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Day 11 - Game 3 - Houtoku Gakuen (Hyogo) vs. Saga Gakuen (Saga)


Houtoku Gakuen (Hyogo)
CF Yashiro Kazuma
2B Tani Koushirou
3B Nakashima ?
1B Koshii Yuuki
C Morita Kouki
LF Kinoshita Yuuki
RF Urasaki Hiromasa
P Oonishi Kazunari
SS Haseba Takashi

Saga Gakuen (Saga)
CF Kitamura Gouki
LF Shibasaki Takaya
1B Yamaguchi Shouta
RF Noguchi Shouhei
3B Urase Keisuke
P Mineshita Tomohiro
C Kaihara Tatsunori
2B Ootani Ryouhei
SS Shibasaki Shouya


14:30 - First Pitch!

Top 1st
Not a bad start for Mineshita as he retires the side quickly, capped by a strikeout of Nakashima

Bottom 1st
Oonishi matches Mineshita to start the games, also retiring the side in order.

Top 2nd
One down and Mori singled back up the middle. Kinoshita isn't bunting, and instead grounds out to short. Shouya goes to 2nd for one, but Kinoshita is too speedy to be doubled off.

Speaking of speed, he takes off for 2nd and Kaihara's throw to 2nd is wild! He advances to 3rd on the error! Urasaki though pops up to Urase in foul territory to end the inning.

Bottom 2nd
Noguchi with a comebacker to Oonishi, but it goes off his glove and deflects to the right side for a base hit! Urase bunts him along to 2nd.

Mineshita with a single to left, but Noguchi has to hold at 3rd.

Kaihara in a long AB against Oonishi finally gets the job done as he hits a deep fly to left center! Yashiro is under it, but it's good enough to score Noguchi making it 1-0!

Ootani with a single down the left field line! Runners at 1st and 2nd for Saga!

Nagata-kantoku calls for a conference.

Shouya strikes out to end the inning, but Saga takes the 1-0 lead!

Top 3rd
Oonishi singles back up the middle off the glove of Mineshita! Houtoku quickly looking to get back that run!

And after a long AB, Yashiro hits a single that outruns Ootani into right! Oonishi advances to 3rd.

Conference called by Kose-kantoku.

Hit and run! And Tani slaps it the other way for a basehit! Oonishi scores and Yashiro advances to 3rd! 1-1, Douten!

And now Tani takes off for 2nd! Throw from Kaihara is high and he slides in safely!

But Mineshita strikes out Nakashima on a change for the 2nd out! One more and he's out of the inning!

Koshii with a swinging bunt! Urase charges in, throws to 1st... SAFE! Yashiro scores from 3rd and Houtoku has the lead! 2-1!!

Mori chops one back to Mineshita and he goes to 1st to end the inning. But Houtoku Gakuen takes the lead!!

Bottom 3rd
Takaya takes a 4-pitch walk with one down.

AH!!! And then he's picked off when he gets inattentive after a missed bunt attempt!

Yamaguchi flies out to center and that's the inning.

Top 4th
Kinoshita with a 8 pitch walk to start the inning - sac bunt moves him for Oonishi.

And Oonishi drives one to deep right! Noguchi chases it to the wall as Oonishi is in with an RBI triple! 3-1 Houtoku!

Haseba with a fly to left! Takaya with the catch on the left field line! Oonishi tagging up! Takaya throws to Shouya who throws home! And Kaihara with the nice block at the plate to get Oonishi out!

Saga prevents another run from scoring, but find themselves down 2 now.

Bottom 4th
Urase with a one-out single to left. Mineshita not swinging away but hit a chopper. Oonishi goes to 2nd for the force.

Kaihara repeats the play for the third out.

Top 5th
Tani lines past a diving Yamaguchi into right.

Nakashima with a grounder to the right side. Shouya with the stop but he has to eat it!

And now Koshii with a grounder up the middle! That's past a diving Ootani into center! Tani comes in to score and it's now 4-1 Houtoku!

Mineshita retires the next 2 batters to end the inning, but Houtoku continues to add on to their lead!

Bottom 5th
Meanwhile, Saga can't do anything against Oonishi. They go down in order here in the 5th and as we head to the break, they trail the hometown team by 3.

