Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day 1, Game 1 - Kagoshima Jitsugyou (Kagoshima) v Hokkai (Minami Hokkaido)

Sorry for the abrupt intro, but I got out of work late, and work has been busy with quarter-end close. This will be a little behind, you can check the twitter for quick updates.

Kagoshima Jitsugyou (Kagoshima)
1B Arimura Kenta
CF Andou Masayuki
RF Muroya Tarou
3B Wataya Itsuki
C Tsukiji Rui
2B Itagoi Yuka
LF Oitachi Yuuki (#17)
SS Hasebe Daiki
P Hashimoto Takumi

Hokkai (Minami Hokkaido)
CF Kakinuma Kazuki (#9)
C Watanabe Shouta
3B Tanno Ryousuke
LF Kamanaka Junpei
1B Satou Yuuki
2B Ooya Masayuki
P Yamamoto Itsuki (#8)
RF Kanno Ryousuke (#18)
SS Nagasawa Kentarou


10:37 - First Pitch!

Top 1st
It was a rough start for relief starter Yamamoto. First pitch perhaps wanting to get it over and Arimura singles to right. Next up was a walk, and a sac bunt.

Worse yet, 2 wild pitches brought both runs in making it 2-0. After that he got the next 2 out to end the inning, but it is an ominous start to say the least. Not to mention ace Watanabe Kairi was warming up.

Bottom 1st
Now that's the fight I'd like to see! One out single by Shouta up the middle is paid off by Tanno as he doubles off the left center field wall and its 2-1!

Top 2nd
Yamamoto has a simple slider curve combo, but at least can get up to 140 with the fastball. In fact he strikes out the side, including Oitachi who regretted chasing a ball at the eyes.

Bottom 2nd
Ooya with a leadoff single to the right side and bunted over.

Kanno hits a ball up the middle, but Hasebe runs it down! Spins, throws to 1st and gets the out and saves a run! Ooya is able to advance to 3rd, but Nagasawa weakly grounds to 2nd to end the inning.

Top 3rd
One out single past a diving Nagasawa and Arimura already has 2 hits. If there is a weakness of Yamamoto it's his lack of control at times. And it shows when he goes up and in and hits Andou almost in the head.

A hard ball to 1st almost goes for a hit when Satou can't field it cleanly. But when Wataya singles through the left side scoring 2, making it 4-1 it's not good for Hokkai at all.

When Tsukiji bloops one just out of the reach of Ooya, you get the feeling it's not their day.

Speaking of day, Yamamoto's day on the mound is over after he walks the next batter on 4 straight. Ace Watanabe Kairi comes in. He throws just as hard, and perhaps a little more control. Does get the last out though, but Hokkai's prospects do not look good now.

Bottom 3rd
#7 Mogami Jyunya comes in for Oitachi to play left.

I've counted Hokkai out early twice just because they don't generally show offense and the pitching is giving up runs left and right. But then Kamanaka hits a 2-out 2-run HR to right center and we've got a ball game again at 4-3. At this point neither side's pitching looks strong and it'll boil down to which team can take advantage the most.

Top 4th
Hokkai's pitching just can't keep them in the game. Leadoff walk, bunt, ANOTHER wild pitch. And Arimura collects his 3rd hit to make it 5-3.

Kairi gets the next two batters out, but this game is ugly.

Bottom 4th
Really quick inning for Hokkai. If the top of the lineup is the only part producing, it's going to be a long game for them.

Top 5th
I finally feel settled down. But the game has decided to end early. No, no rain, just a ton of runs. Hokkai's pitching craters here and what was a 5-3 game has gone double digits.


14 batters, 10 runs. 15-3 and there won't be much to say the rest of the game.

Bottom 5th
Other than to show how bad the game is ace Watanabe hits a batter with 2 out. UP 12. Tanno gets a run in with a double to right center making it 15-4.

Bottom 6th
Hokkai sending #13 Takahoko to hit for Satou. Subs perhaps being worked in so they can play on field.

Also, Hashimoto is mercifully relieved after throwing ball 4 to the backstop w/one down. Arimura comes in from 1B to take hill. Mashimoto goes to LF, and #10 Shibata takes over at 1B.

And on and on...
There isn't much else to say. Kajitsu not really trying adding on, but are swinging away and pounding the ball, add more runs in 8th as Arimura goes 4-5 with yet another single. They're even stealing bases maybe getting work in, and maybe hoping perhaps they can get outs that way to shorten game.

Also, Takahoko makes a great diving stop for the 3rd out after Kajitsu scored 3 more. Then collects a base hit in bottom of inning.  Good for him in this blowout.

Game finally ends in 2 hrs 43 minutes at 18-4. Kajitsu moves on but for how much longer is not certain.

Some of Hokkai's players are crying as they scoop their Koushien dirt. It was a blowout, but it was their blowout. They did earn the right to be here, even if the score doesn't indicate as such. You can only do what you can do to get here, so for winning Minami Hokkaido congratulations are in order. But their summer is over, and focus will turn to making it for senbatsu next year.

Kajitsu advance yes, but there are obvious issues. They'd better hope not to draw Sakushin Gakuin.

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