Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 2 - Game 1 - Jyousuikan (Hiroshima) vs. Kochi (Kochi)

So after a pretty eventful day 1, we enter our first full day of action with 4 games on tap.

The breakfast game features Jyousuikan out of Hiroshima, and Kochi (self-explanatory). Neither team really stands out in any facet of the game, so it's hard to judge the better team. Furthermore, both were tested in the championships - Jyousuikan by Kouryou, and Kochi with Meitoku Gijyuku.

Jyousuikan (Hiroshima)
CF Yamada
RF Shiraiwa
2B Ariyama
C Miyamoto
P Kouno
SS Uyama
1B Kanao
LF Kinugawa
3B Morikane

Kochi (Kochi)
LF Ikechi (#18)
2B Tanaka
SS Nishioka
C Kinoshita
P Kumon
RF Wada
CF Hamaguchi
3B Yoshii
1B Ooishi


8:31 AM - First pitch!

Top 1
A light rain comes down as the game begins. The ground is already wet and may play a factor.

With one down, Shiraiwa draws a walk. After a wild pitch by Kumon, he's advanced to 3rd on a ground out to Kumon by Ariyama. It's up to cleanup batter Miyamoto to drive in the run!

And a grounder through the left side does the job! Shiraiwa scores and it's quickly 1-0 Jyousuikan!

Ah! Another wild pitch by Kumon and Miyamoto advances to 2nd!

And Kouno with a dribbler down the 1st base line and he beats Ooishi's toss to 1st!! Not looking good early for Kochi.

Uyama strikes out to end the inning, but Kumon and Kochi look shaky and find themselves down early.

Bottom 1st
Kochi goes quietly 1-2-3 as Kouno looks decent to start.

Top 2nd
Kumon gets Kanao to strikeout looking perhaps settling down, but then Kinugawa doubles over Hamguchi's head!

And a bunt laid down by Morikane comes out of Kumon's glove as he goes to throw! Runners on the corners for Yamada!

And a grounder to short! Nishioka feeds to Tanaka for one! Throw to 1st, dropped by Ooishi! Kinugawa scores and 2-0 on the error!

Shiraiwa K's, but poor fielding leads to yet another run!

Bottom 2nd
The rain is a little worse than I thought. Puddles are forming in foul territory down the lines... I wouldn't be surprised if they went into rain delay if the rain comes down any harder. In addition, the wind is blowing out to center. If the rain wasn't in play, it would be a good day for HR's!

Kochi gets their first hit as Kinoshita grounds one back up the middle!

But Kumon flies out to left and Kanao picks a throw from Morikane on a grounder by Wada for 2 quick outs.

Hamaguchi though works a walk after falling behind 1-2 for runners at 1st and 2nd.

But Yoshii grounds to 3rd. Morikane makes another questionable throw, but Kanao makes the tag as Yoshii falls to the ground.

Top 3rd
The rain continues to fall and the areas around the basepaths start to look muddy - not to mention the mound.

Kouno gets his 2nd base hit, lining a ball back a Kumon - but he's stranded after a long AB by Uyama results in a flyout to right center.

Bottom 3rd
After falling behind, last batter Ooishi works a leadoff walk. Back to the top of the order and 2nd year Ikechi.

And after getting ahead 0-2, Kouno throws a wild pitch! Sakota-kantoku comes out of the dugout to call a meeting. After which Ikechi K's.

It's definitely interesting to see Sakota-kantoku in the dugout while Shimada-kantoku (Kochi) out and directing things.

Anyways, Kouno retires the next two batters with little difficulty. But the field is looking worse.

Top 4th
And sure enough, the umpires call everyone off the field.

9:20 AM - Rain Delay


9:55 AM - Game is officially called. All other games are also called for today. Weather tomorrow though, looks pretty bad too.

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