom 3rd
Makimoto reaches on an error by Ueji. Yamashita tries to put the bunt down, but Iha instead makes the play at 2nd!

Then trying to force the issue, Yamashita tries to steal 2nd, but is thrown out!

That basically kills Iidzuka's rally for the inning.

Top 4th
Miyahira starts by grounding to Yamashita. He makes a fine stop, but his throw is off line! Miyahira advances to 2nd! Mae moves him along to 3rd, and another opportunity for Urasoe!

And they try the squeeze! Touyama can't get it! Miyahira is caught and rundown! 2 outs!

Touyama strikes out, and that's the inning.

Bottom 4th
With one down, Imashioya singles off of Iha. Matsumoto then singles through the left side. Great opportunity for Iidzuka!

That gets wiped out by a 4-6-3 DP...

Top 5th
One down, last batter Ueji Toshiki drives one to deep right, and he motors for a triple! Another scoring opportunity for Urasoe!

And Yamashiro puts down the suicide squeeze perfectly! Ueji scores and it's 3-0 Urasoe!

Then Kanna starts the process all over again with a triple also to right!

Iha with a hit up the middle scores Kanna and it's 4-0!

Nakama walks, and the game seems to be slipping away with each batter.

Miyahira steps up to the plate now. He pops to 3rd, but Urasoe has extended their lead.

Bottom 5th
Again Iidzuka gets a one out single by Makimoto. And once again, it's wiped out by a 4-6-3 DP...

Top 6th
Mae leads off the inning with a 4 pitch walk. Touyama bunts him along.

But the first pitch to Kayou is in the dirt! Mae heads for 3rd, but the ball didn't go far! Matsumoto picks it up and makes the easy throw to 3rd for the out.

Bottom 6th
Iha continues with good pitching retiring the side in order.

Top 7th
Ueji works the count full and draws the leadoff walk.

Yamashiro then singles through the left side! Makimoto boots the ball and Ueji advances to 3rd!

And Kanna walks to load the bases... oy.

Iha with the first pitch to center! Ueji scores! Yamashiro comes around, Itou with the throw, and Yamashiro's out at home! Still, Urasoe extends their lead to 5-0.

And Miyahira with the scorcher to center! Itou leaps, but it's past him! Everyone runs around the bases and Miyahira comes through with the bases clearing triple! 7-0.

Mae pops out to Matsumoto, but you can probably start wrapping this game up as Urasoe has blown the game wide open.

Bottom 7th
Matsumoto gets a one out double, but again they're unable to push him home.

Top 8th
Urasoe continues its onslaught. With one down, #18 Touyama Kazuma (PH for Kayou) hits a dribbler down the 3rd base line and beats out the throw. He's replaced by #12 Nitta.

Then Ueji puts the safety bunt down the first base line and reaches safely!

A wild pitch advances both into scoring position!

But that's as far as they get. Yamashiro pops to 3rd, and Kanna strikes out.

Bottom 8th
Nitta remains in the game at 2nd.

Nothing else changes though. Iidzuka goes down in order in the 8th

9th Inning
For Iidzuka Karashima's day is done as #10 Takeda goes to the mound. Taguchi goes to left while #17 Okamoto goes to right.

Takeda only gives up a walk, but nothing else.

And Iidzuka goes quitely in the 9th. Urasoe with a great performance advances with the 7-0 victory.

Urasoe Shogyo (Okinawa)
C Yamashiro (2) - 2-4, 2 R, RBI
RF Kanna (9) - 2-4, 3B, R, K, BB
P Iha (1) - 3-5, R, 3 RBI
3B Nakama (5) - 0-4, K, BB
LF Miyahira (7) - 1-4, 3B, K
LF Nakazato (14) - 0-0, BB
CF Mae (8) - 0-4, K, BB
C Touyama Yuuya (2) - 0-3, 2 K
2B Kayou (4) - 0-3, R
PH Touyama Kazuki (18) - 1-1
PR-2B Nitta (12) - No PA
SS Ueji Tohshiki (6) - 2-3, 3B, 2R, BB

Iidzuka (Fukuoka)
SS Kin (6)
2B Imamura (4)
CF Itou (8)
1B Imashioya (3)
C Matsumoto (2)
P Karashima (1)
RF Taguchi (9)
LF Makimoto (7)
3B Yamashita (5)


Okposo Island said...

Do you plan on going to any Koshien games this year? I see you've been in the past.

--Ken D.

Goro Shigeno said...

No, no money, no time. Deanna has a better chance of going than me right now.

Okposo Island said...

Sorry to hear that. BTW, I was under the impression that to sit in the OF bleachers was free. Am I mistaken?

Of course it's like 35 degrees out there...

Goro Shigeno said...

I think there's a small fee for the OF bleachers, something like 500 yen. I never sat out there, closest was sitting in the oen-dans.

Okposo Island said...

Looks like we can pencil in Urasho...

Goro Shigeno said...

Pretty much. They didn't beat Okinawa Sho for nothing