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Day 6 - Game 3 - Nihon Bunri (Niigata) vs. Sangawa (Kagawa)

Our afternoon session features yet another newcomer. Sangawa (I missed the translation earlier) earned its first berth out of Kagawa. Their main innings eater is actually #10 Takahashi Ryouhei.

Their opponent is Nihon Bunri, another 2006 participant, who has made many a Koshien, but outside of the 78th Spring Koshien, has been unable to get out of their first game.

Nihon Bunri (Niigata)
2B Kitte
SS Takahashi Jyunnousuke
1B Takeishi
RF Yoshida
LF Takahashi Takahito
P Itou
CF Yumoto
C Wakabayashi
3B Nakamura

Sangawa (Kagawa)
LF Fujiwara
CF Iwada
2B Ookido
1B Takahashi Takuya
SS Yoshimoto
3B Oota
P Itsuki
C Matsui
RF Akiyama


1:51 PM - First pitch!

Top 1st
Itsuki retires the first two batters before Takeishi grounds one back up the middle for a single.

Cleanup batter Yoshida up now, but he strikes out to end the top of the 1st.

Bottom 1st
Iwata with a one out hit for Sangawa. No bunt from Ookido, but Iwata tries to steal 2nd on the 2-2 pitch. Wakabayashi with a string throw and they nail Iwata easily! 2 down!

But Itou walks Ookido on the next pitch.

Miyatake-kantoku continues to be aggressive. He sends Ookido on the 2-1 pitch and this time he's in safely! Runner in scoring position for Takuya!

But he softly lines out to 2nd to end the inning.

Top 2nd
Two down again for Nihon Bunri and 1st year Yumoto lines one down the right field line! He's in with a double!

But Wakabayashi strikes out to end the inning.

Bottom 2nd
Itou baffles the Sangawa batters retiring them in order including 2 K's.

Top 3rd
Last batter Nakamura gets hit by Itsuki. Kitte tries to put down the bunt, but it's right at Itsuki who goes to 2nd to get the lead runner.

And then Ooi-kantoku tries to put on the hit and run, but Jyunnousuke hits it right to Yoshimoto! He starts the 6-4-3 double play to end the inning!

Bottom 3rd
Matsui takes one the opposite way for a leadoff single. Akiyama then with the obligatory bunt into scoring position.

AH! A bad throw to 2nd by Itou gets away from Jyunnouske! Matsui advances to 3rd!

Fujiwara with a single to left! That scores Matsui and Sangawa is up 1-0!

Iwata up and Miyatake-kantoku sends Fujiwara! But once again Wakabayashi guns him down! Too bad because Iwata draws a walk.

But it doesn't matter as Ookido lines out to center to end the inning. However, Sangawa does manage to plate a run and take the 1-0 lead.

Top 4th
Itsuki looks pretty good as he retires the Nihon Bunri batters in order.

Bottom 4th
Itou with his 2nd 1-2-3 inning as Sangawa's batters seem to be getting under the ball.

Top 5th
Bunri continues to struggle against Itsuki's pitching, but catch a break when a grounder by Wakabayashi is thrown away by Yoshimoto. Wakaayashi advances to 2nd, but then gets stranded when Nakamura hits a towering fly to left.

Bottom 5th
Itou K's another 2 batters to bring his total to 6. Samukawa just can't figure out Itou's pitching. The game is going at a breakneck speed. 55 minutes for the first 5 innings.

Top 6th
Kitte starts the post-break session with a drive to right center! That's to the wall and Kitte's in with a leadoff double!

Jyunnosuke squares to bunt, but pulls it out and swings away! It's a grounder through the left side! Kitte rounds 3rd and he scores! Douten!! Jyunnousuke ties the game! 1-1!!

Takeishi looking to continue the hit parade, but he grounds to Ookido who begins the 4-6-3 double play!

And with Yoshida flying out to left the opportunity quickly ends. But here in the 6th Nihon Bunri has tied it up!

Bottom 6th
One down for Samukawa and Iwata takes the full count pitch to deep left! Yoshihito runs back to the fence, but it's over his head! Iwata in with a double!

And then Ookido with a drive to deep center! Yumoto running back, but that too is over his head and to the wall! That scores Iwata and Sangawa retakes the lead! 2-1!

