Sunday, July 24, 2016

Natsu Koushien Qualifying - Upcoming semifinals (07.24)

And now for the semifnals:

  • (S) Tounan vs. Fukuchiyama Seibi
  • Ritsumeikan Uji vs. (S) Kyoto Shouei
  • ⑤~⑧ Soushi Gakuen vs. ①~④ Okayama Sanyou
  • ⑤~⑧ Tamano Kounan vs. ⑤~⑧ Kurashiki Shougyou
  • (S) Jyosuikan vs. (S) Kouryou
  • (S) Iwatoku vs. (S) Hiroshima Shinjyou
All known teams, with Iwatoku the only Tier 3 school among them.

Weirdly, for as good as Jyosuikan and Kouryou are, it's been a while since they've seen each other in a tournament (2014 spring taikai). So it'll be interesting to see the pair face off, though perhaps both would have liked it to be the finals. Though, in looking at the other pairing, it might actually be the case as neither Iwatoku or Hiroshima Shinjyou have played anyone of note, and have either been in close games (Hiroshima Shinjyou) are suddenly running into a roadblock when things were going swimmingly in early rounds (Iwatoku). The same could be said for Jyosuikan and Kouryou, but both have their status on their side and for Kouryou, yesterday's 11-1 win was the first game they yielded a run.

  • (S) Ootemae Takamatsu vs. (S) Takamatsu Shougyou
  • Kanonji Chuo vs. Jinsei Gakuen
  • (S) Saga Shougyou vs. Imari
  • (S) Ryuukoku vs. Karatsu Shougyou

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