Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Natsu Koushien Qualifying - Championship recap (07.25)

6 more champions crowned yesterday, and while there were a lot of blowouts, there was still drama to be had - and some of the not so good variety.

Akita - Oomagari Kougyou
I had basically touted Kakunodate's Kogita Atsuya (小木田 敦也) who had earlier thrown a no-hitter. But at the same time I said that he had to finish the job.

He didn't.

Kakunodate did have the lead 7-3 going into the bottom of the 8th, but the dominant pitcher perhaps had run out of gas. The bases were loaded with no outs, and as the hits accumulated, the lead shrunk. The final nail in the coffin was a chopper in front of home. Kogita threw home, but the ball bounced away from the C allowing not only the runner from 3rd to score, but the trailing runner as well. That runner made it 8-7 Oomagari Kougyou, and Kakunodate would not have an answer in the 9th. Oomagai Kougyou claims their first title.

Kyoto - Kyoto Shouei
The offense that Kyoto Shouei showed did not slow down at all in the finals against Fukuchiyama Seibi. They got up 6-0 after 3 innings and cruised to an 11-1 win to claim their first ever Natsu title.

Okayama - Soushi Gakuen
Oh, this game was hard to watch. At least the end.

Tamano Kounan was on the verge of claiming their 4th title. They were up 1-0 into the top of the 9th with one out and a runner on 1st.

The ball seems to go out to the pitcher who started the 1-6-3 double play to end the game. Tamano Kounan charged the mound celebrating, but when they lined up Soushi Gakuen was not lining up.

Something was amiss.

The umpires then conferred at home, then went to the back screen where other officials were. The delay was very long, so long in fact that Tamano Kounan recalled their players to the dugout.

When the head umpire got on the mic, he ruled the batted ball went off the batter while in the box. It was therefore a foul ball and the game was in fact not over.

And you can imagine the reaction.

Soushi Gakuen were filled with more energy while Tamano Kounan's kantoku tried to rally the team.

But it would take a very strong willed team to be able to "re-get" those 2 outs.

It didn't happen. Not even close.

Soushi Gakuen would score 4 runs, and with a routine 9th, it would be them that would charge the mound as the declared champions.

Kagawa - Jinsei Gakuen
In my attempts to get my blog updated, I could only get one game going, and when I refreshed the main page to see that Jinsei Gakuen was up 4-1.

I caught the last part of the game and Takamatsu Shougyou looked rather punchless at the plate. And as a result, the Haru Koushien runner-ups are eliminated!

Saga - Karatsu Shougyou
Karatsu Shougyou had no problems defeating Saga Shougyou, and I think the extra day rest certainly had something to do with it, though we will obviously not now to what extent. 16-5 and they are on to Koushien.

Oita - Oita
Saiki Kakujyou and Oita were trading scoring chances throughout the game, and Saiki Kakujyou was able to answer Oita's 9th inning run with one of theirs to force enchousen. But it only lasted one inning when Oita broke it open with 6 runs effectively ending the game.

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