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Day 10 - Game 2 - Nihon Koukuu Ishikawa (Ishikawa) vs. Nihon Bunri (Niigata)

Well, we definitely had an interesting first game, with Kenritsu Gifu Shougyou punching the 1st tock to the Best 8 with a victory over PL Gakuen. Who will punch their 2nd?

Nihon Bunri finally won their first game this decade, but had to rally late against Sangawa. Timely back-to-back hits by Jyunnousuke and Takeishi in the 8th plated the douten and gyakuten runs.

For Nihon Koukuu Ishikawa (i.e. Japan Aviation Academy), they were involved in an extra-inning affair with Meiou. Down 2-0 in the first, miscues in the 5th and 6th allowed JAA to tie the game up. In the 12th, an error by Meiou's 2B allowed the sayonara runner to reach 3rd. And in an attempt to pick off the runner at 3rd, C Kaga throws the ball into left field, scoring the sayonara run.

These two teams are a bit offensively challenged, but in comparing the two - Nihon Bunri has the experience.

Nihon Koukuu Ishikawa (Ishikawa)
2B Yabe (#14)
SS Fukui
3B Ikeda
RF Tanaka
LF Kitadera
CF Izumi
1B Arakawa
C Okamoto
P Kurimoto

Nihon Bunri (Niigata)
2B Kitte
SS Takahashi Jyunnousuke
1B Takeishi
RF Yoshida
LF Takahashi Yoshihito
P Itou
CF Yumoto
C Wakabayashi
3B Nakamura


11:14 AM - First pitch!

Top 1st
Itou quickly retires JAA in 7 pitches to start the game. JAA certainly is swining away to start!

Bottom 1st
Kitte leads it off with a single back up the middle! After a bunt, Bunri has an early chance here!

But Takahashi pops it up in foul territory! Ikeda over and makes the catch! 2 down!

Yoshida up and he drives one to deep left center! That hits the base of the wall! He's in with an RBI! 1-0 Nihon Bunri!

Yoshihito with a chopper up the middle, Yabe cuts it off, has to make an unbalanced throw that goes wide! Arakawa gets it, but Yoshihito is on with a base hit! Runners on 1st and 2nd and still 2 down!

Itou with a grounder past Ikeda into left! Yoshikawa scores and it's 2-0 Bunri!

Yumoto grounds out to 2nd, but Nihon Bunri has jumped out in front!

Top 2nd
One down for JAA and Kitadera lines one into right center! That's straight to the wall! He heads for 2nd, goes for 3rd! Throw in, not in time! One-out triple for Kitadera!

And Izumi singles to center on the next pitch! Kitadera scores and it's 2-1!

Then Imakusuru-kantoku puts on the hit-and-run! Arakawa pokes it through the right side! Kitte runs it down, but not before Izumi goes to 3rd!

Runners on the corners now for Okamoto! Single to right! Izumi scores, and JAA has tied it right back up!! 2-2!!!


Itou with a wild pitch! But it bounced right back at Wakabayashi! Arakawa can't score, but Okamoto advances to 2nd!


Imakurusu puts on the squeeze, but Kurimoto can't reach the pitch high and away! Arakawa is caught in the rundown and tagged out! 2 down! Not sure you should go with the squeeze with 2 runners in scoring position...

And Kurimoto strikes out to end the inning. But JAA comes right back to level the score!

Bottom 2nd
Wakabayashi opens the 2nd with a grounder to the left side. Fukui makes the stop in the gap, but the throw to 1st isn't in time!

Nakamura up, and Ooi-kantoku sends Wakabayashi! But Okamoto makes a good throw to 2nd and they nail him! One down!

Nakamura with a grounder to 3rd! AH!! But the ball goes off Ikeda into left! E5!

Kitte with a single to right! Bunri now with runners on 1st and 2nd with one down!

Jyunnousuke hits one to deep left center! that's to the wall! Nakamura scores! Kitte is being waved home, while Jyunnousuke heads for 3rd! A 2-RBI triple for Jyunnousuke! Bunri retakes the two run lead, 4-2!

Takeishi with a single to right! That scores Jyunnousuke and it's 5-2!

Yoshida with a drive to right center! That down for a double! Takeishi scores all the way from 1st and it's 6-2!!

That's going to be it for Kurimoto. He's relieved by Imakurusu for #18 Hamada.

Yoshimoto at bat and he hits a hard liner, but it's right at Fukui! He catches it, but with no one immediately covering 2nd, can't turn the double play. 2 down now for Itou.

He singles to center! Yoshida scores! 7-2!!!!!

Yumoto flies out to left, but Bunri comes over the top with 5 runs! What will JAA do?

