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Day 8, Game 3 - Osaka Kaisei (Osaka) v Kyushu Kokusaidai Fuzoku (Fukuoka)

This should be an interesting game. Osaka Kaisei, the giant killer, gets to face a team that gained prominence when famed Tohoku kantoku Wakou moved to build their program.

Osaka Kaisei's game was one of stops and starts. It was the only game so far delayed due to rain, and the team, while it had its base hits, couldn't put runs on the board until the game reached enchousen. But, given their record this year it's clear this team will fight until the bitter end.

Osaka Kaisei (Osaka)
CF Himeno Yuuya
3B Toshima Hiroyoshi
2B Nishioka Yamato
C Tabata Takumi
1B Kishi Raidai
LF Fukuda Takeshi
RF Hamaguchi Naoya
P Mitsuda Yuuya
SS Matoba Yuuto

Kyushu Kokusaidai Fuzoku (Fukuoka)
SS Yoshii Kouhei
CF Yamaguchi Youhei
C Iwasaki Kaito
3B Yamamoto Musashi
LF Wakisaka Ryuuji
1B Uto Sou
2B Kameya Shouhei
RF Nakayama Tatasuhide
P Nogi Kaito (#11)


13:20 - First Pitch!

Top 1st
The siren hasn't stopped blaring and the ball is in left field. Toshima bunts the runner over.

Nishoka gets hit and already Kyukoku in trouble.

But Tabata pops out to Kameya and he's almost out of the jam.

Kishi grounder to left side! Just out of the reach of Yamamoto! Nakayama fires home as Himeno is waved around!  He's safe! Osaka Kaisei is on the board!

SQUEEZE!  Fukuda lays down the bunt! Yamamoto charging, throws... SAFE!!! Nishioka scores and now they're up 2-0!!

Hamaguchi flies out, but quickly Osaka Kaisei is off and running!

Bottom 1st
Meanwhile, it's a quick 1-2-3 inning for Kyukoku as perhaps Mitsuda would like to get back on the bats.

Top 2nd
Mitsuda ball to deep left! Wakisaka chasing it to fence, but can't get there! It falls in fair for a double!

Bunt from Matoba and Nogi fires to 3rd, but Yamamoto muffs the throw! All safe, and Osaka Kaisei threatens again!

Ah, but Himeno fouls out...

And now Toshima tries the squeeze but it's back to Nogi who tosses home for the easy out.

Nogi saves the inning by snagging a hot comebacker up the middle and throwing to 1st for the 3rd out. No runs, but Kyukoku under constant pressure.

Bottom 2nd
Yamamoto tries to get one back all by himself! It's deep to left, but Fukuda has space to get it.

Wakisaka going after the first pitch and he grounds to 3rd.

Uto with a harmless fly to left and it's another clean inning.

Top 3rd
One down and Nogi hits Kishi.

And then hits Fukuda!

And gives up a deep drive to Hamaguchi! It lands at the base of the wall and both hit batters score on the double!! It's 4-0!

As well as the end of Nogi. #10 Nakamura enters the game.

Nakamura gets the final 2 outs thanks to an assist by Uto who tumbles into the camera well.

Bottom 3rd
Kyukoku finally gets some sembalance of offense when Nakayama punishes a mistake from Mitsuda to the wall in right center.

Mitsuda then walks last batter Nakamura and there's some life there.

Yoshii with a blooper to left... and it lands in no-man's land! Everyone's safe and it's manrui approaching the heart of the lineup!

Yamaguchi ball to center, and that brings in 1.


Did Mitsuda hang one?

Himeno to the wall, climbs the wall!!


And just like that we're all tied!!

Iwasaki with one swings makes it 4-4! Osaka Kaisei has to start all over again!

YAMAMOTO WITH A DRIVE TO CENTER!!! Iwasaki going back, going back!!!

And there's room for the catch. 3 out. But we have a new ballgame!

Top 4th
One down and Toshima hits a ball to shallow center. Yamaguchi charging in, but the ball bounces by him! Nakayama is backing up, but it'll be a double.

But Nishioka pops out, and while Tabata makes good contact, Yamaguchi doesn't have to go far for the 3rd out.

Bottom 4th
Kyukoku gets a leadoff base hit from Wakisaka and is bunted over.

A chance to take the lead but Kameya flies out to left.


And Nakayama, who had the double earlier goes down in 3 pitches with the final one painting the outside corner!

Top 5th
Kishi gest a break when his grounder to short takes an irregular bounce and gets past Yoshii.

