Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Previewing the projected field - Saibi (Ehime)

Saibi is the benefactor of Takamatsu Shougyou's win at Meiji Jingu. Their record was just 5-2 during that time, but should be sufficient enough to get the bid. You can't necessarily fault their record either, falling short in extras against Imabari Nishi in the semifinals, then after winning the 3rd place game, beating Kochi Shougyou and Naruto before falling in a close one to Takamatsu Shougyou in the semifinals.

Predominantly the team used ace Kikuchi Satoo (菊池 怜雄) when they needed the game. There is very little information on him that I can find, but in his numbers during the super-regionals, it's not promising. His K/BB tallies was 9/7, 5/6, 5/2, 3/7. 2 of his games he had more free passes than strikeouts, and that's never good.

Offensively, the team does collect hits down the line, though if you wanted me to highlight a batter or two, I could point out leadoff hitter SS Wada Renjirou (和田 蓮次郎) which I have a defensive video for instead of one at the plate, and CF Miura Shunya (三浦 俊哉) though he hits in the 7-hole.

With the pitching apparently on very shaky ground, it is no wonder then that Takamatsu Shougyou didn't mind winning - or maybe that the other teams didn't mind either. Sadly, the team may have reached their peak when they had Jyoukou-kantoku and ace Anraku because it really doesn't look like they have a chance here.

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