Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Previewing the projected field - Chiben Gakuen (Nara)

Chiben Gakuen by default looks to secure the final spot in the Kinki region on the basis that the other 2 quarterfinalists resume's are just as bad. They did play Yamato Kouryou and Naradai Fuzoku, but while they may be above average (and have gone to Koushien), the gap between it and almost all the other schools is still rather big. The loss to Osaka Touin would normally eliminate it in other years, but again, since Shiritsu Wakayama and Hannandai were mercy-ruled and shutout, here they are.

Their apparent saving grace is their ace Murakami Shouki (村上 頌樹). He actually pitched at Koushien in his first year, the last pitcher in a blowout loss to Meitoku Gijyuku. He faced 3 batters, gave up a hit, and struck out a batter. Back then he was hitting upper 130s. Apparently he still does, along with a slider, change and curve. His K rate is probably in line with an above average pitcher, but as in the Osaka Touin and Naradai Fuzoku games, can be prone to give up walks.

Offensively, the best batter by far is their leadoff batter SS Oota Hideki (太田 英毅). He was able to collect a base hit in their last 4 games, even plating 3 of their 4 runs against Shinkou Gakuen. The rest of the team is inconsistent, and Murakami himself batting 3rd means that they may be a bit offensively challenged.

Their prospects are not good, and they'll need a better than average draw to get past the first game.

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