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Day 12, Quarterfinal 2 - Hanasaki Tokuharu (Saitama) v Toukaidai Sagami (Kanagawa)

Of all the teams I dislike in these matchups, Toukaidai Sagami probably is the one that I hate the least. They never really eliminated any of my favorite teams, and heck, they're not Yokohama.

And I didn't have anything against Hifumi Shinta. There were reports that he changes his delivery because he had hit someone in the head and didn't want that to happen again. Of course it meant he hit more people, but it worked.

I guess at this point they've had their title. Give Hanasaki Tokuharu and a oddly beleaguered Saitama prefecture a title.

The problem is that after annihilating Misawa Shougyou, they survived a 1-0 game over Tsuruoka Higashi managing just 6 hits. If that's is what they do against that team, then they'll have a tough time playing Toukaidai Sagami.

Toukaidai Sagami has not been challenged at all so far. Not that they've faced a team that could have presented a challenge (Sorry Seikou Gakuin and Yuugakukan, it's kind of the truth). But because of the competition there is little to gauge on other than the game on the jersey. Yet that might be anough for a school who can garner some of the best talent.

Hanasaki Tokuharu (Saitama)
LF Kuguu Ryuuya
2B Oota Kousei
SS Okazaki Daisuke
CF Ootaki Aito
RF Satomi Haruki
3B Kusumoto Kouki (#15)
C Sasaya Takumi
P Kamakura Tomoya
1B Kamimura Kouta

Toukaidai Sagami (Kanagawa)
2B Chino Keijirou
CF Miyaji Kyouhei
SS Sugisaki Shigeki
RF Toyoda Hiroshi
1B Isoami Eito
C Nagakura Ren
LF Takeuchi Daiki
3B Kawaji Seitarou
P Yoshida Ryou (#11)


10:23 - First pitch!

1st Inning
Yoshida on fire to start, striking out both Kuguu and Oota to start. Gives up a soft single to left, but gets out of the inning thereafter.

Kamakura about the same, gets a K and two weak groundouts to 2nd.

Top 2nd
Satomi reaches down and golfs a ball to left for a leadoff single. Kusumoto tries to lay down the butn, but Nagakura is quickly on the ball and fires to 2nd, just getting Satomi.

So Satomi makes up for it by stealing 2nd on the very next pitch!

Sasaya can't do much more than to move him to 3rd, but Yoshida strikes out Kamakura as he lunges for a ball on the outer half.

Bottom 2nd
Toyoda with a blast to right! Satomi headed towards the foul pole, leaps... and makes the catch right before the wall!

Isoami with a ball to right center, gets down for a single. He then tries to steal 2nd, but is thrown out by a strong throw from Sasaya.

Which is a shame because on the next pitch Nagakura goes down the right field line for a double.

And now Takeuchi singles to left! Nagakura scores as Takeuchi takes 2nd on the throw! 1-0 Toukaidai Sagami!

Top 3rd
Yoshida about to cruise through a 1-2-3 inning, but then with two down Oota bloops one in front of Toyoda, which would have still gone for a single had not Miyaji flubbed in his backup. Toyoda as a result of that goes all the way to 3rd.

And Okazaki gets his bat down, on a 3-2 pitch no less, and lines it to center! Toyoda scores and we're all tied at 1-1!

Now they're pressing the action! Okazaki goes for 2nd and he steals the bag!

And now Ootaki with a ball down the right field line.. fair!! Okazaki comes around and he scores!! Hanasaki Tokuharu answers big and takes the 2-1 lead!'

Top 4th
Kameya with a ball past Kawaji and into left! And Kameya books ito to 2nd! Kamkura moves him to 3rd.

AH!!  A wild pitch from Yoshida! Kameya can come home and it's 3-1!

Hanasaki Tokuharu on the attach! Kamimura singles to left!

And now it's the hit-and-run! Kuguu hits it through the open left side and it's runners at 1st and 2nd!

That'll be it for Yoshida, Ace Ogasawara comes in to relieve him.

And first pitch he gets Oota to ground right to the bag at 3rd.

Bottom 4th
Sugisaki starts with a single back up the middle and is moved to 2nd.

Isoami gets a hold of one and drives it to deep center! It goes over Ootaki and that will score Sugisaki to make it a 1-run ballgame! 3-2!

