Saturday, October 19, 2013

86th Haru Koushien - Second ticket punched!

Well, we have our second "automatic" invitation for next year's Haru Koushien!

We had a possibility for an all-Aomori final with Aomori Yamada and (Hachinohe Gakuin) Kousei in the semifnals.

However, in the first semifinal, Touryou actually took hold of the game with a 3-run 2nd inning and eliminated Aomori Yamada 4-1!  So that intra-prefectual final was not possible anymore.

Of course, attention was really focused on the 2nd semifinal with Kousei facing Hanamaki Higashi.  True to form, it was a pitching duel between Hosokawa for Hanamaki Higashi and Nakagawa/Baba for Kousei.  Though Hanamaki Higashi took a 1-0 lead in the 1st, a wild pitch from Hosokawa in the 3rd tied the game.  Then in the 5th, Fukue delivered a timely hit to score the gyakuten run.  Kousei would hold Hanamaki Higashi off to win 2-1.

With that out of the way, they went to their bullpen for the finals against Touryou and easily won 13-2 to claim their 4th title and first in 2 years.  This all but guarantees that Kousei will go to Haru Koushien in the spring.

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