Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 2 - Game 4 (Take 3) - Kochi (Kochi) vs. Jyousuikan (Hiroshima)

I've beaten to death the previews. We've seen what the teams can do... Hopefully 3rd time's the charm.

Kochi (Kochi)
LF Ikechi (#18)
2B Tanaka
SS Nishioka
C Kinoshita
P Kumon
1B Ooishi
CF Hamaguchi
3B Yoshii
RF Okamoto

Jyousuikan (Hiroshima)
CF Yamada
RF Shiraiwa
2B Ariyama
C Miyamoto
P Kouno
SS Uyama
1B Kanao
LF Kinugawa
3B Morikane


5:02 PM - First pitch!

Top 1st
Ikechi hits a grounder to 2nd, but Ariyama boots it! E4 to start the game.

And then Tanaka pops up his bunt and Kouno doubles off Ikechi! 2 outs!

But Nishioka singles to left to put the runner back on. And a wild pitch sends him to 2nd! Kinoshita then singles to center, scoring Nishioka and putting Kochi up 1-0!

Kumon then hits a liner into the left-center field gap! Kinugawa runs over and makes the diving catch to save another run!

But Kochi once again takes the early lead!

Bottom 1st
Yamada leads things off with a single through the right side. But Kumon then retires the next 3 batters including 2 K's to end the inning.

Top 2nd
Ooishi leads off the 2nd with a drive to right center! That one hops the wall for a double! A handcuffed swing by Hamaguchi gets the runner to 3rd. And then Yoshii displays and puts down the squeeze! Kouno tries a glove toss like yesterday, but this time Ooishi is safe! 2-0 Kochi!

Okamoto moves him over to 2nd with a grounder to 1st, and it's back to the top of the lineup and Ikechi.

And he drives one deep down the left field line! That a double and Yoshii scores! 3-0 Kochi!

Kouno gets the last out, and once again, they have a 3-run lead.

Bottom 2nd
Kumon strikes out Kouno, then gives up a liner to left to Uyama. He K's Kanao, but then walk Kinugawa. So what will happen to Morikane?

He singles through the left side! Uyama races home and isn't contested! 3-1!!

Kumon shuts the door with a strike out of Yamada. Jyousuikan gets one back.

Top 3rd
Like yesterday, Kouno is pulled early. #10 Nishimi comes in at Kanao's position and takes the hill. Kouno moves to 1st.

Nishimi gets the first 2 outs quickly, but then yields a single to Kumon.

Ooishi K's looking though, and Nishimi shuts down the offense.

Bottom 3rd
As per custom, the lights are being turned on. And being the last game, 2 more umpires take the field to handle the lines.

Kumon gives up a one out single to Ariyama, but retires the rest, accumulating 2 more K's for 7 so far!

Top 4th
You know, I though to myself, since the weather is good, Kochi will win. I say that because when the weather was good, Kochi had the advanage - when it was bad, Jyousuikan had it. So far the trend continues.

Nishimi gives up a two-out single to last batter Okamoto, but he's stranded at 1st.

Bottom 4th
Kinugawa earns his 2nd walk of the game and the tying run comes to the plate in Morikane. But it's with 2 down, and Morikane goes down swinging. 8th K for Kumon.

Top 5th
Nishimi gives up a one out single to Nishioka. After a grounder advances him, the intentionally walk Kumon to get to Kinoshita.

And at a 2-2 count, Nishimi hits Kinoshita! Now it's manrui for Hamaguchi!

But Nishimi gets him on an offspeed pitch and they leave the basese loaded!

Bottom 5th
The K's continues to line up for Kumon. Yamada K's to start the inning. Shiraiwa K's for the 3rd time today. And Ariyama's K means a strikeout of the side. Things really don't look good for Jyousuikan.

Top 6th
First 1-2-3 inning for Nishimi and Jyousuikan. He's doing a fine job of keeping Kochi at bay, but needs the offense to step it up.

Bottom 6th
Jyousuikan finally gets a chance! Miyamoto singles back up the middle. After a grounder advances him to 2nd, Uyama singles to right! Runners at the corners for Nishimi!

He delivers! It's a single through the left side! Miyamoto scores and it's a one-run ball game! 3-2!!

But Kinugawa strikes out! 12 for Kumon. One more out and he's out of the jam! And Morikane grounds to short! Kumon preserves the lead!

Top 7th
Kochi with a chance to get back the run! Tanaka singles to center. After Nishioka hits a grounder advancing the runner, Kinoshita send the first ball to left! Runners at the corners with 1 down!

And they intentionally walk Kumon again! After that, Nishimi is relieved by #10 Ikechi.

But he falls behind 3-2, and then walks him! 4-2 Kochi.

And after an 2-0 count to Hamaguchi, Ikeuchi is once again relieved. This time by #16 Hamada, a 1st year. But he doesn't do any better to start, walking Hamaguchi to force in a run, 5-2.

And Yoshii with a single to right scores 2 runs! Kochi's blown it open now at 7-2.

And after a comebacker up the middle scoring Hamaguchi, Hamada is relieved. Kouno returns to the mound with Suzuki taking over 1st.

Two pitches later, Ikechi grounds into the DP to end the inning. It's 8-2 and almost insurmountable for Jyousuikan.

Bottom 7th
Yamada gets hit to start the inning, but Shiraiwa forces him out at 2nd, Ariyama flies out to center, and Shiraiwa gets caught stealing 2nd.

Top 8th
Kouno retires the side in order, but it's probably too late for it now...

Bottom 8th
And Miyamoto blasts the first pitch down the left field line! That one is out of here! But it's only 1 run and Jyousuikan is still behind 8-3.

Sadly, that's all they would get. Kouno would retire the next 3 batters and end the inning.

Top 9th
#13 Shiraishi, who came to PH for Suzuki in the 8th, is lifted for #12 Hironobe.

Kouno starts the 9th by plunking Kumon. After a sac bunt, he hits Hamaguchi too.

Perhaps to get the game over with, Shimada bunt pops out to Kouno for the 2nd out.

Or not. Okamoto singles up the middle past a diving Uyama and plates another run. 9-2.

Ikechi strikes out looking though, and Jyousuikan is down to their final 3 outs.

Bottom 9th
Morikane looks to extend the game a little longer with a base hit, but a DP ends the game.

Jyousuikan certainly had opportunities, but perhaps a bit of mismanagement cost them the game. Or perhaps the weather gods too. Either way, their summer is over and Kochi will move on.

The perpetual day 2 is over. We can finally move on to Day 3.


John said...

I can't help feeling bad for Jyousuikan after being ahead in both games losing this one by what looks like a blowout on paper... 9-3.

I though Nishimi had pretty good movement on his ball in this game and was quite surprised they pulled him... his location was a bit off but I was impressed with what I saw.

Asphyxiated said...

Are there any websites where the matches streamed live?

Goro Shigeno said...

Asphyxiated - Yes, follow my link to ABC's Koshien Site and you should see a live link there. After you click there, another link will popup that will get you to the live stream. Note though that the live link won't be available until about 5 minutes before the 1st game each day.