Friday, August 22, 2014

Jyunjyunkesshou Game 4 - Nihon Bunri (Niigata) v. Seikou Gakuin (Fukushima)


Nihon Bunri (Niigata)
RF Hoshi Kenta
SS Kurodai Naito
1B Kodachi Otowa (#8)
3B Ikeda Takamasa
LF Kobayashi Masaya
2B Arai Makoto
CF Takeishi Ryou (#16)
C Kamakura Wataru
P Iidzuka Satoshi

Seikou Gakuin (Fukushima)
LF Yaoita Takumaru
2B Fujiwara Issei
3B Yaginuma Kentarou
1B Yasuda Kouki
CF Isagi Shun
SS Ishigaki Mitsuhiro
RF Harada Genki (#17)
C Takano Kouki
P Funabasama Taiga


15:30 - First Pitch!

Top 1st
Funabasama walks leadoff batter Hoshi, and is promptly bunts the runner over.

Kodachi with a ball to left center splits the defense! Hoshi comes in on the double and Nihon Bunri leads 1-0!

Ikeda singles to left! Kodachi has to hold at 3rd, but things looking dire already. Saitou-kantoku calls for time.

Kobayashi pops it up! Yaginuma under it for the 2nd out!

But Funabasama goes and walks Arai to load the bases! Big chance for bench starter Takeishi!


He just watches as the slider goes over the plate for strike 3! Nihon Bunri leads but it could have been more!

Bottom 1st
Yaoita grounder to left side, Kurodai chases it down, quick throw to first goes off Kodachi's glove! Infield single to start for Seikou!  And as expected he's bunted over.

Yaginuma with a single to right center! Yaoita comes home and just like that we're all tied at 1-1!

2 down now and Yaginuma takes off for 2nd! He's in safely and Seikou looks to take the lead!

But Isagi grounds to 1st! Kodachi makes the play to retire the side.

A bit shaky for the converted outfielder and Seikou has tied the game!

Top 2nd
Kamakura needs a moment after an attempted bunt hits him in the hand.

But he'll feel much better after he singles past Funabasama to center!

Iidzuka with a pop fly to left. Yaoita running towards the line, still running! It falls in! Kamakura goes to 3rd, but Nihon Bunri is threatening again!

But on Hoshi's grounder to 2nd, Kamakura gets himself hung up! He's run down, but perhaps prevents the double play instead. Still runners on 2nd and 3rd, 1 down.

Kurodai pops it up! Ishigaki behind the mound makes the catch, 2 out!

Kodachi delivers again! He singles to center and Iidzuka can score giving Nihon Bunri the 2-1 lead!

Ikeda flies out to right, but now we know why they're keeping him in the lineup!

Bottom 2nd
One down and bench starter Harada lines a ball down the left field line all the way to the wall for a double!

Takano single to left! Harada holds up at 3rd, but it's clear opportunities are to be had on both sides!

Grounder to 2nd! Arai goes for the double play, 4-6-3 and Iidzuka is out of the inning!

Top 3rd
Funabasama finally has a clean inning. Bunri hits a couple of fly balls but nothing of consequence.

Bottom 3rd
Yaoita with his 2nd hit in as many ABs with a single up the middle. Fujiwara moves him over, but then puts Yaginuma on with a free pass.

Yasuda can't get the timely as he pops out to Kodachi in foul territory.

Isagi grounder to 2nd, Arai has trouble fielding it, but does go to 1st for the 3rd out.

Top 4th
Kamakura with a basehit back up the middle, but neither Iidzuka, Hoshi or Kurodai can do anything to get him around. More specifically Hoshi his a hard shot to the left side, but Ishigaki makes the diving catch.

Bottom 4th-6th
I had nodded off with 2 outs, but apparently I had missed out on an exciting inning, because there was an error by Arai on a grounder by Takano. Funasako then hit an infield single to short. Iiduka then walked Yaoita to load the bases for Fujiwara.

However Fujiwara would ground out to short and Seikou's chance was left begging.

The next 2 innings would be almost uneventful. Nihon Bunri had the best chance in the 6th as Takeishi had a 1-out triple to center - but Kamakura was swinging at anything in the zone and wind up chasing a slider for the 2nd out and Iidzuka fouled out to end the inning.

Top 7th
Hoshi with a chopper up the middle got the Bunri offense again as Kurodai moved him into scoring position. But with 2 down, after Ikeda drew a walk, Kobayashi would bloop one to the right side. All the fielders converged on the ball, but no one could get to it. Hoshi scored from 2nd and extended their lead to 3-1.

Bottom 7th
Yaoita tried to jump-start the Seikou offense with a base hit up the middle. Saitou-kantoku elects to go with the hit-and-run, but Fujiwara fouls out.

The rally would stall because after Yasuda drew a 2-out walk, Isagi grounded to 2nd and that was that.

Bottom 8th
After Funabasama got a 1-2-3 inning, Seikou got another leadoff runner as Ishigaki lined a single to left. But after a sac but to at least get 1 run. PH Fujita and Satou completely wasted the opportunity in just 4 pitches.

Top 9th
Saitou-kantoku having almost sold out send in #18 Imaizumi.

But after 2 outs it all collapsed. After he gave up 2 singles, Imaizumi hit 3 straight batters, driving in 2 and extending the lead to 5-1.

Bottom 9th
Yamagumi would get a 2-out base hit for Seikou, but otherwise the game was over as Nihon Bunri would win 5-1.

Seikou Gakuin had chances early, had chances late while the game was still close, but they were 2-12 with runners in scoring position and could only push 1 run across.

And so one of the better runs for a Fukushima squad ends in the quarterfinals. Nihon Bunri meanwhile gets one step closer to another final and perhaps a chance at a title.

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