Saturday, October 19, 2013

Aki Taikai Recap-to-date - Hokushinetsu Super-Regional

The draw for the Hokushinetsu Super-Regional wound up being very lopsided.  Don't believe it?

Left Side
  • Ishikawa-ken Kougyou (Ishikawa 2) vs. Chikyuu Kankyou (Nagano 2)
  • Fukui Koudai Fukui (Fukui 1) vs. Shin-Minato (Toyama 3)
  • Nagano Nishi (Nagano 3) vs. Toyama Dai-ichi (Toyama 1)
  • Tsuruga Kehi (Fukui 4) vs. Nihon Bunri (Niigata 1)
Right Side
  • Tsubata (Ishikawa 1) vs. Chuuetsu (Niigata 3)
  • Toyama Shougyou (Toyama 2) vs. Hokuriku (Fukui 2)
  • Komatsu Ootani (Ishikawa 3) vs. Toukai Dai-san (Nagano 1)
  • Niigata Meikun (Niigata 2) vs. Harue Kougyou (Fukui 3)
And the left side of the bracket appears to be more stacked than the right side.

Well, oddly enough the games on the left side were mostly lopsided.  Chikyuu Kankyou, Toyama Dai-ichi and Nihon Bunri were not challenged by their opponents.  In the other game, Shin-Minato used a 5-run 3rd to take a 5-2 lead, but could not hold it the remainder of the game. They pulled within 1 in the 9th, but fell 7-6.

On the other half, it was a little better.  We won't see Harue Kougyou though as they were mercy ruled by Niigata Meikun 12-2 in 8 innings.  And as for Tsubata, they won the prefecture, but didn't get any further losing to Chuuestu 6-0.  But Toyama Shougyou forced enchousen after scoring a run in the final 3 innings.  Sadly in the 11th, the pitching would fall apart giving Hokuriku a 9-3 win.  And Toukai Dai-san made a run in the 1st and 2nd innings hold up in a 2-0 win over Komasu Ootani.

In the quarterfinals, Chikyuu Kankyou and Fukui Koudai Fukui played into enchousen - but just for 1 inning as back-to-back doubles gave Chikyuu Kankyou the win in the bottom of the 10th.  They will face a game Nihon Bunri squad as Toyama Dai-ichi couldn't repeat their performance of the summer as they were shutout 4-0.

We actually have a chance to have the 2nd straight year of Hokushinetsu representatives coming from the same prefecture (Nagano) because Toukai Dai-san pulled off a stunning upset of Niigata Meikun, taking a 7-0 lead before holding on to win 7-5.  They will play Hokuriku who scored a run in the 9th to defeat Chuuetsu 2-1.

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