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Day 11, Game 4 - Toba (Kyoto) v Kounan (Okinawa)

Apologies, I didn't have enough time to get the pregame writeup done here. But Kounan is off a very mentally draining game against Iwamichisuikan to start the tournament. They won't see many nearly as many pitching changes in this game, but they will face an offense in Toba that like to get singles, and a lot of them.

Toba (Kyoto)
LF Tabuchi Kouichirou
3B Iwakiri Kaito
CF Ina Kasumi
1B Kozono Shinnosuke
C Umetani Seigo
SS Minami Musashi
2B Nakajima Kouhei
RF Miyanishi Jyunya
P Matsuo Daiki

Kounan (Okinawa)
SS Higa Tatsutoshi
2B Naka Hibiki
LF Gushiken Taiki
1B Kina Chouki
RF Ishikawa Ryou
C Sakumoto Kazuki
CF Sunagawa Kento
3B Ganaha Makoto
P Hiyane Masaya


15:40 - First pitch!

Top 1st
Good start for Hiyane as he gets 2 quick groundouts before Ina flies out to right for a clean inning.

Bottom 1st
It's just as quick for Matsuo. He needs just 8 pitches to get 3 groundouts.

2nd Inning
More of the same for Kounan in the 2nd. Hiyane just needs 9 pitches to get another clean frame.

Same cannot be said for Toba as Nakajima airmails a throw on Kina's ground ball. Ishikawa singles to left and there's runners at the corners!

Ishikawa takes off for 2nd, but no throw! Toba looking for double steal perhaps?

And Sakumoto singles to center Kina comes home! Ishikawa waved around! Throw from Ina... On a line! Umetani with the tag... OUT!

Kounan tries for 2 runs, but a great throw from Ina gives them just 1!

Matsuo escapes the inning without any further damage, but Kounan is on the board.

Top 3rd
Hiyane's perfect game is gone, he hits Miyanishi with one down.

Now that they have a baserunner, they send him to 2nd! Miyanishi takes and steals the bag!

But Matsuo flies out to right.

Huh, and it's raining now. with 2 down.

Tabuchi with the safety bunt! Ganaha throw to 1st... not in time!

Tabuchi takes off for 2nd! With the bunt play no one was covering 2nd and Tabuchi takes it without a challenge!  That's heads up by Tabuchi!

Iwakiri works the count full, and just does get the walk. It's manrui, but with 2 outs.

Hiyane trying to pound Ina inside, but he's missing and now behind 2-0.

Tries again, but Ina whips it back over Ganaha and down the left field line!! 2 runs will score and Toba has the 2-1 lead!

Kosono walks on 4 straight, and it's manrui again. This time though Umetani flies out to right and the side is retired.

Bottom 3rd
One down and Higa doubles to right center! Douten runner on for Naka, but he flies out to shallow left.

Matsuo leaves one over for Gushiken and he singles to left! But Higa has to hold at 3rd!

And that proves costly! Kina grounds to 3rd! Iwakiri with a strong throw to 1st gets the out! Side retired!

4th Inning
It was almost 3 up, 3 down for both sides but strangely with 2 outs and a Sunagawa grounder to 2nd, no one was at 1st to receive the throw.

Yet Kounan gives it right back to Toba as Sunagawa is caught stealing 2nd.

Top 5th
Matsuo a leadoff single for Toba. Tabuchi lays down the bunt, Kina crashes, throws to 2nd, but it's high and wide! Everyone's safe!!

Another bunt! Kina crashing again! But he can't field it cleanly! Has to go to 1st and the bunt succeeds!

And Ina gets his job done! He hits a fly to center that easily gets Matsuo home and it's 3-1 Toba!

Kozono strikes out, but the lead is extended!

Bottom 5th 
#16 Ninomiya comes in to hit for Ganaha.

And Matsuo issues his first walk of the game to Ninomiya. Hiyane tries to lay down the bunt, but he three bunts his way to a K.

Higa shot to short, but Minami makes the leaping catch! Tries to double off Ninomiya, but the throw is short and gets by Kozono! Ninomiya takes 2nd!

Naka can't capitalize! He grounds to short and the side is retired! We head to the break with Toba having the lead over the Okinawan champs!

Top 6th
Umetani with a ball to the right side, Nakajima runs it down, but has no play at 1st. Minami bunts him over.

Nakajima working the count, takes a couple close pitches inside to run the count full, but can't hold off the last one for the K.

Miyanishi grounds to 1st, and strands Umetani at 2B.

Bottom 6th
I don't really understand. It seems like Kounan is averse to taking a walk. Up 3-1 on the count, Gushiken swings away and grounds out.

Ishikawa lines a ball to right center! That''ll go for extra bases! Kina holds at 3rd, but now a base hit can tie this game right up! Toba calls for time.

Sakumoto grounder to short! He looks at home and 3rd, but rifles to 1st and just gets Sakumoto out. One run scores though and its 3-2.

But Sunagawa can't drive in the douten run! He grounds to 2nd and the side is retired!

Top 7th
2 down and Iwakiri almost makes it a 4-2 ball game just pushing a ball foul down the left field line.

He then is patient enough to draw the walk. Though he later tries to steal 2nd and is thrown out.

Bottom 7th
Ninomiya with a drive to deep center! That's over Ina's head and to the wall!  Douten runner on in scoring position!

Hiyane tries to bunt the runners over, but he bunts through the ball for the K.

Higa comes through with a single to center! The throw goes home and allows Higa to go to 2nd!


They put on the squeeze but Naka bunts right through it! Ninomiya is run down and there 2 outs! Is Matsuo going to get out of this jam?


Naka drives the very next pitch to left and it'll go over the drawn in outfield! Naka makes it all the way to 3rd and we're tied at 3-3!!

Now Matsuo hits Gushiken! Now the question is, is Matsuo breaking down late?

Not yet! He gets Kina to chase the slider in the dirt and gets the 3rd out! But Matsuo needs to survive 2 more innings yet he's given up a run in each of the last 2!

Top 8th
Toba if nothing else likes to grind out ABs. Ina does so and draws a leadoff walk.

Kozono not bunting, but in a long AB with Hiyane.

Liner! Right to Ishikawa! Throws to 1st... they tag Ina for the double play!!

And with Umetani flying out to right  Kounan gets the chance to take the lead!

Bottom 8th
Full count to Ishikawa and Matsuo leaves one up! Ishikawa singles past a diving Iwakiri for a base hit!

Sakumoto lays down the bunt, it stays fair! They make the tag but the ball comes out! However, it was after the tag, so the out stands. However, Ishikawa advances to 3rd on the play!

Sunagawa slices a ball to left! That falls in and Ishikawa scores! 4-3 Kounan!

Matsuo gets his final 2 outs, but the damage is done. Now they have just 3 outs to score a run of their own.

Top 9th
#14 Kawai to hit for Minami to start the 9th. But he flies out to right, 1 down.

Nakajima flies out to left, and there's 2 down.

Miyanishi flies out to center, and that's the ballgame! Kounan advanves with the 4-3 win at the end!

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