Monday, July 21, 2014

Two more titles determined (ugh...)

I'm going to make this short because the results depress me.

In Miyagi, Sanuma gives their best effort at Rakuten Kobo Stadium against Rifu, and actually rally to tie the game at 2 in the 5th.  But Rifu edges ahead with a run in the 6th, and Sanuma can't find the equalizer.  They fall just short 3-2.

Yamanashi was more heartbreaking for me.  Trailing 3-1 in the 7th, Nihon Koukuu scores 7 runs to lead 8-3.  But they can't hold it.  2 in the 8th makes it a 8-5 game.  Then an error by their 2B extended the game, and allowed Toukaidai Koufu to not only tie the game, but take the 9-8 lead.  Nihon Koukuu winds up the bridesmaids yet again, falling this time to Toukaidai Koufu 9-8...

I get to go to bed depressed.


JH said...

-I haven't paid much attention to Yamanashi until now, but my loyalty is now devoted to Nihon Aviation. (Why do they remind my of 2006 Kanzei....)

-In Saga, 2007 whiz Saga Kita reaches the final, prevailing in a close-fought 11-inning battle against Sagashou. In the final they would facing Saga Koukou. Saga Kita's pitching tandem of Yokoo and Fukui recalls our memory of Baba and Kubo. Would the kouhais reenact the success of their seniors?

-In Aomori, Aomori High stages an unbelievable 9th inning 5-run rally for a 5-3 comeback win, and the victim's name is Aomori Yamada. The final matchup would be Hachinohe Gakuin Kosei vs. Aomori High. (Wonder if Sai's still in Japan, cheering for his teammates.)

JH said...

Gah!!!! In Chiba, Narashino is gone! What's wrong with my luck in baseball this year?