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Day 8 - Game 3 - Waseda Jitsugyou (Nishi Tokyo) vs. Chuukyoudai Chuukyou (Aichi)

How perfect is it for the koukouyakyuu fan that you could spend your Saturday afternoon watching a game between 2 teams such as Waseda Jitsugyou and Chuukyoudai Chuukyou?

And believe me, the stadium was packed from this morning just for THIS game.

Waseda Jitsugyou (Nishi Tokyo)
3B Shigenobu Shinnousuke
SS Manabe Kenta
CF Yasuda Konsu
RF Onoda Shunsuke
C Tsuchiya Ryouta
1B Sugai Natsuki
2B Fuzukzawa Kouta
LF Kakinuma Yousuke
P Suzuki Kensuke

Chuukyoudai Chuukyou (Aichi)
RF Ogiso Ryou
1B Kawamoto Takeshi (#6)
SS Morimoto Jyunpei (#1)
C Isomura Yoshitaka
LF Iwaikawa Yuuta
3B Horii Yasuhiro
2B Fujinami Daisuke
P Asano Fumiya (#10)
CF Iwatsuki Yuuma


14:00 - First Pitch!

Top 1st
Early trouble for 2nd year Asano. One down, Manabe grounds one back up the middle. The Manabe gets "hit" by a pitch.

That sets up a chance situation for Onoda.

He hits one to the left of 2nd. Horii in front of it, AHHH!!!!

He whiffs on the bounce and it goes into center! Manabe comes in to score and it's 1-0 Waseda! The oen-dan starts singing Konpeki no sora...

Tsuchiya with a first pitch hit to left! Yasuda scores and it's 2-0 Soujitsu!

Sugai with a swinging bunt. Horii charges, AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horii MISSES THE BALL!!! He goes back to get it, but it's too late!! ALL SAFE!!!

This is real bad... I mean...


Fukazawa with a drive to left!!! Iwaikawa running back, and it's over his head!!


Fukazawa in with a double and it's 5-0 Soujitsu!!!

Asano records the 2nd out as Kakinuma grounds to 2nd.

But the hit parade continues!!!

Suzuki lines one to left! Fukazawa stops at 3rd.

Back to the top of the order and Shigenobu... He lines one to right! That scores another! It's 6-0!

Manabe then collects his 2nd hit of the inning as he singles to center scoring Suzuki! 7-0!!

Yasuda singles through the right side!!! Manrui for Soujtsu!!

Finally, Oofuji-kantoku pulls the plug. Morimoto goes to the mound, Kawamoto goes to short, and #3 Fukushima Hirotaka comes in Asano's place.

Onoda up for the 2nd time. Drives one to deep center!!!

Iwatsuki gets under it and the inning is finally over.

A hush surrounds Koushien. They are wondering if what they just saw was really real. 13 batters, 8 hits, 7 runs...

Is this the matchup we were expecting??

Bottom 1st
So, how exactly will Chuukyou respond down 7. More importantly, how will Soujitsu respond to being up this much, this early??

Ogino starts it off with a single just out of the arms of Fukazawa. Kawamoto grounds back to Suzuki, who goes to 2nd. Fukazawa and Manabe almost collide, but Fukazawa makes the catch for the force.

Morimoto with a single to the right side. Kawamoto holds at 2nd...


For some reason Onoda throws the ball to 3rd and airmails EVERYTHING!!!!!

It goes in the camera well. The umpires convene and give Kawamoto home, and Morimoto 2nd on the error. So Chuukyou gets one back at 7-1.

And now Isomura walks?? What the heck is going on here???

Top 2nd
Tsuchiya singles to the right side. Will the hit parade continue?

Soujitsu will play for the run. Sugai bunts him over.

But Morimoto gets Fukazawa to fly out to center, and Kakinuma strikes out to end the inning.

Bottom 2nd
Defensive change for Waseda? #14 Matsui Yoshinari comes in for Kakinuma. Perhaps because he's the only one outside of Sugai without a hit???

Horii with a single to right! One run an inning will make up the deficit...

No bunting though. Fujinami swings away and flies out to left.

New 1B Fukushima up, and he hits a grounder to the left of 2nd. Manabe dives, and has it!!! He tosses from the ground to Fukazawa for one, throw to first... beats a diving Fukushima!! Another double play!!

[Insert diving @ 1st base comment here]

Top 3rd
Suzuki with a leadoff hit through the right side!

Shigenobu follows that with a single to left! Runners at 1st and 2nd as Oofuji-kantoku calls for a conference...

Manabe with the bunt. Morimoto goes to 2nd, but it's wide! But Horii makes a great lunge to get the ball and stay on the bag for the out!! (Although high priority it to secure the ball first).

Yasuda grounds to 2nd. Fujinami, falling away from 2nd makes the throw for the out, but the relay is late at 1st.

Onoda with a comebacker that Morimoto fields. Goes to 1st for the out, and potential disaster avoided...

Bottom 3rd
2 down for Chuukyou and Kawamoto singles to center.

With Morimoto up, Kawamoto takes off for 2nd! The pitch was a waste pitch, but Tsuchiya still couldn't throw him out!

But Morimoto goes down on strikes and the opportunity goes away...

Top 4th
Another relatively quiet inning for Morimoto, retiring the side almost in order as he hit Sugai.

Bottom 4th
Isomura with a single to right to start it off.

Iwaikawa with the grounder to the left side. Manabe with another diving stop! Tosses to 2nd for one, but the relay to 1st isn't in time. Another fine play by Manabe!!

Horii in an 8-pitch AB hits a fly down the right field line. Onoda goes over and makes a sliding catch in foul territory for the 2nd out.

And Fujinami grounds to Shigenobu for the 3rd out.

