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Day 6, Game 2 - Toukaidai Bouyou (Chiba) v. Jyouhoku (Kumamoto)

Entering the field for the matinee game is Jyouhoku, making their 4th appearance, versus Toukaidai Bouyou who finally broke through this year to earn their 1st ever appearance.

Jyouhoku won the Kumamoto taikai such as Kyushu Gakuin and Kumamoto Kougyou before playing a close final versus Buntoku, winning 2-1 to make their return trip.

The biggest issue with them (and for most teams, when is it not?) is their hitting.  They hit just 0.306 as a team, so extrapolating that out to Koushien, it makes it even worse.  I'm guessing we're going to see a lot of bunting.

As for the pitching staff, there is nothing that screams dominance, though #11 Oonishi seems to be the better option.

Toukaidai Bouyou was somehow able to escape playing many of the major schools in the prefectures, up until the semifinals where they routed Toukaidai Urayasu and then Senshuudai Matsudo, scoring double digits no less.

But their hitting numbers also do not look stellar.  Chiba may be considered tougher, but it still needs to be discounted.

It's really hard to handicap this one.

Toukaidai Bouyou (Chiba)
CF Suzuki Shouhei
SS Yamaguchi Shuu
RF Chuuko Jyukiya
3B Ishii Yuujirou
C Mineo Keigo
2B Ishiho Hideo
LF Kimura Kouki
1B Kuboyama Kaito
P Harada Yasunari (#10)

Jyouhoku (Kumamoto)
CF Adachi Yuuki
SS Adachi Rei
1B Yamaguma Takumi
3B Narahara Isamu
RF Kurumi Rintarou
LF Oyama Masatomo
C Yoza Kouhei
P Yasutake Yuuki (#10)
2B Tsujigami Akimasa


10:34 - First Pitch!

Top 1st
The game was delayed slightly due to rain, and after Yasutake retires Shouhei and Yamaguchi, it starts raining again as the Laga-san has to get his poncho.

The minute the rain comes down, so does the hits.  After walking Chuuko, Ishii singles back up the middle.  Mineo follows that up with a slicer down the left field line fair!  Chuuko scores and Bouyou leads 1-0!

Ishiho grounds to 2nd to end the inning, but Bouyou strikes first under the rain!

Bottom 1st
The rain certainly having an effect as Harada walks Yuuki to start the inning.

Rei (not related) stands in to bunt, but Harada continues to throw balls before firing a strike at 2-0.  Rei does lay down the bunt and the runner moves over.  Rei had to almost do a push bunt to make it go far enough to not get Yuuki thrown out.

Yamange grounds to 1st, but it's hard to see with the reflection off of the wet ground.

Narahara goes down swinging on an fastball over the outer half and the side is retired.

Top 2nd
The rain is really coming down at Koushien.  Tsujigami looks at his hand after Kuboyama hits a grounder that kinda dies when it gets to him.

Harada hits a hard ball to the right side, Tsujigami out in right field fields the ball and throws Harada out to retire the side.

The umpires call everyone in as Jyouhoku's school song ends. They've seen enough.

10:54 - Rain Delay

11:10 - Resume Play (though the field still look poor)

Bottom 2nd
My guess, they're going to rush these games through before conditions get bad again.

Kurumi with a base hit through the right side.

He takes off for 2nd, throw isn't in time, but Kurumi slip slides over the bag! Scrambles back just in time. Oy.

The laundry people are going to have a long night ahead of them.

Oyama with a push bunt! Kuboyama crashing, and Ishiho vacates to cover 1st!  Everyone's safe!

Chopper to the right side! Kuboyama coming in and Ishiho fails to cover 1st! Everyone's safe and Kurumi scores! 1-1 and Aikawa has to call time!

Yasutake with the bunt, and this time, they finally get it right... just.  The throw from Kuboyama pulls Ishiho from the bag, but he has enough time to reestablish contact.

Tsujigami fly to shallow center, Shouhei coming in.. Makes the catch, and Yoza is doubled off at 2nd to end the inning.

So weather 2, players 0.  Really though it's 1-1.

Top 3rd
With conditions the way they are, the batters are waiting more as hard ground balls may die enough to be fielded.

And with one down, Yamaguchi earns a walk.

Bunting is probably also affected, though that's more expected.

And no bunt, Chuuko lines a ball the other way over Rei for a single.

Mineo grounder to right side, Tsujigami can't field it cleanly and its into right! Yaamguchi comes in to score and Bouyou retakes the lead 2-1!

Ishiho singles past Tsujigami! Chuuko scores and it's a 3-1 game.

Kimura strikes out to retire the side, but more damage has been done.

Bottom 3rd
Jyouhoku trying to scrap back a run, gets a 1-out base hit from Sukzui instead hits a grounder to short. Yamaguchi gets the lead runner though and there's 2 out.  Narahara skies a pitch and pops out to Ishiho to retire the side.

Top 4th
#10 Oonishi comes into the game to relieve Yasutake, and immediately he makes things complicated in the 4th giving up a single to Shouhei and hitting Yamaguchi with bases empty.

Chuuko with shot up 1st base line, but Yamagami makes great diving stop! Tosses to Oonishi and the side is retired!

