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Day 2 - Game 2 - Jyohoku (Kumamoto) vs. Miyazaki Shogyo

Game 2 is an all Kyushu affair with Jyohoku facing Miyazaki Shogyo. Both haven't been here in a while with Jyohoku not coming to the summer Koshien in 13 years (although they did have a cup of tea in the Spring Koshien this year), and Miyazaki Shogyo not being here in 39 years!

I hate to see one of the underdogs forced to leave here, but the game must go on.

Jyohoku (Kumamoto)
Tsuru (6)
Shimokawa (4)
Furushou Seiji (2)
Yamazaki (9)
Hara (5)
Fukuhara (3)
Murakata (1)
Kashimoto (13)
Oka (8)

Miyazaki Shogyo
Kawakami (6)
Sasaki (9)
Ikeda (5)
Matsumoto (3)
Kokubo (7)
Akagawa (1)
Nagata (2)
Shintome (4)
Ooshima (8)
11:15 AM
First Pitch!

Top 1st
Akagawa looks good to start, getting Tsuru to ground to first and then striking out the next 2 batters.

Bottom 1st
Murakata starts off well too, taking down Miyazaki Shogyo in order.

Top 2nd
Yamazaki is able to draw a walk, but it takes 2 batters to get a runner on 2nd as Hara bunts it right to Akagawa who makes the play at 2nd. Murakata grounds sharply to 1st to end the inning.

Bottom 2nd
Jyouhoku returns the favor by allowing a leadoff walk to Matsumoto. And just like the top half of the inning, Kokubo's bunt is right at Murakata and he makes the play at 2nd. But this time Akagawa is swinging away instead of bunting. It's the same effect as Akagawa strikes out, and Kokubo steals 2nd. And Nagata grounds to 2nd to end that. Could be a pitcher's duel/scrappy offenses here at work.

Top 3rd
The TV points out to the flags in center, and once again, they are blowing right to left.

And before I could finish my clam chowder, it's a quick 1-2-3 inning for Jyouhoku.

Bottom 3rd
We have our first hit of the game! Shindome singles up the middle for Miyazaki. Ooshima then does an unsual push-pop bunt to move him over.

And Shindome runs from 2nd on a hit and run! Kawakami lines one up the middle!! Shindome rounds 3rd for home, the throw from Oka is good... and he's safe! The hit-and-run from 2nd works! 1-0

Sasaki follows that up with a single to right! Runners at the corners!

And Ikeda hits a high chopper! Hara has to make a quick throw to get Ikeda out at first, but Kawakami scores! 2-0

And then Matsumoto drives one all the way to the right field wall for a double, scoring yet another run! Looks like Miyazaki is getting a good read on the ball! 3-0

And Kokubo takes the first pitch to center, but it's caught by Oka. However, Miyazaki strikes first with 3 here in the 3rd!

Top 4th
Jyohoku gets its first hit with one out as Furushou singles up the middle. He steals 2nd and advances to 3rd on Yamazaki's pop fly. Then Akagawa hits Hara! Small chance here for Jyohoku!

But Fukuhara flies to left, and the chance is lost.

Bottom 4th
One down, Nagata takes a high pitch to deep center and one hops the wall for a double! Shindome bunts him over to 3rd for Ooshima.

However, he grounds to 2nd and Nagata is stranded.

Top 5th
This game is speeding along faster than the first as we approach the mid-point.

And the high tempo of the pitchers continues. Murakata strikes out, but Kashimoto hits one off the 3rd baseman and into foul territory! Kokubo slides to trap it against the wall, but Kashimoto gets a double!

Oka looks to put down the bunt, but pops it up! Nagata runs to his left and make the fine diving catch! 2 out!

But Tsuru delivers! He reaches out and bloops the ball to center! Kashimoto scores from 2nd! Jyouhoku is on the board! 3-1!

Shimokawa grounds one up the middle. Shindome with the great stop, but his toss from the ground is high! All safe!!

Furushou then gets ahead on Akagawa 3-0! Ball 4! Manrui! Big chance for Jyohoku to tie this game up!

Conference on the mound as 2nd year cleanup batter Yamazaki comes to bat. Can he deliver?

Fastball inside corner, 0-1. Off speed outside, 1-1. Fastball inside, 2-1. Ah! He can't check his swing! 2-2. Dead ball? No, off the bat, still 2-2. Fastball down and away, just misses! 3-2! And?

Chopper just foul! Phew. Next pitch?

Grounder to short! Throw to first is good and Akagawa gets out of the jam!

Bottom 5th
Kawakami hits a shot down the 1st base line all the way to the wall! Yamazaki has issues with the ball, and he goes all the way to 3rd!

(Having connection troubles again, trying to catch up.)

So apparently, what I missed was a shot through the right side by Sasaki for a double, scoring Kawakami! 4-1.

Back to live watching, Ikeda lines one to left for runners at the corners! Matsumoto then shoots one through the left side to score Sasaki! 5-1

After a sac bunt by Kokubo, its up to Akagawa. He grounds to 2nd, Shimokawa checks the runner before going to 1st. But Matsumoto was inexplicably running to 3rd! Furukawa throws to Tsuru who runs down Matsumoto to 3rd where both runners are standing and makes the tag for the final out. But Miyazaki Shogyo extends their lead.

Top 6th
Hara leads off the inning with a single through the left side. But he's stranded there as the next 3 battera are retired.

Bottom 6th
Jyohoku makes a pitching change as Murakata moves to left, and Furushou (11) takes over on the mound.

Shindome gets a one out double over Murakata's head!
Ooshima grounds to 3rd, Hara checks the runner and throws to first. But Shindome goes anyways! The throw back to Tsuru covering, and he's out! Double play!

Top 7th
Jyohoku goes quitely in the 7th, perhaps sensing the end.

Bottom 7th
Miyazaki seems to be doing the same, with Kawakami and Sasaki getting quick outs. But Ikeda singles up the middle, and Matsumoto follows that up with a liner down the 3rd base line for a double!

Kokubo has a chance to really open this games up. He lines one to righ! Ikeda scores, Matsumoto rounds 3rd, he's going home! Throw from Yamazaki is on the mark and they easily get him at home. But one more run scores and it's now 6-1.

Top 8th
A 1-2-3 inning for Akagawa. Time is running out for Jyohoku.

Bottom 8th
Akagawa single to right. Nagata puts the bunt down, Furushou throws to 2nd but it's high! All safe! Shindome sac bunts the runners along for Ooshima.

First pitch squeeze! But the pitch is wild and Akagawa walks home! 7-1!

Second pitch squeeze! This time Furushou gets the ball and runs down Nagata for the out!

Ooshima flies to left center, and we're down to the final 3 outs.

Top 9th
#10 Satou enters the game for Matsumoto and goes to the mound. Akagawa moves to 1st. #18 Kawazoe goes to right, while #11 Kuroki goes to 2nd.

Furukawa flies out to center. #15 Aramaki pinch hits for Murakata and pops to left. And finally, #14 Kakuyama grounds to short to end the game.

Miyazaki Shogyo easily advances to the 2nd round, while Jyohoku is once again eliminated in the opening game.


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