Monday, October 21, 2013

86th Haru Koushien - Third Super-Regional Champ crowned, scratch so far

The all-Nagano final was not to be.  Chikyuu Kankyou (Nagano 2) gave Nihon Bunri (Niigata 1) a great fight, sent the semifinal into enchousen, but ace Hoshino couldn't hold on falling 4-3 in 10 innings.

Meanwhile, Toukai Dai-san (Nagano 1) continued their solid run leading Hokuriku (Fukui 2) wire-to-wire 5-2 to make the championship game.

The final finished up a couple of hours ago, and looking at the boxscore, it looks like Toukai Dai-san tried to take the fight to Nihon Bunri early on with a 4-0 lead, but Nihon Bunri rallied not once, but twice sending the game to enchousen tied at 5-5.

In the 11th, Hirabayashi would give it up for Toukai Dai-san, as with one out a walk, single, double steal followed by intentional walk would load the bases for 3B Ikeda who would deliver the sayonara hit to give Nihon Bunri the title.

While Toukai Dai-san's key games are both against the Niigata representatives, I expect them to be the 2nd representative out of Hokushinetsu.

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