Bottom 4th
Kurumi with grounder to the left side.  Yaamguchi makes a great stop, but the throw is late.

There's no bunt from any of the Jyouhok batters and that backfrires as the bottom of the lineup goes quietlly.

Top 5th
With the ground the way it is, generating offense will be difficult.  Oonishi gives up another 2-out single, but Ishiho is stranded as Kimura pops out.

Bottom 5th
Yuuki didn't get the memo apparently.  He scorches a ball past a diving Ishii into foul territory! He's in with a double!

Rei first pitch flies to center, Yuuki advances to 3rd.

Yamaguma with the single through the left side! Yuuki scores to make it a 1-run ball game.  It's 3-2!

Ama-chan plays and Narahar singles back up the middle! Jyouhoku threatening as people go for their umbrellas and ponchos.

Kurumi liner to rightChukyou going back, reaches up and makes the catch to retire the side

They've made it to the break as Toukaidai Bouyou holds on to a slim 1-run lead under very muddy conditions.

Top 6th
Everyone really scrambling in the stands as the rain really comes down once again, and again while Jyouhoku is on defense.  Not to mention the wind is really blowing.

One down, Harada insides out a ball to right for a base hit.

But the defense holds itself together to make the catches on two fly balls from Shouhei and Yamaguchi to end the inning.

Bottom 6th
Pitching change for Bouyou. Ace Utsugi comes in for Kuboyama to take the hill while Harada goes to 1B.

And it's not a good start as Utsugi hits Oyama to lead things off.  Yoza lays down too neat of a bunt and Utsugi has no problems fielding it.

Oonishi grounds to 3rd, and Oyama heads up goes to 3rd after Ishii looks him back.

Tsujigami grounder to short, Yamaguchi fies to 1st, and Jyouhoku is denied the douten run!

Top 7th
Now with the wind blowing, Bouyou wants to test the defense that way.  But Oyama and Yuuki are up to the task as the duo records all 3 outs here in the 7th.

Bottom 7th
Jyouhoku too testing the Bouyou outfield.  After a routine fly, Rei tries to poke one into shallow right-center, but Chuuko races in and runs it down!

Yamagami drive to deep right!  Chuuko running to the foul pole... and the wind knocks it down as he makes the running catch!

Top 8th
Oonishi issues a leadoff walk to Ishiho, and after a walk, Suetsugu-kantoku sends in ace Morodomi for Oonishi.

Utsugi grounds to 3rd, throw by Narahara up the 1st base line and Yamaguma collides with Utsugi.  Everyone seems to be fine.

Morodomi closes the frame as Harada can't hold off on a ball out of the zone.  No runs given up, but they're still trailing by 1.

Bottom 8th
Utsuki walks Narahara to leadoff the 8th!  Even with 2 hits, Kurumi is asked to bunt... and lays it down.

Count goes full on Oyama.. and he walks! Gyakuten run in scoring position!

Hit-and-run! But Yoza fouls it off!

Yoza liner to the opposite side and it's manrui!  Aihara-kantoku quickly calls for time!

But standing in now is Morodomi.  Showing bunt!  Takes a pitch.


With the terrible conditions, Morodomi lays down the bunt!  Harada has no play but to 1st and we're all tied at 3-3!!

Tsujigami drive to left center!!!!  That splits the defense to the wall!  Both runners will score on the RBI double and Jyouhoku leads 5-3!!!!

Aihara-kantoku makes the pitching change.  Harada returns back to the hill while #13 Teraoka comes in for Utsugi and goes to 1B.

Yuuki grounds out to 3rd, but Tsujigami with his only hit of the ballgame, gives his team the lead!!

Top 9th
Top of the lineup due up as Bouyou looks to stay alive.

Uh oh, Morodomi's pitches are high.  Falls behind Shouhei 3-0 before firing a strike.

Shouhei attacks a ball that would have been a walk and the count is full!

Just gets around on the inside fastball and fouls it off!

Ball 4!!!

Suetsugu-kantoku calls for time.

Yamaguchi righty works the count given the situation, and he works the count full, goes after a high ball but fouls it off.

Just gets a hold of one down and away to foul that one off...

Up the 3rd base line... foul...

Fouls it off himself... 10th pitch of AB...

Grounder to 3rd, Narahara to 2nd for 1, Tsujigami's throw to 1st in the mud and gets away!  Yamaguchi to 2nd, but there's 1 out.

Chuuko drive to right.... Kurumi going back, going back... Makes the backpedaling catch, 2 down as Yamaguchi goes to 3rd.  But his run doesn't matter.

It's Ishii who steps in...

But he twirls and pops it up!  Yamaguma with it in foul territory... and makes the catch to end the game!  Jyouhoku comes back late to defeat Toukaidai Bouyou 5-3!

This game though must've been miserable to play in.  Muddy conditions, wind blowing about.  A fluke play or something weather affected could have easily changed the game.

And in some ways it did considering Morodomi's squeeze.  The mud probably killed the ball, making sure that it didn't go too far and perhaps get the runner thrown out at home.

In the end though, Jyouhoku found a way to win and they advance over the first-timers.

And it must be miserable too for Bouyou's players to be scooping mud into their bags.  Just miserable all around....

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