Saturday, August 1, 2009

The last qualifier...

And as the calendar turns to August, and the Koshien tournament is just one week away, we finally give out our last bid in Osaka.

PL Gakuen is looking to get back to Koshien and make amends for their relatively poor performance in the spring Koshien. Kansaidai Hokuyou on the other hand looks to get in for the 2nd time this decade, their only other appearance being in the 2007 spring Koshien.

Yamaguchi is throwing for Hokuyou, while Inoue throws for PL Gakuen.

1:28 PM - End of 1, PL jumps on Yamaguchi. They score 3 as Yamaguchi is yanked early for Hatase.

1:45 PM - End of 2, Yoshikawa hits a homerun for and now lead 4-0.

2:05 PM - End of 4, Yoshikawa hits yet another solo homerun, and it's 5-0. Kansaidai is in a bit of trouble.

2:27 PM - Top of 7, and PL continues to pour it on. 2 in the 6th means a 7-0 lead.

2:47 PM - End of 7, 8-0 PL and Hokuyou has gone from Hatase to Nakamura to Usui.

3:04 PM - It's all but a formality now. 10-0 PL Gakuen with Hokuyou batting in the top of the 9th.

3:09 PM - PL Gakuen punches the 49th and final ticket to Koshien with a 10-0 win over Kansaidai Hokuyou.

And with that, the qualifiers are over. I'll have full brackets up tomorrow and we'll start covering the teams that have made it to Koshien.

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