Top 6th
Urasaki with a single to center to start the inning, and is bunted over.

After a flyout to right, Yashiro singles to left! Urasaki holds at 3rd.

Tani with a ball to shallow center! Kitamura running in, diving, and it's off his glove! Urasaki scores, Yashiro all the way from 1st scores on the bloop double making it 6-1!

And now Tani takes off for 3rd! Throw is slightly offline and he's in safely!

Mineshita finally puts an end to the inning with a groundout from Nakashima and the inning is over. Two more runs for Houtoku, and the dream is fading quickly for Saga Gakuen.

Bottom 6th
Yamaguchi with a one-out single to left and is bunted along to try and get a run back here.

Urase does just that when he singles through the left side! Kinoshita tries to throw home, but Haseba's relay not fielded by Morita and that makes it 6-2.

Yamashita follows that up with a liner to left. And now Kaihara singles to right! Manrui for Saga! A gapper here could bring them within 1!

Kose-kantoku elects to pinch hit #14 Tominaga Ikuho for Ootani...


Oonishi strikes out Tominaga to end the threat! Saga Gakuen's best chance to get in the ball game is lost!

Top 7th
Changes for Saga Gakuen. #11 Hayano Kouki comes in for PH Tominaga and goes to 2nd. Yamaguchi takes the hill for Saga while Mineshita goes to 1st.

Koshii draws a leadoff walk, and is bunted to 2nd.

Kinoshita then hits one into left center! That's in for a double and Koshii scores to make it 7-2.

Urasaki with a grounder back up the middle, and that's through to center. Kinoshita scores making it 8-2.

Yamaguchi retires the next two batters, and at this point it they may have just conceded the game.

Bottom 7th
Saga tries to mount a 2-out rally. Takaya singles to left, then Yamaguchi singles under a diving Haseba for a base hit. That brings out Nagata-kantoku for a conference while #11 Tamura goes back to the bullpen to warm up.

Noguchi pops up to short, and that ends the inning.

Top 8th
Yamaguchi gives up a 2-out triple to Nakashima, but leaves him stranded when Koshii pops up to left.

Bottom 8th
One down and Mineshita singles to left. Kaihara follows that with a shot to left! Kinoshita bobbles the ball! Mineshita running at full speed scores from 1st to make it 8-3.

That's it for Oonishi. #11 Tamura Ichirou is sent in to relieve him.

#16 Uemura Shouhei comes in to PH for Hayano. He draws a walk. #17 Kitamura Hikari runs for him.

Runners at the corners for Shouya, but he strikes out swinging for the 2nd out.

Gouki with a single to center. That scores Kaihara to make it 8-4.

Takaya with a grounder up the middle. It's off the glove of Haseba into center! Hikari scores making it 8-5 and perhaps things are getting a little interesting now!

Top 9th
Changes for Saga. #13 Kouo Shinichi comes in for Yamaguchi and takes the hill. #10 Takeshita Daiga comes in for PR Hikari and goes to 2nd.

One down and Kinoshita singles off of Takeshita glove into center. But he tries to take 2nd and is gunned down.

And just when it seemed like it was over, Houtoku went off:
  • Urase single off of Shouya's glove,
  • Tamura single through the right side,
  • Haseba single to right,
  • Yashiro walks, 1 score
  • (Pitching change for Saga - Mineshita takes the mound, #15 Yamazaki goes in for Kouo and moves to 1st)
  • Tani grounder to 2nd, Takeshita throws the ball away, 2 score
  • Nakajima bloop single to center, 2 score
Finally Koshii grounds out to 1st to end the inning. 13-5...

Bottom 9th
Tamura retires the side in order to end the game. Small defensive change with 2 outs occurred when #16 Nagaoka Shunji comes in for Urasaki and goes to short, Haseba goes to center and Yashiro goes to right. Not sure why.

Unfortunately for Saga, time just ran out for them. They couldn't keep pace with the home team once they came back to take a 2-1 lead, as they continued to add on each inning. Still, they put together a great run that shouldn't be overlooked in the shadows of this game.

However, it will be Houtoku Gakuen who will advance into the Best 8!

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