Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 10, Game 4 - Tsuruga Kehi (Fukui) v. Moriokadai Fuzoku (Iwate)

Moriokadai Fuzoku had a really tough matchup against Toukaidai Sagami and then had to play in less than desirable playing conditions. They held on 4-3, but there's not much you can take given that the conditions could have affected play.

Tsuruga Kehi has had no such trouble in their first two games, seemingly bucking the trend that scoring double digits leads to a letdown the next game as they defeated Sakaide Shougyou 16-0, then Kasukabe Kyouei 10-1.

Hiranuma has been shutting down the offenses inducing bad contact while also still striking out a fair number of batters.  Moriokadai Fuzoku, and more specifically Matsumoto should provide a good challenge for a team that hasn't apparently seemed to have faced one yet.

Winner goes to Best 8, but faces Hachinohe Gakuin Kousei. Go!

Tsuruga Kehi (Fukui)
1B Shinohara Ryou
3B Shimomura Takamasa
SS Asai Kouya
C Okada Kouta
CF Mine Kentarou
RF Oyana Shou
P Hiranuma Shouta
LF Yamamoto Akihiro
2B Yonemitsu Nagisa (#16)

Moriokadai Fuzoku (Iwate)
LF Takahashi Ryou
RF Itou Wataru
CF Nabana Hiroki
P Matsumoto Yuuki
2B Endou Makoto
1B Makishima Kento
SS Tachinami Ukyuu
3B Shibuya Yuuya
C Kozaki Fuuga


16:15 - First Pitch!

Top 1st
One down for Tsuruga and Shimomura lines a single to left.

Asai not bunting, hits a deep drive to left. Ryou back against fence makes the catch. 1 down.

Having not advanced, Shimomura takes it upon himself and steals 2nd! That becomes redundant though when Matsumoto walks Okada.

But he avoids damage when Mine chases the 3-2 fastball outside of the zone.

Bottom 1st
Morioka's first couple of batters can't even get the ball past the mound.  Two quick outs for Hiranuma, before he turns around and walks Nabana.

Matsumoto can't do anything with it though as he flies to 2nd to end the inning.

Top 2nd
Oyana with a blooper to shallow left. Ryou charging in makes, but can't make catch. Oyana hustles and is in with a double.

One down now after a foul fly and Yamamoto hits a ball down the 1st base line... fair!  Oyana will score on that and Tsuruga Kehi takes a 1-0 lead!

Yonemitsu lays down the bunt, Matsumoto throws it away! Itou backs up so runners can't advance.

And now Shinohara gets hit by Matsumoto! He's in deep trouble early!

Liner! But Shibuya snares it, tags on 3rd and it's a 5 unassisted double play to end the inning! But Tsuruga Kehi takes the early lead!

Bottom 2nd
Endou drive to deep left! He's pumping his fist!  Yamamoto looks up!


One pitch is all Endou needs to tie the game at 1-1!

2 down now, and Shibuya singles to center looking for the gyakuten run.

But Sekiguchi-kantoku has him try to steal 2nd, but Okada throws him out to retire the side. However, Endou ties the score!

Top 3rd
Asai with a ball to left. Ryou running back to the fence! He looks up!!


And with one swing Asai takes the lead back for Tsuruga Kehi! 2-1!

They're not done yet! One down Mine singles back up the middle. He tries to steal 2nd, but on the hit-and-run, Oyana's bat hits Kozaki's glove! Catcher's interference is called and Oyana is awarded 1st!

Hiranuma single back up the middle! Mine being waved around! He'll score and it's 3-1!!  Still only one out for Matsumoto!

Yamamoto another single up the middle! Nabana already playing up, gets it in quickly.  Manrui for Tsuruga Kehi.


Matsumoto hits Yonemitsu! That'll drive in a run and it's 4-1!

Shinohara sharp grounder up 1st base line! Makishima makes stop, twirls, fires home... AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

He throws it too high! 2 runs will score on that error and it's 6-1!

Shimomura flyball to left, Ryou stumbles, but makes catch! Yonemitsu tags up and scores and its 7-1!

Asai up again, and he blasts one to right center! That's all the way to the wall for a triple and it's 8-1!

The last straw is  Okada's blooper just fair down the right field line. 9-1 and he is relieved. He goes to RF while #11 Sakurakouji comes in for Itou and takes the hill.

Mine liner to right, Matsumoto makes the leaping catch to finally retire the side. But Tsuruga Kehi once again puts the hurt on their opponents!

Bottom 3rd
Kozaki tries to help get Moriokadai back in the game with a single to center. But soon enough there's down after Ryou strikes out and Sakurakouji grounds into a fielder's choice.

Nabana gives the team a shot when he doubles to right center.

But nothing is going right for Matsumoto as he flies out to center to end the inning.

Top 4th
The woes continue for Moriokadai. Oyana's grounder to 2nd is flubbed allowing him to reach base.  After a sac bunt, Sakurakouji hits Yamamoto and then walks Yonemitsu, making it manrui.

Shinohara with another ball to 1st, but this time Makishima is ready and he goes home for the force.

Sakurakouji though hits Shimomura and that will force in a run. 10-1.

Moriokadai finally get 3 ours after Asai grounds to 2nd, but the long game is getting longer.

Bottom 4th
I'm having a hard time staying awake for some reason.

Back-to-back singles by Makishima and Tachinami provide some hope. But Hiranuma retires the next 2 batter and they're back to where they started.

(At this point my body basically said you're not staying up any longer, which was fine considering that by the time I opened my eyes it was 12-1, and then before I had put everything away and hit the sack it was 14-1. Needless to say Tsuruga Kehi is wearing about the blackest hat I've seen at Koushien having defeated scored double digits in 3 straight games and not letting up - even when sending in their bench players. Yikes.)

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