Sunday, July 20, 2014

Where we stand (Part 3 - Central)

Gotta keep going, we're going to crown our first qualifier today...

Wakayama - Best 8 (en route)
Regardless of the fact that Minoshima won last year, it's still Chiben Wakayama's prefecture. Despite the slow start in their first game, Kishigawa took the brunt of the damage in a 10-0 win.  Ito will be up next for the monarchs of the prefecture.

Minoshima was in some trouble today versus Wakayama Higashi, but 7 runs in the late stages helped push them to a 8-6 win.  They may not be the ones to take on Chiben this year.  Minabe and Wakayama Shougyou will play for the right to take on Minoshima next.

The rest of the games in the Best 16 are:
  • Shiritsu Wakayama v. Tanabe Kougyou
  • Kouyasan v. Kouyou
  • Kioukan v. Seirin
  • Tanabe v. Naga
Kyoto - Best 8 (en route)
Wow, I can't even recognize a lot of the teams that have made the Round of 16.
  • Kita-Saga v. Ayabe - Nishio and Kuroda make a single run stick today for the win
  • Ryuukokudai Heian v. Kyoto Kokusai
  • Higashiyama v. Nishi-Jyouyou
  • Otokuni v. Fukuchiyama Seibi
  • Seizan v. Yamashiro
  • Hokuryou v. Higashi-Uji
  • Rakutou v. Kyoto Subaru
  • Kumiyama v. Katsura
Wow, outside of the normal schools (plus Kyoto Subaru and Otokuni), I don't really recognize the teams.

And then there's the fact that Ryuukokudai Heian continues to play low-scoring games in advancing (though they just put up 5 runs to perhaps put Kyoto Kokusai in their place).

Fukuchiyama Seibi started slow, but did record a mercy rule win last over Horikawa. It will not get any easier as Otokuni defeated Kyoto Seishou, and Kyoto Shouei.  Not bad.

The bottom half is filled with unknowns because there were some upsets.  Ritsumeikan Uji? Gone yesterday at the hands of Hokuryou 2-1.  Kyoto Gaidai Nishi? Gone as well, having trailed Rakutou 3-1 in their opening game before finding a way to tie it in the 9th but eventually lost 4-3 in 11.  Might be a change for Kyoto Subaru to finally make some hay.

Tottori - Best 8 (en route)
They just started the Round of 16 play yesterday (they can take their time with just 24 schools).

Tottori Nishi could find the equalizer, but not the go-ahead as they fell to Kurayoshi Higashi 3-2 in 10.  Yazu continued to increase their run production each inning in a 19-0 win over Kurayoshi Nougyou.

Today Tottori Jyouhoku never trailed but played the full 9 against Yonago Shouin in a 5-2 win.  Yonago Kita meanwhile put crooked numbers up early and won 9-2 over Iwami 9-2 in 7.

Shimane - Round of 16
Shimane with just 39 teams means that for many, just 1 win gets you to the round of 16:
  • Taisha v. Matsue Kougyou
  • Matsue Nourin v. Matsue Higashi
  • Yasu v. Gotsu
  • Hamada v. Izumo Nishi
  • Kaisei v. Risshoudai Shounan
  • Izumo v. Iwamichisuikan
  • Shimane Chuo v. Izumo Shougyou
  • Meisei v. Daitou
 Many teams will breathe a sigh of relief as at least two of the strong schools will be eliminated (Kaisei, Risshoudai Shounan, Iwamichisuikan).

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