Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Natsu Koushien Qualifying - Today's finals (07.26)

9 finals, 6 streamed on Asahi. We are slowly getting to the nitty gritty here.

Ibaraki - 1800 PDT (Not streamed)
  • (S) Jyousou Gakuin v Meishuu Hitachi
Meishuu Hitachi ace Hosokawa Seiya (細川 成也) single-handedly was defeated Kasumigaura. He hit a 3-run HR, struck out 11 and gave up just 4 hits. He's starting to get on the radar, especially since he can supposedly hit 145 on the radar gun. But there's still not much info on him.

So perhaps this won't be as clearcut as Jyousou Gakuin would have though despite soundly defeating Shimotsuma Dai-ni 6-2. If they have anything to lean on, it's that Meishuu Hitachi's offense outside of Hosokawa was basically non-existent.

Chiba - 1800 PDT (Asahi)
  • ⑨~⑯ Shiritsu Funabashi v ⑤~⑧ Kisaradzu Sougou 
My concerns with Narashino were well founded as they fell 5-1 to Shiritsu Funabashi who looks to take their first title in 9 years.

Kisaradzu Sougou came back from down 5-1 to defeat Chiba Keizaidai Fuzoku, passing yet another test adding to Toukaidai Ichihara Bouyou and Senshuudai Matsudo.

The onus is squarely on Shiritsu Funabashi to prove it belongs in the final.

Ishikawa - 2100 PDT (Asahi)
  • (S) Seiryou v Nihon Koukuu Ishikawa
Sadly for Komatsu Ootani, they couldn't keep up with Seiryou, and perhaps their time as a title contender is slowly passing them by. Unless they can continue to reload the ranks like a team like Seiryou can, their one chance for Koushien may have passed them by...

Yuugakukan will not be able to defend their title as they were unable to stop the Nihon Koukuu Ishikawa offense, yielding 8 runs. What they did to, was to dent the pitching for 5 runs, something none of the other schools were able to to do. And with Nihon Koukuu Ishikawa using a committee of pitchers, one wonders if it is finally hitting its limit. And Seiryou will certainly be a big test.

Fukui - 1800 PDT (Asahi)
  • Fukui Shougyou v Hokuriku
Fukui Shougyou was able to beat Okuetsu Meisei comfortably in the end, but did trail 2-0 after 4. So it wasn't a wire-to-wire win.

I thought Sakai would make things tough for Hokuriku, but instead it was the other way around as Hokuriku never trailed in their 5-1 victory.

I'm puzzled now. I think Fukui Shougyou is still the favorite, but there's a lot of question marks about Hokuriku that in the end may amount to a whole lot of bupkis.

Shiga - 2030 PDT (Asahi)
  • Oumi v Takashima
That bump in the road became a flat tire for Shiga Gakuen, as while they led 1-0 early, Oumi would score 6 unanswered runs to win 7-2.

Takashima defeated Shiga Tankidai Fuzoku 3-1 to reach the final, but it really didn't help me at all figure them out. At this point I think it's all on their ace Nishimura Tokiwa (西村 常) to hold down the fort. I don't think Takashima can win a high scoring game, so he'll need to throw donuts onto the scoreboard.

Hiroshima - 2100 PDT (Asahi)
  • (S) Jyosuikan v (S) Hiroshima Shinjyou
Didn't see that one coming. Jyousuikan throws a 3-hit shutout in a 10-0 win of Kouryou. Kouryou gave up just 1 run going into that game.


Hiroshima Shinjyou had a somewhat comfortable win over Iwatoku 4-1, but you have to think Jyosuikan is scary at this point.

Kumamoto - 1830 PDT (Asahi)
  • (S) Shuugakukan v (S) Kyushu Gakuin
Shuugakukan has to have the inside track after basically eliminating Buntoku early with 3 runs in the 1st and 2nd innings to win 7-1.

Kyushu Gakuin defeated Chiharadai 3-1, but it could have easily been more given they had 12 hits and 7 walks. The lack of scoring with all those baserunners is concerning, especially when you ratchet up the competition to face Shuugakukan.

Kagoshima (Replay) - 2105 PDT (Asahi)
  • (S) Kagoshima Jitsugyou v (S) Shounan
There isn't much else to say other than this replay does not help Shounan at all. At this point it all hinges on whether the pitching for Shounan can hold. If it can, then they have a chance. Otherwise it may be over before it starts.


cheungzz said...

Hi, thanks for always posting these updates!

Lately all the finals have been streamed on TV Asahi and I have been wondering how you have been watching these (assuming you are!)

I'm not from Japan so are there internet sites you could direct me to so I can watch the prefectural finals live? (and even the main competition)


Goro Shigeno said...

It's on the main Asahi koushien site. I think I've linked it through my twitter account.