Top 3rd
One down for JAA and Fukui singles to right! Ikeda follows that one up with a grounder through to left! Runners on 1st and 2nd for JAA! Can they respond?

But Tanaka grounds to Kitte! He startst the 4-6-3 double play to end the inning!

Bottom 3rd
One down, Nakamura hits one to left center for another double! But Hamada strikes out Kitte and gets Jyunnousuke to fly out to right to end the inning!

Top 4th
Itou seems to have finally settled down as he retires the JAA batters in order.

Bottom 4th
Hamada has also settled down as well. He gives up a two out single to Yoshihito, but strikes out Itou looking to end the inning.

Top 5th
One down, Hamada grounds one to short, Jyunnouske has a beat on it, but it goes under his glove and into center! E6!

Yabe with hard comebacker! But Itou gets it! He starts the 1-6-3 double play! 3 out! Nihon Bunri turns their 2nd double play of the day!

Bottom 5th
Hamada gives up another hit, this time a one-out single to left. Ooi-kantoku has Nakamura bunt the runner along looking for a timely from Kitte. But he grounds to 3rd to end the inning. We head to the break with Nihon Bunri up by 5.

Top 6th
Itou for the 3rd straight inning faces the minimum. He adds 2 more K's to bring his total to 8.

Bottom 6th
One down for Bunri and Takeishi singles to left center! And he aggressively goes for 2nd and reaches safely!

After Yoshida flies out to right, Yoshihito singles through to right! Takeishi holds up at 3rd.

Runners at the corners for Itou.

And he crushes one to deep left! That ball screams out of the park!!! Nihon Bunri is certainly headed for the Best 8, now leading 10-2!!

That's it for Hamada... #10 Nakata comes in relief. Also, #12 Ishidzuka comes in to pinch hit for Yumoto.

But Nakata strikes out Ishidzuka to end the inning. Unfrortunatelyfor them it appears that JAA's run at Koshien will be coming to an end.

Top 7th
JAA I think now is starting to lost hope. Itou strikes out the side to increase his total to 11 for the game...

Bottom 7th
Wakabayashi opens the inning with a single to right. He tries to take 2nd, but gets thrown out by Okamoto.

Hirabayashi up, and he softly hits one down the right field line for a double. Kitte follows that up with a single through to left. Runners at the corners and one down for Bunri.

Jyunnousuke lifts a fly to center, scoring Nakamura. 11-2.

And Takeishi strikes out to end the inning...

Top 8th
#13 Matsui, pinch hitting for Nakata, breaks a string of 5 straight strikeouts with a grounder to 1st. However, Yabe strikes out to end the inning.

Botttom 8th
#7 Kitadera comes in to pitch while #17 Matsuki comes in for PH Matsui and takes left.

One down, Yoshihito drives a ball past Matsuki to the wall. He aggressively goes to 3rd and reaches safely!

Itou up, and they put the squeeze on. Kitadera makes the play at first as Yoshihito scores to make it 12-2.

Asatsuma grounds to 3rd to end the inning, and it's the last at-bats for the JAA squad.

Top 9th
#17 Yaguchi comes in for Yoshida and takes over duties in right. #16 Murayama comes in for Jyunnosuke and goes to 2nd. Kitte moves to SS.

Fukui with JAA first hit since the 3rd with a liner to left! That's to the wall for a double!

Oonishi grounds to 1st as Fukui goes to 3rd.

Tanaka follows that up with a chopper off of Itou's glove and into center! Fukui scores and JAA scores! 12-3!

Kitadera up, and he singles to center! Runners on 1st and 2nd!

Izumi with a single through the right side! Tanaka scores! 12-4! And I believe interference is called as Kitadera is being sent home buy the umpires! 12-5!

Really? It's only 3 runs, but JAA is fighting back?

#12 Ebisu comes in to pinch hit for Arakawa.

Ah! But he grounds to Kitte! He starts the 6-4-3 double play to end the game!

JAA tacks a couple of runs in the end, but it was all Nihon Bunri in this game, advancing to the Best 8 in the Natsu Koshien for the first time in the school's history!

As for Nihon Koukuu Ishikawa, their Koshien dreams end abruptly at the hands of Nihon Bunri. For the first timers, you can't fault them for taking it as hardly as they are. But at the same time, they have memories of their time here, as to their classmates and family.

Notable Players
Fukui (Nihon Koukuu Ishikawa) - 2-4, 2B, R
Kitadera (Nihon Koukuu Ishikawa) - 2-4, 3B, 2 R
Yoshida (Nihon Bunri) - 2-5, 2 2B, 2 R, 2 RBI
Itou (Nihon Bunri) -3-5, HR, R, 5 RBI

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