Break for Hanasaki Tokuharu! Kamakura is able to field Nagakura's comebacker and he has Isoami in a pickle! He's run down and there's 2 outs! Takeuchi is retired thereafter and the side is retired!

Bottom 5th
Momentum seems to be shifting to Toukaidai Sagami now. Kawaji walks, but while Ogasawara can't bunt the runner over, Chino singles to left! Now the gyakuten runner is on base, and now #18 Takahashi enters the game for Kamakura!

Contact play! Kawaji comes home, but Miyaji hits it right to Kusumoto! He goes home and Kawaji is out! 2 down!

Sugisaki with a slow bounder back up the middle! Okazaki gets to it, but the throw to 1st isn't in time! Manrui for Sagami!

Did I forget that Takahashi can hit 145? He's pulling it out in trying to get Toyoda out.


Wow!! Takahashi blows a fastball by him for strike 3!! He comes in relief and holds the lead for Hanasaki Tokuharu!

6th Inning
Despite the break Hanasaki Tokuharu is unable to get any momentum.

So Toukaidai Sagami continues to ratchet up the pressure.

Isoami a drive to center! Ootaki running back... leaps... AND MAKES THE CATCH!

Ootaki selling out on that play and gets rewarded!

Now Nagakura with a ball down the right field line... Oota dives this time... but he can't get to it! Nagakura at 2nd with a double and Toukaidai is in business!

Takeuchi singles to left! Nagakura has to hold at 3rd, but the offense is starting to roll now!

Kawaji without a hit, but behind 0-2 he continues to spoil pitches.

He puts it in play, but it's right to Kusumoto again! They throw home once more and Nagakura is out!! 2 down!


Takahashi gets Ogasawara swinging and Hansaki Tokuharu escapes again!!

Bottom 7th
Toukaidai Sagami is running out of time, and they may be running out of momentum.

Chino with a groundball up the 1st base line that stays fair.

Miyaji swings and misses on a slider...

And Sugisaki pops out! Clean inning from Takahashi and they're that much closer to a win!

Top 8th
Okazaki with a grounder to the right side. Chino runs it down, but the throw to 1st... not in time!

Ootaki another grounder to the right side! Isoami dives, but can't get to it! And with a bunt from Satomi, Kusumoto can possibly put this game away!

But Kusumoto's ball to left is too shallow! Takeuchi makes the catch and the runners have to hold!

Toukaidai Sagami calls time and they're going to take the bat away from Sasaya and pitch to Takahashi.

And it works! He hits a chopper which Ogasawara fields and goes to 1st for the 3rd out!

Bottom 8th
And with that half inning there's life again! Toyoda leads off with a clean single to right!

Despite the 2 doubles earlier, Isoami bunts the runner along!

BALK! Takahashi is called for a balk!

And that comes back to haunt him! Nagakura hits a fly to left, and that will get the run in! We're all tied at 3-3!

And now the gyakuten runner reaches after Takahashi walks Takeuchi! Hanasaki Tokuharu calls time.

Grounder to 2nd! Oota fumbles it, throws to 1st.... and just gets the 3rd out!

The score lines stand identical at 3-10-1 as we head to the 9th! Who will get that key run across?

Top 9th
Kamimura chopper up middle, Chino charging in! Throw across his body to 1st... beats a diving Kamimura!

But now Kuguu gets hit!

They go for the bunt, but Oota pops it up! Kawaji, crashing in catches it in foul ground for the 2nd out! And with Okazaki grounding to short, Toukaidai Sagami has a chance to walk off!

Bottom 9th
Ogaswara grounder up 1st base line, and Kamimura misses it? E3 and Toukaidai Sagami is in business!

But Chino bunt is right to a charging Kusumoto ! They go to 2nd for one, throw to 1st... AHHHHHHHH!!!

Throw to first is high and wide, and in the camera well!!  So now it's like a bunt, but instead of Ogasawara, it leadoff hitter Chino!!

But Miyaji grounds to 3rd! Chino has to hold as Hanasaki Tokuharu gets the 2nd out!


Sugisaki lines the first pitch to deep left, and Kuguu won't get there! Toukaidai Sagami bids Hanasaki Tokuharu 4-3!

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