Saturday, July 23, 2016

Next ticket punched... Minami Hokkaido and Hokkai

Well, going in perhaps you thought that Sapporo Nichidai had at least a chance. They were a solid Tier 3* school and finally had their shot against maybe a Hokkai team that wasn't as strong as in other years.

*After a discussion yesterday, I should explain tiers. Tier 1 schools are like Osaka Touin, Seikou Gakuin, and Chiben Wakayama, who you could almost pen in to get to Koushien before the tournament starts. Tier 2 schools are most of the mainstays who go, but generally rotate with other schools - so Nichidai-san/Waseda Jitsugyou (Nishi Tokyo), Nishogakushadai Fuzoku/Kanto Dai-ichi (Higashi Tokyo), Hanamaki Higashi/Moriokadai Fuzoku (Iwate), etc. Tier 3 schools are schools who have either not gone to Koushien, or have gone very few times, but are always making deep runs in prefecture.

Anyways, as the game started, Hokkai got a double, a bunt, and a sac fly, and it was already 1-0 in the first. The next couple of innings were very tenuous for Sapporo Dai-ichi as Hokkai would continue to put baserunners on, but would hit into double plays to end the threat. Worse yet, Sapporo Dai-ichi was getting no-hit, and there wasn't even hope that they were going to get one.

In fact, they didn't get their first base runner until the 5th when they got a walk. And their first base hit wasn't until the 6th. By that time it would be too late as Hokkai would pull away with 6 unanswered. Sapporo Nichidai would prevent the shutout, but lose 7-2.

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