Fukuda tries to but the runner off, but Yamamoto goes to 2nd and just cuts down the lead runner.

2 down now and Mitsuda trying to help his own cause with a single to right, but Matoba's screamer to 1st is blocked by Uto who goes to the bag for the 3rd ou.

Bottom 5th
More problems for Osaka Kaisei as PH Onaka (who is hitting for Nakamura, which means the ace is coming in) gets a 4 pitch walk.

Yoshii single up the middle!  Onaka to 3rd and Osaka Kaisei in a big pinch with no out.

Yamaguchi once again does his job. Drives a ball to deep right! Hamaguchi makes the catch right at the fence and Onaka can walk in for a 5-4 lead for Kyukoku!

Iwasaki with a ball back up the middle and through for a base hit. The barrage continues as Mitsuda tries to mitigate the damage.

Nope! Yamamoto drive to left!  Fukuda going to the wall.. but turns around as the ball goes out for a 2nd 3-run HR as now they take an 8-4 lead!

Wakisaka drive to left center!  Himeno going back to the wall.. can't make the catch! That'll go down for a double and Kyukoku is looking to pour it on here before the break.

Finally Mitsuda gets the last 2 outs, but at 8-4 that grittiness I though I saw during the Osaka taikai will be severely tested now.

Top 6th
Osaka Kaisei trying to work their way back, but it's against the ace Toyama. Toshima gets his 2nd hit of the game with one down.

2 down, Tabata with a grounder to the right side, just under the glove of Yoshii for a base hit!

And now Kishi with a base hit to center! Toshima is coming home, but Yamaguchi can't pick the ball! He has to double back and the run can safely score! 8-5.

Fukuda draws a walk and it's manrui! But there's still a ways to go.

WHAT???!!  Toyama walks Hamaguchi and that makes it 8-6!!


2 runs do score and I can't believe it, it's 8-8!!!!!

Bottom 6th
Spurned with the new life, Mitsuda makes quick work of the 8-9-1 batters and give his guys a chance to run with the momentum they've gained.

Top 7th
Himeno hits  ball to left. Wakisaka going back, going back to the wall... HE LOOKS UP!!!


The ball just clears the fence and Himeno has given Osaka Kaisei the lead again!! IT'S 9-8!!!

Toyama gets the last 2 outs, but Osaka Kaisei has come all the way back!

Bottom 7th
Mitsuda mowing through the Kyukoku batters now.




Yamamoto has his 2nd HR of the game and this one to dead center tying the game at 9-9!!!!!

Wakisaka tries to make it 10-9, but skies it instead to Himeno in center for the 3rd out.

Top 8th
One down for Osaka Kaisei and Kishi hits a ball down the right field line... FAIR!!  Kishi books it to 2nd and they're in business once again!

They're going for broke now as Kishi, 4-4 on the day is run for by #14 Noguchi.

Now Fukuda is hit! 2 runners on.

Now it's a hit and run! But Hamaguchi lines right to Nakayama! The runners are dead meat and the inning is over?

Did Yamamoto-kantoku do too much?

Bottom 8th
Mitsuda doing everything he can, striking out Uto looking and a quick groundout from Kameya.

Weak groundout to 2nd from Nakayama and we head to the 9th inning where everything is in play!!

Top 9th
Perfect guy to lead off for Osaka Kaisei in Mitsuda.

And what do you know, it's a base hit to left!!!

Matoba lays down the bunt and Kusuki-kantoku calls for time.

Himeno with a grounder right to 3rd! Yamamoto holds the runner and throws to 1st for the 2nd out!

And Toyama gets Tosaki to ground to 3rd! Yamamoto gathers it in, throws to 1st.. and it's 3 out! Now Mitsuda will have to play for enchousen, and it would be guaranteed he'd have to face Yamammoto again!!

Bottom 9th
Grounder to 1st by Toyama...  New 1B Kinoshita bobbles the ball! Toss to 1st is too late!

AHHHHHH!! Now it's a wild pitch from Mitsuda and the sayonara run goes to 2nd! Yamamoto-kantoku calls time.

Bunt for Yoshii... Kinoshita crashink looks to 3rd... but has to flip around and turns to 1st for the out. One down sayonara run 90 feet away.

And you can't walk the next 2 batters because that brings up Yamamoto! They need one out so they can put him on!


It won't even get to Yamamoto. Yamaguchi singles up the middle and the game is over. Kyushu Kokusaidai Fuokzu walks off Osaka Kaisei 10-9.

I'm taking a break...

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