Takuya with a single up the middle, that's past a diving Kitte and into center! Ookido rounds 3rd and he scores! It's 3-1 Sanagawa!

Yoshimoto grounds to 3rd, and Nakamura goes to 2nd for the lead runner. Then with Oota up, Yoshimoto looks to sneak his way to 2nd, but he gets thrown out 1-6.

But Samukawa retakes and extends the lead!

Top 7th
Yoshihito with a drive to deep center! Iwada running back to the wall! Looks up!


Yoshihito immediately gets one back for Nihon Bunri with a homerun to center! They're only down 1! 3-2!!

After Itsuki retires the next 2 batters, Miyatake-kantoku relieves Itsuki. #10 Takahashi Ryouhei comes in for Akiyama and takes the mound. Itsuki moves to right.

And he strikes out Wakabayashi to end the inning. After the flurry of runs, Sangawa finds themselves back up by a single run.

Bottom 7th
I thought the flurry of runs may be over, but Sangawa is out to prove me wrong. He takes one to left center for a leadoff double!

Itsuki can't move the runner and strikes out.

Then Matsui grounds to short, but Jyunnosuke catches Oota heading to 3rd! They run him down and he's out! Two down, runner on 1st!

And new P Ryouhei hits a popup in foul territory! Wakabayashi runs over, slides near the dugout entrance... and makes the catch! Nice play by the Bunri catcher!

Top 8th
Nihon Burni down 1 still and running out of innings.

Captain Nakamura looks to start the rally here with a single through the left side! Kitte up, looks to bunt, but he pops it up! Matsui secures it and there's one out!

Jyunnosuke up now looking to bunt.

NO! He pulls it back, and drives one to deep left center! That lands in front of the wall! Nakamura comes around to score! Douten!! 3-3!!!!!

Takeishi with a chopper back up the middle! Yoshimoto dives, it gets by! Jyunnosuke scores! Gyakuten!! 4-3!!

Yoshihito with a single through the right side! Nihon Bunri continues to get hits off the reliever!

Itou with a shot to the left side! But Yoshimoto cuts it off and goes to 3rd for the last out.

But Nihon Bunri has taken the lead for the first time!

Bottom 8th
Sangawa trying to fight back now.

Captain Fujiwara leads off the first and after falling behind 0-2, starts fouling off pitches trying to find a way on base. But he hits a chopper Nakamura, and he makes a strong throw to 1st for the first out.

Iwata hits one to center, but Yumoto is there to make the out. 2 down.

Ookido though rips down down the left field line for a single. But Takuya swings away and flies out to shallow center to end the inning. Now the clock starts ticking for the boys from Kagawa...

Top 9th
One down, Wakabayashi looks to help Bunri get an insurance run here in the 9th. He singles up the middle, and Ooi-kantoku asks Nakamura for a bunt - to which he delivers.

2 down for Kitte. He grounds out to Ryouhei.

So, we're down to the bottom of the 9th. Sangawa down 1. Is there anything left?

Bottom 9th
#15 Asatsuma takes over for Yumoto in center.

Yoshimoto goes down on 3 straight... Oota too falls on 3 straight...

Up to Itsuki... no, Miyatake-kantoku pulls Itsuki for #15 Nagoya.

And Itou strikes him out to end the game!

Nihon Bunri comes back from behind twice to get their first summer Koshien victory and their first overall victory since 2006.

For Sangawa sadly, they were unable to hold the lead and as a result their summer comes to an end here on day 6. It was a great effort by the newcomers and while they are obviously heartbroken, they can hear the yells of "arigatou!" and hopefully they remember the good times and the memories they not only created for themselves, but for the school, their families and the community.

Notable Players
Takahashi Jyunnosuke (Nihon Bunri) - 2-4, 2B, R, 2 RBI
Takahashi Yoshihito (Nihon Bunri) - 2-4, HR, R, RBI
Itou (Nihon Bunri) - W, CG, 3 ER, 8 H, 10 K, 2 BB
Iwata (Sangawa) - 2-3, 2B, R
Ookido (Sangawa) - 2-3, 2B, R, RBI, BB
Itsuki (Sangawa) - ND, 6.2 IP, 2 ER, 6 H, 4 K, HBP

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