Thursday, July 24, 2014

4 more champions crowned and what's on deck today

So here's what happened yesterday as all 4 title games started together:

Minami Hokkaido
Man, I had wanted Otaru Chouryou to win the title. And they had a dream matchup in the final in Toukai Dai-yon who is a good team, but not top echelon.

The game absolutely flew by.  Toukai Dai-yon scored a run in the first, and then it was a sprint to the finish, with both sides attacking early and often.

The game lasted 83 minutes.  83!  And Otaru Chouryou was just out-matched, or you could say that they kinda played themselves out of the game with how quickly they played.  Either way, Toukai Dai-yon takes advantage of the opportunity with the open bracket and they will book their flights.

When I saw that Kakunodate had advanced to the final, I was so happy for them. Last year ended in heartbreak versus Akita Shougyou in the 15th inning.  I wanted them so badly to get to Koushien.

But they were playing Noshiro Shouyou (fka Noshiro Shougyou), and it was pouring down rain.  For the underdog, perhaps things weren't in their favor again.

Yet it was Kakunodate who had put pressure on Noshiro Shouyou early, finally breaking through in the 3rd with a run, and then adding a pair after that.  But with the elements making things miserable, ace Souma would give chances for Noshiro to get back in the game.  But time and time again they got out of the jam.

One final pinch in the 9th, runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs, Noshiro gets a base hit.  Inexplicably, the runner from 2nd tries to take home on the shallow ball, and is easily thrown out at home to end the game and give Kakunodate the title!

Saga Kita was out on a mission to return to Koushien and found themselves just 1 game away and Saga Kougyou left in their way.

Kita took the lead right off the bat, and perhaps one thought that they could run away with it.

Not so much, and actually Kougyou would score in the 4th and another in the 5th to actually take the lead!  Didn't last long though as Kita would tie it immediately thereafter.  Kita would continue to make chances, but were unable to capitalize.  And so the game went to enchousen.

And unfortunately, it would appear that an error would decide the game.  A SS error from Kougyou would give Kita the 3-2 lead in the 10th.

Undaunted, somehow with 2 outs, Kougyou would load the bases!  And a tweet I saw had a picture of a 3-1 count.  Yet reliever Fukui found a way to get a K to end the game and send Saga Kita back to Koushien.

Nisshou Gakuen would have to get past Nichinan Gakuen to win the Miyazaki title.  I don't have much information regarding the game, except that Nichinan Gakuen held Nisshou Gakuen to just 4 hits.  Nichinan got only 5 themselves, but made the most of it, scoring a pair of runs in the 2nd and made that stick to take the title for the 7th time.

So that covers yesterday.  Today we have the following
  • Kita Hokkaido - Kushiro Kougyou v. Bushuukan
  • Aomori - Aomori v. Hachinohe Gakuen Kousei
  • Iwate - Hanamaki Higashi v. Moriokadai Fuzoku
  • Yamagata - Sakata Minami v. Yamagata Chuo
  • Oita - Oita 6x-5 Meihou (10 inn) *This will be covered later
  • Kagoshima - Kanoya Chuo v. Kamimura Gakuen

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JH said...

As we look at the last year's Best 8, what we see is a tragedy.

Maebashi Ikuei: Gone!
Nobeoka Gakuen: Gone!
Nichidai Yamagata: Gone!
Hanamaki Higashi: Gone!
Jyousou Gakuin: Gone!
Toyama Daiichi: Gone!
Naruto: Holding a close lead against Tokushima Kita, but they probably will lose to Ikeda at the semifinal.
Meitoku Gijyuku: Still alive. Probably has the prospect among them to reach Koshien.