Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 7, Game 3 - Sakushin Gakuin (Tochigi) v Ueda Nishi (Nagano)

And now the final team to take the field, the ever present Sakushin Gakuin. Now, they weren't really tested in the prefecturals with their only key opponent being Bunsei Geidai Fuzoku (that of the gyakuten v Kanzei fame). Other than that, the team batted a crushing 0.372.

Ueda Nishi drawing this team was unfortunate. Despite the 3-0 win over Miyazaki Nichidai there was little in that game that suggested that they would be able to hang with Sakushin Gakuin.

I really like Ueda Nishi for some non-reasonable reason, but I cannot imagine them going any farther than here.

Sakushin Gakuin (Tochigi)
LF Akagi Rikuya
3B Fujino Yuusuke(#16)
SS Soeda Shinkai
1B Asayama Hirokazu
RF Kobayashi Koutarou
CF Oohashi Kazuki
2B Kurosaki Kento (#5)
C Yokoo Nobumoto
P Kurai Yuusuke

Ueda Nishi (Nagano)
SS Kouno Seiya
2B Saitou Takashi
1B Mitsui Shuuhei
3B Ooyabu Shouya
CF Matsumoto Daisuke
LF Nishizawa Daisuke(#16)
C Noguchi Masahi
P Kusagai Kouki
RF Sekiguchi Daisuke


12:45 - First Pitch!

1st Inning
Well, Ueda Nishi ace Kusagai not intimidated early, does yield a 2-out single to Soeda, but nothing more.

Offensively, they get a walk from Saitou and he's able to steal 2nd, but neither Mitsui or Ooyabu can get a base hit.

Top 2nd
2 down and Kurosaki hits a ball to shallow left center, and drops in front of Matsumoto for a base hit!

Yokoo with a single to right! Kurosaki coming home and he will score! Sakushin Gakuin with the first strike at 1-0!

Top 3rd
More pressure from Sakushin Gakuin. Leadoff single from Araki eventually moves to 3rd at the cost of an out a base.

Doesn't matter though as after a walk Kobayashi singles to right easily scoring the run making it 2-0.

Bottom 4th
Mitsui with a leadoff single to right. Now one down, Matsumoto singles through the right side.

Wild pitch! Douten runner moves into scoring position!

Nishizawa fly to right, and that'll bring one run in. 2-1.

Noguchi singles to right! That brings in Matsumoto and we're tied at 2-2!

Top 5th
Sakushin Gakuin already on the counterattack!

Araki singles, Fujino's shot to the left side goes off Kouno and into foul territory! By the time they retrieve it it's runners at 2nd and 3rd!

Soeda pays it off! He singles to left and that'll score both runs! Sakushin Gakuin re-establishes the 2-run lead at 4-2.

Kusagai prevents any further damage, but they're back to where they started....

Eventually we hit the break with Sakushin holding the advantage. Ueda Nishi is digging in better than I thought, but they still seem behind the proverbial 8-ball.

Bottom 6th
Matsumoto tries to get his team back in the game with a 2-out double, but Nishizawa flies out to end the inning.

Top 7th
#17 Satou Takao comes in to hit for Kurai as his day is now officially done.

He joins the hit parade with a grounder to deep short, beating out the throw!

Now he takes out for 2nd! Throw in, not in time!

Araki makes it a no-doubter with a gapper to right center! It'll go for a triple and it's 5-2.

That'll be the end of the day too for Kusagai. #11 Yanagisawa comes in to pitch.

And promptly hits Fujino to start his stint.

Soeda gaps one to left center and that'll go for a triple and 2 more runs to make it 7-2.

Asayama singles to left and makes it 8-2, and this game is well and over with still no outs.

Final damage, 9-2.

Rest of game
Ueda Nishi works to make it respectable, scores a pair of runs in 8th to make it 9-4. Eventually the score settles to 10-6.

Ueda Nishi finds their bats much too late to make a comeback, but do show holes in Sakushin Gakuin's pitching depth.

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