Looks like the teams have settled down now, but that's bad news for Chuukyou if they really want to get back in this game...

Top 5th
Suzuki gets a favorable bounce as it hops over Kawamoto's glove and into center.

Shigenobu singles to right, and Manabe lines one over Kawamoto's head into left, and it's manrui for Soujitsu!

Oofuji with another conference....

No help. Yasuda singles to center and Suzuki and Shigenobu come in to score. 9-1...

Onoda with a single to left. Manabe holds and it's manrui again.....

Tsuchiya swings at a pitch outside for the first out of the inning...

The hit line continues. Sugai chops one off the ground and over Horii's head and into left. 2 more runs come in to score and it's 11-1 now...

Oh boy....

Fukazawa grounds to 2nd. Fujinami with the ball, but drops it! Everyone's safe, and it's manrui Soujitsu AGAIN.

Matsui with a single to left past a drawn in infield. 2 more score and it's 13-1....

Suzuki steps in and Soujitsu has gone through the lineup AGAIN. Suzuki walks. Manrui.

Shigenobu with a single back up the middle. 2 more score. 15-1...

Manabe with the bunt. Horii charging in has it. No throw! Manrui again...

Yasuda singles up the middle, you get the idea, 17-1.

Onoda with a drive to right center. Bases clearing double. 19-1...

And Oofuji-finally makes the change, #11 Takeuchi Hirotaka comes in for Kawamoto and takes the hill. Morimoto goes to short.

He starts out by striking out Tsuchiya for the 2nd out. In fact, Tsuchiya's represented both outs so far, and both K's.

Sugai with a liner to right! Ogiso charging in , dives...

And makes the catch!!!

Ogiso using every ounce of his being to make that catch to retire the side.

But 19-1? 19-1???? Where did this come from? And what happened to Chuukyou?

Bottom 5th
Fukushima is hit to start the inning. No point in bunting now.

Iwatsuki flies out to left. Ogiso grounds into a fielders choice, and Takeuchi flies out to center.

We head to the break, and I think the entire nation is stunned.

Top 6th
Well, would you look at that. Rarely used Takeuchi manages a 1-2-3 inning! Chuukyou back to pick up the sticks.

Bottom 6th
Two down, Iwaikawa grounds to 1st. Sugai slides over to field it. But it goes off his glove for an error.

Horii though flies out to center to end the inning.

Top 7th
Takeuchi walks Shigenobu to start the inning. Manabe grounds to 1st, and Fukushima goes to 2nd to get the lead runner.

Yasuda with a nubber up the 1st base line. Fukushima tries to toss it to Takeuchi, but Takeuchi is way late in getting there. Fujinami alertly picks it up, throws to 3rd and they get Manabe tries to advance an extra base.

Onoda with a deep drive to right center, but Iwatsuki gets a great jump and runs it down.

Bottom 7th
Chuukyou goes quietly in order. I'm not sure what they're thinking right now.

I don't even know what I would be thinking if I were in their position. Would you?

Top 8th
Not again...

One down, Sugai grounds up the middle. Morimoto runs over, gathers it, then throws wide of 1st. Sugai goes to 2nd. Then Fukazawa walks. Is this another big inning.

No! Matsui lines one right at Fukushima who goes to the bag to double up Fukuzawa to end the inning.

Bottom 8th
Ogiso with a drive to deep left center! The ball goes off the wall, and Ogiso is in with a leadoff double!

#17 Kojima Kazuki comes in to PH for Takeuchi and hits a soft single to left.

Morimoto with a single through the right side, that scores Ogiso to make it 19-2.

Wild pitch by Suzuki moves the runners up 90 feet.

Isomura walks on 4 straight and it's manrui for Chuukyou. Sadly, this really isn't a pinch situation.

Iwaikawa strikes out swinging on a inside change for the first out.

Horii lines one to center and everyone moves up 90 feet. 19-3.

Fujinami grounds to 3rd. Waseda concedes another run, 19-4.

Fukushima with a base hit through the left side! Isomura scores. Horii is sent home. Matsui with the strong throw, and they have Horii at home. 19-5, and if you asked me I would have held the runner. That run didn't matter (yet).

Top 9th
#15 Taniguchi Yuuta comes in for PH Kojima and takes over at short. Morimoto takes the mound again for the 9th, much like Doubayashi last year.

Unfortunately, it seems to go much the same. He walks Suzuki to start the inning. Shigenobu doubles to right center scoring one, 20-5.

Masabe doubles to center, scoring another. 21-5.

Yasuda with a slicer down the left field line... Iwaikawa runs over, dives.. and makes the catch!

Onoda with a grounder to 3rd. They go to 2nd to try and get the runner there. They don't but they still get Onoda at 1st.

And Tsuchiya flies out to left to end the inning.

Bottom 9th
One down, Ogiso grounds to 2nd. Fukazawa stops it but can't get a handle on the ball, and his throw to 1st is late. E4.

Oh? Something's happened to Sugai. I couldn't tell what happened, but he goes over to the treatment area.

He comes out and tells #16 Watanabe Takuya to come in at 1st.

Taniguchi draws a walk, and #16 Suzuki Hiroki comes in for him at 1st.

Morimoto with a single, but it hits Suzuki and he's out. Tough luck. (btw, that was the 2nd time this tournament a ball has hit a runner in play.)

Isomura with a single to left. Ogiso scores to make it 21-6.

Iwaikawa with another single to left. Suzuki holds at 3rd. Manrui for Chuukyou.

But Horii flies out to center to end the game.

This was just a bizarre game on all accounts. Waseda going through their lineup twice - scoring 21 runs total. The complete and utter meltdowns of both Asano and Morimoto in a game that was billed as a blockbuster pitchers' duel.

I'm not sure what to make of this game, but perhaps I can put some perspective to this game tomorrow...

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